Thursday, February 11, 2010

The launch of 'Operation Justification'

Use only in emergency. Or imminent funding cuts.

Have you noticed the huge increase in Government backed advertising? Over the past couple of weeks you can't turn on the radio or the telly without being bombarded by 'messages' from our masters or our masters representatives, (quango/fakecharity). The newspapers are just as bad. It's getting to the ridiculous stage, at one point on the radio the other night, three out of five adverts in a single ad break were paid for by the tax payer.

I've been mulling this phenomenon over. At first I just thought it was the annual spend the budget bonanza we see every year as the financial year end approaches. But this year is different. We are being bombarded from every conceivable angle by the vast assortment of adverts.

If I was a cynic I would suggest that the reason for the sudden burst of brainwashing activity is due to realisation in our 'beloved' agency/quango/gummint departments that their precious jobs with attached gold plated pensions and perks are under threat. They know the gravy train is grinding to a halt.

So, when the axe looms high overhead their precious empires they will have the ammunition of the current frenzied activity to help plead the case for continued funding. Information from their latest campaigns will be glorified on graphs and charts which will be published and distributed far and wide, press releases will be primed ready to go when the balloon goes up.

I just hope their panicky nonsense fails. Miserably.


Oldrightie said...

This is a final rush of contracts for Labours' media pals, Ranty.

Demetrius said...

Buy ear defenders.

Barking Spider said...

As for "The Policing Pledge", Rab, being rammed down our throats every time we look at the telly, what a load of bollocks - if they have to advertise that, it's because lots of the public have rumbled that the police are no longer actually there to help them.

Man with Many Chins said...

I swear if I hear/see that "We'll do anything for you" stop smoking bollocks or drive 5 miles less per week shit I am going to have a complete tourettes outburst.

I am glad its not just me that has noticed that these "messages" from the righteous have increased so much recently.