Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Number ten's response to petition.

Wednesday 4 November 2009

please-go - epetition response

We received a petition asking:

“We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to resign.”

Details of Petition:

“There are many reasons why we might want Brown to resign, but rather than having lots of narrow petitions on this topic (most of which have been rejected), I wanted one for all of us.”

Read the petition
Petitions homepage

Read the Government’s response

The Prime Minister is completely focussed on restoring the economy, getting people back to work and improving standards in public services. As the Prime Minister has consistently said, he is determined to build a stronger, fairer, better Britain for all.


No matter. He'll be out on his arse come election time.


Barking Spider said...

Only to be expected, Rab, he's deaf as well as blind and has the skin of a rhino when it suits him!

Von Spreuth. said...

How can the half blind chuchter sheep shaging cunt "TOTALY FOCUS" on ANYTHING?

I thjought that was the DEFFINITION of being a half blind bastard?

increasinglymiffed said...


Mark Wadsworth said...

Oh come on, they only started the petition for a bit of fun, and the response is exactly as we expected. At least they dignified it.

I wouldn't be too sure about him being out on his arse. He has worked really hard for the past two or three years to make sure that the house price bubble stays inflated, thus securing a large share of the Home-Owner-Ist vote.

Do people really trust the Tories to prop up house prices as ruthlessly and as effectively as New Labour, regardless of the cost to the economy?

Anonymous said...

Looks like Mark just wandered in from Deep Space 9.

Hurghi nijchrark husgh, Mark. Jachilk hragh!

banned said...

Why do they never, ever just answer the question. They must have drawer full of pat responses just as when a lengthy newspaper article about some government fuckwittery ends with The Dept of X said " We endevour to ( pat phrase here )..." while either ignoring or contradicting all the facts of the matter in two short sentences.

Welsh Dick said...

I know this is a bit ot but is anyone else having trouble getting onto Old Holborn's site? I have consistently had probs for 2 days now, endless Not Responding messages - is he under some denial of service attack given his plans for today .... or are his servers etc a bit u/s at pres?

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Welsh Dick, his site seems fine for me.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I followed the link from my email - waste of fucking time. Cunt always gives the same robotic answers. I don't want him out on his arse come the election - I want him dangling in his little hempen collar from the nearest lamp post.