Monday, November 2, 2009

They just don't get it, do they?

It is either breathtaking stupidity or breathtaking arrogance that the Scottish Parliament Corporate Body has agreed that any claims by MSP's for poppy wreaths will be treated as a 'legitimate expense'.

The SPCB is made up of an MSP from each of the four main parties and the Hollyrood presiding officer, Alex Ferguson.

In a spectacular own goal, they have given the green light to claiming for poppy wreaths, which cost an average of £16. An MSP earns around £53,000 a year. Plus expenses of course.

You would have thought that they would have kept their collective heads down and wised up. But no.

Members of the SPCB are -

Tricia Marwick (SNP). Contact her here.
Alex Johnstone (Tory). Contact him here
Tom McCabe (Labour). Contact him here.
Mike Pringle (Lib Dem). Contact him here.

Presiding officer Alex Fergusson (Tory). Contact him here.

Send them an e mail. I have.

Dear Parasite,

Imagine my surprise when I read that you and pals on the SPCB saw fit to allow the claiming of poppy wreaths by MSP's as a 'legitimate expense'.

I'm not sure if you are aware, but the reputation of politicians has taken a few knocks of late.

So, are you completely stupid? Or is it just plain old arrogance and disdain for those you are supposed to serve/represent?

I hope your constituents remember your part in this come election time.

My readers would be interested in any comments you have on the matter.

love and kisses,


I've sent them a link to this post too. I'm sure they will read the comments. Let them know your thoughts!!

update - I forgot to link to the story. It's here.


Anonymous said...

On a purely objective basis, if these wreaths are laid or sent in an official capacity, then yes it is a legitimate expense.

That you and I end up footing the bill is irrelevant, if rather annoying.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

The fact is, there is an opportunity to 'do the right thing' in the eyes of the public, but once again they have blown it.

Regardless of the small print.

Old Holborn said...

Don't worry, you fuckbubbles. We, the people, will claim back the rope when we hang you from the nearest lamp posts, douse your bodies in petrol and burn you.

Crap said...

Crucifixion's too good for 'em!

cartermagna said...

Whenever I travel anywahere in my "official capacity" I claim for my food, hotel room and everything else that I think "I aint paying for that out of my pocket!"

A wreath of poppies? Legitimate expense my ass.

Mick said...

I quite agree!

It may be within the rules, but for the sake of less than £20, it is pretty dumb to claim it!

Sammich said...

I am with aljahom on this. This does seem to be a genuine expense.

They are laying the wreaths on behalf of the government, not for themselves.

I wouldnt pay if I was in their shoes.

Anonymous said...

The evidence from the Westminster pigs is that the piece of staggeringly insensitive meanness you describe is not down to legendary Scottish canniness. It's just scummy politicians taking the public for another ride. To hell with them, Rab: throw the buggers out next election.

Sue said...

Politicians should be doing their utmost to instil some trust back from their constituents.

Legitimate expense or not, those that claimed have clearly shown, they don't give a flying fig what the electorate think!

Joe Public said...

Demand that any wreath purchased out of the public purse displays a prominent notice "Bought by all Taxpayers"

Anonymous said...

News reports tonight said that MSPs had changed their minds and wouldn't claim money back for wreaths. £90 ayear on average while on a wage of £57K. Hardly going to break their banks.

subrosa said...

In today's Times the SNP say no SNP MSP will claim. That's not the real point though for me. The fact it is now on the statute books as an acceptable claim is wrong.

Many military officers pay for their own wreaths and earn less than MSPs. What makes MSPs so special?

The Last Of The Few said...

Rank and file lads and lassies if you add up the hours spent in the like of Afghanistan actually in the field earn less than National Min Wage.
They buy there own wreaths, poppies etc.

Its not just the exp its also the direct slap in the face for the dead and injured I mean in an official capacity...........what is that something you are told to do rather than something you WANT to do???

The dead and injured mean nothing on a personal note to these people if they claim the money back, shove your official capacity arguement

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

I dare any politician to claim.

Biffo said...

So no SNP MSP will claim - what about the others?
Have they no shame & have they no respect for the brave people who have given up their lives at the bidding of a corrupt govt (McBroon the Loon) to support a slightly more corrupt one (Mr Toilet)
It's not the actual money that sticks in the throat it's the fact that these thieving conniving lying bastards will claim for absolutely everything they can - the expenses scandal has rolled right past them without any effect - thick or what? I like the thought of a big sticker 'paid for by taxpayers' on the wreaths - as suggested by Joe Public.