Sunday, November 8, 2009

An amazing coincidence!

'Those nice people from Labour said I can vote like this and post it in too...'

With the Glasgow North East by election just around the corner, I'm sure it is just coincidence that the following has happened recently...

Postal vote applications granted - 6,065 (2005 figure 2419).

Constituency voters roll total on the 1st October 2009 = 60,037. Voters roll at the end of October = 62,475. A huge increase of 2,438.

The massive increase in postal votes mirror those in the Glenrothes by election last year. 80% of the postal votes granted in Glenrothes were used.

Labour controlled Glasgow City Council have this to say,

“It's worth mentioning that we have been carrying out a lot of publicity recently to encourage people to register to vote.”

“We have increased the number of full time canvassers working in the city and most of these have been prioritising the Glasgow North East constituency. We are using our canvassers to capture the increased interest given a by-election is being held.”

“There were also adverts in national newspapers (Record, Sun, Metro) and Evening Times, Radio Clyde, plus advertising in outdoor locations, on the Glasgow Subway and elsewhere.”

“In addition, the Electoral Commission carried out some PR last week to encourage people to register etc.”




Quiet_Man said...

Expect the register to go missing as well shortly after (or even before) the count.

If the Labour win is by about 3400, you'll know pretty much exactly where the votes have come from.

Labour, gerrymandering in a constituency near you any day soon.

Oldrightie said...

They have just directed a few thousand illegal immigrants up there for a holiday, complete with inkstained thumbs from Helmand.

Anonymous said...

Very worrying indeed.

Labour's tactics of waking the dead and putting the fear of god into the living appears to be working again.

How a sleazy fat wart infested bastard like Willie Bain can get elected is beyond my ken.... haven't the people of Glasgow Ne had enough of Labour's corruption, can't they put 2+2 together?

Barking Spider said...

Nobody's been able to 2+2 together since Labour came to power, and Ed Testicles is making sure the situation gets worse. If we don't get rid of them soon there will be no-one left in the UK who can think for themselves!

Delphius1 said...

Its very worrying indeed Rab and Labour have previous form for this sort of election fraud.

Nobody I know believes me when I say that the General Election could be manipulated to gain another win, or worse, cancelled due to some outside action (e.g. race riots).

Labour are deluded enough to think fraudulent action to return them to power is in the country's best interests.

Lord Lindley said...

It is very simple and has been shown in the past. Labour party members (the SS) go around making sure certain groups register for postal vote and help them fill in the form. (Fraud doesn't come in to it, honest) I know it also happens at the muslim mosques where, for the few that register, the forms are 'looked after' by the head murderer.(or whatever they're called) This has been proven and of course in Glasgow they have placed strategic immigrants by the thousand.

Joe Public said...

At no extra charge, they can provide pre-completed voting papers upon request.

Road_Hog said...

Have a look what happened in the last by-election in Barnsley last month.

Now you'd think Labour would be doing well if they could maintain the same level of votes as last time? But if they were to increase their votes by 50%, would that raise an eyebrow?

Anonymous said...

Nothing is too low, lying or devious for the current pack of scum in power. I see someone has advised checking against the register at Barnsley. Bets on it being missing?