Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Not with our money!!

'What do we want? - TAX PAYERS MONEY!'
'When do we want it? - NOW!'

(Glasgow looks remarkably like Washington DC these days...)

Protesters in Glasgow have staged a candlelight protest outside a theatre which is staging a play portraying Jesus as a trannie. (Not a small portable radio, the other kind...).

Fair enough, they have the right to protest just as the theatre group have the right to stage the play. I couldn't give a toss. But...

The play is part of a festival called 'Glasgay'. Yep, you guessed it. Glasgow's very own festival of bumming, rug munching and wanting to cut your knob off. Again, fairy enough, (did you see what I did there?), who am I to criticise if that floats your boat.

The festival is being funded by Glasgow City Council, (which in turn is funded by the tax payer), and the Scottish Arts Council, (which is receiving £48,140,000 of it's £61, 060,000 budget this year from the Scottish Government, other wise known as the tax payer).

So, council tax payers of Glasgow, next time you walk past a school badly in need of repairs or a community centre ear marked for closure bear in mind come election time the priorities of your Labour led council.

Update - there is also this.



Old Holborn said...

I probably shouldn't tell you that Glasgow also paid out a huge grant for Islamfest

Martin said...

The government makes art now? Fuck, what a multi talented bunch (of cunts) they are.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

You're having a giraffe.


Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Martin, if turning a decent country into a third world shit-hole is art, then yes, they make art now.

Lord Lindley said...

Queer loving, muslim loving bastards. This country spirals into liberal socialist do whatever hell. Bring back good old Christian standards & fuck the PC do-gooders.

subrosa said...

No OH, the Islamfest didn't happen and the Scottish government asked for their money back. I've a link somewhere if you want it. Hope you don't though because my label system is non-existent.

I agree Islamfest was given the money to have the festival though.

Anonymous said...

I'm beginning to think that the government shouldn't give money of any kind to festivals of any kind. If people want to run them then they ahve to pay for them.

Personally I'm sick of the subsidy we give to all arts: Covent Garden; the Royal Opera House; The Royal Shakespeare Co, whatever.

If no one wants to go see this stuff then let it flop. That goes for everything. Muslim Fests and Gayfests and Christams Fests... The whole fucking lot.

I also wonder Lord Lindley, if we Scottish taxpayers pay the expenses of Bishops and Archbishops of the English Church sitting in the House of Old Farts. Good old Christian values there? Pass the port.

Brew Wales said...

A pity that due to budget cuts the gay and Islam festivals could not be combined into a multi-cultural celebration. Heads would roll for that one!

microdave said...

Referring to small portable radios as "trannies" - my, you're showing your age....

I wasn't aware this lot wanted to cut their own knobs off, I thought they wanted it done on the NHS, i.e. with TAXPAYERS money.

Demetrius said...

It is not just who gets grants, the other intriguing question is who doesn't and why?

Lord Lindley said...

I've just written a play which shows Mohammed the prophet was a homosexual who shagged goats. I presume this will be shown on the BBC as it can't possibly offend anyone. Why can we offend our own people/church but not anyone elses?

AngryDave said...

It is not the governments place to be paying for festivals of any kind. The money they are using (our money) is for running the country, and it's services. Liek schools and hospitols.
If nobody wants to go and see a shit play, or go and watch a bunch of religious nutcases blow smoke up their own asses, then it fails. If they want it, the fuckers can pay for it themselves.

Anonymous said...

Why is it our own religion your lordship?

A country, or a nation can't have a religion unless it is forced on them. I'm Scottish through and through but I don't belong to the church of Scotland, although I respect those who do.

As I recall Jesus was a Palestinian. I'm not sure how that translates into being "our" religion... unless you are a Palestinian?

Dave: I agree. If there would be money left ovr after giving us a superb heath service and schools that actually taught kids something then maybe there would be a place for the arts. As that is patently not the case we shouldn't be spending a halfpenny on it.

Tomrat said...


Jesus was not a Palestinian; principalia de paelestinia did not appear until nearly 200 years after JC's death as a prelude to the diaspora; a means to essentially destroy Israeli nationhood (incidentally this also puts paid to Arab-Israelis claim to the title).

I've no problem with people insulting Christ; he can take it, and it shows a great deal of insecurity when you have faith not to exercise it or tolerance; just look at what happens when you point out that Mohammed was a peadophile, a polygamist and a liar, having taken multiple wives, at least one of which was preteen when he married and consumated their union and broke nearly every deal he ever had with non-Muslims which he then set into a religious principle.

What I am frequently pissed off by, as Rab has rather eloquently pointed out here, is that we are being forced to pay for this drivel which would never see the light of day otherwise; the BBC's showing of Jerry Springer: The Opera was such case in point and exemplified this disconnect very well; public broadcasting becomes little more than agit prop for whoever wields it and it is wielded against.

Anonymous said...

Tomrat: you are clearly far more learned than I on the subject.

What I meant to convey was that Christianity is not an English religion. It came to the area now known as England, from the Middle East, Jesus wasn't born in Tunbridge Wells.

As for subsidy. I object to anything being subsidised, incuding plays that in some sort of childish way rip the piss out of religion, whichever one. I also object to susidising opera and ballet and Shakespeare and Ibsen and so on.

If no one wants to see it and they can't make it pay.... tough.