Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Every Slovakian Helps

It's no secret that I work for one of Tesco's competitors.  It's also no secret that I loath Tesco. 

It's not because of who I work for that makes me loath the mighty T, it's more to do with their business practises and bullying of suppliers.  If you haven't read it, I recommend you have look at Tescopoly.  It's very interesting what Britain's favourite grocer gets up to.

Anyway, the reason for tonights post is something that caught my eye when I was idly surfing t'internet.  Tesco are advertising for Duty Managers for their London express stores.

Nothing unusual in that.

Except they are advertising in Slovakia. 

I can't do hyperlinks for the moment, so copy and paste the following into your address bar-

Every little helps!


Francis Urquhart said...

I have an immigration bill which will be addressing this issue in the pipeline at this very moment. It should be published towards the end of the month.


Toni said...

Tesco is as Tesco does. Their drive for growth is relentless and despite their already regulation breaking market share they have a massive land bank, They have taken the lessons taught by Wallmart and applied them vigorously to the UK - far better than ASDA themselves can. When I was in Bangkok I was chatting in a bar to one of the senior executives at the Thai operation, Tesco Lotus and he made it clear the aim of Tesco was market dominance at the expense of any of the small local shops. It was interesting to see what was happening first hand because I am too young to have seen it in the UK, but also daunting to see the extent of our capitalistic system.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps Tesco is searching for CEO material. Another Bedrich Polouvicki, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

High R

Just been over at Anna and read the unbelievable carry-on at the Libertarian Party UK,

It is time, Rantin one to come over to the Dark Side and embrace the SNP.

Ay least you would be amongst moderately left of centre loonies as a opposed to the 110% Fruit and Nut cases you were nearly part of.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot, greetings from a Dr Who symbion whose last physical form was a buggered Panda.

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