Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Farewell to the LPUK

"Psst! Wanna buy London Bridge?"

It's a shame but, I suppose, no surprise.

I've been attacking those who trough, those who are hungry for power and the little empire builders ever since I started this blog over two years ago. I see no difference here.

I was a member of the LPUK for a year. It seemed like a breathe of fresh air and I liked what I heard. I attended meetings, met some decent people. They talked the talk.

Soon, the year had passed and it was time to renew my membership. I didn't.

Too much talk and too little action.

Fast forward to today and it seems that at the centre of the party, elected leader at November's AGM, is a crook and con man. Caught with his fingers in the till. I've met him, only the once at a meet up in Edinburgh. He seemed decent enough.

Anyway, to catch up with all the shenanigans, read this.

I say I'm not surprised, but I am disappointed. It turns out that all politicians and would be politicians are pretty much the same. All in it for themselves, lining their own pockets.

So, as far as I am concerned it's goodbye to the LPUK and all political parties. I want nothing to do with any of you. I still support Libertarian principles.

Whoever really is in control of the LPUK must get the police involved. That's a given.

I hope the people of Clevedon Walton know what type of councillor they have representing them. I would watch his expenses very carefully.

What a complete cunt.

Update - here


Dick Puddlecote said...

Looks like the ball has been taken away. :(

RantinRab said...

That was quick.

David said...

I have nothing more to add after my blogpost on the intial 'report' was published. It's better off dead now anyway, trying to revive it in the short-term is pointless as so many libertarians/classical-liberals are thoroughly pissed off.

We should make a concerted effort to get Withers to hand over the books though, maybe he can threaten us all with 'legal action' if we call him a crooked bastard enough times.

Michael Fowke said...

Never ever trust a politician. It's asking for trouble.

John Demetriou said...

So, Rab.

We were right or were we right?

Barking Spider said...

I've realised for a while, well before the latest revelations, that Withers is a wrong 'un.

NMD said...

They are all equally worthless

Dazed And Confused said...

Hate to say I told you so, but the underground dogs were barking for ages.