Friday, July 9, 2010

'Anti Racists' complain about police tactics.

A peaceful anti racist shouting and screaming abuse in Kilmarnock railway station.
(whilst hiding behind the police, a camera and a misunderstanding of what hypocrisy actually means)

From the Kilmarnock Standard


ANTI-FASCIST campaigners have lodged an official complaint over the policing of the Scottish Defence League demonstration in Kilmarnock last month.

In their letter to Chief Constable Stephen House, the Scottish Anti-Fascist Alliance claim the police decision to escort the far-right demonstrators from Kilmarnock Cross to their meeting place at the Portmann Hotel amounted to them facilitating “an illegal march by a racist organisation”.

They state: “There were many activists present with the intention of making sure that the SDL would be unable to cause disruption and spread hatred.

“In the event, the priority of the police on the day was the containment of anti-racists, allowing the fascist SDL space to chant racist abuse, which clearly breached equality legislation and constituted incitement to racial hatred.

“There were also many clear incidents where SDL member made threats of violence.”

The group say that the police could not have been unaware of the presence in Kilmarnock on June 19 of “serious and organised far-right thugs ... such as members of the ‘British Freedom Fighters’, a hardcore Nazi organisation”.

There had also been threats of violence made by the same people since the demonstration.

The SAFA letter states; “There is copious evidence online and, if police intelligence gathering on these thugs is so woefully inadequate on the threat they pose, we can provide links to publicly available material.”

They also complain of “heavy handed” policing of anti-fascist campaigners, whose freedom of movement had been “severely curtailed”.

The letter continues: “In at least one incident the police focused all their attention on the harassment of non-violent anti-fascists, allowing a group of violent fascist thugs to come dangerously close to those they had pledged to physically attack.”

SAFA also express concern that the ‘official’ Kilmarnock and Loudoun United counter-demonstration was denied the use of Kilmarnock Cross.

They point out that the SDL had no permission to hold a march and ask: “Why then did the police see fit to facilitate them in holding an illegal march whilst shouting racial abuse and making Nazi salutes?

“Until the police can provide us with a coherent alternative narrative, we are forced to conclude that your priority on the day was protecting fascists and racists, whilst controlling the actions of non-violent anti-racists.”

They contrast the police action in Kilmarnock with that of the police at previous SDL demonstrations in Glasgow and Edinburgh where the group had been contained before being bussed out of town.

Although the letter of complaint has already been sent to the chief constable, anti-fascist campaigners hope to present it at Kilmarnock police station over the next few days.

Strathclyde Police made no arrests on the day and there was no obvious signs of trouble or violence. The Force said the operation was a success.

A Strathclyde Police spokeswoman said on Tuesday that the force had not yet received the complaint so would be unable to comment.

No-one from the SDL was available for comment.


opsimath said...

You've missed the main point here, Rab. When they do this kind of thing, it's neither racist nor fascist; I thought they'd made that perfectly clear.

Dazed And Confused said...

The odious far left are becoming desperate these days, as they're now constantly being out flanked, and out maneuvered, by a new grouping of people who they initially laughed off as "white van man football thugs".

Don't take my words for that, "Trot" bloggers themselves, are now posting Similar musings.

If the Scottish, English or Welsh defence leagues, achieve nothing else in their political lifetime, they've shown the U.A.F./S.W.P. up for what they undoubtedly are:

I.E. a bunch of militant "Trots", whom skulk around this Island screaming "Nazi" at every visible Caucasian alliance, but then steadfastly refuse to condemn their radical Islamist counterparts.

Timdog said...

“Until the police can provide us with a coherent alternative narrative"

"Breached equality legislation"

"See fit to facilitate"

The Left are so unbelievably pompous nowadays, it's spread everywhere. Spraying management-speak bullshit around just makes you look and sound like an arsehole, and even if he was making a valid point here I'd still dismiss it out of hand for sounding so much like a bureaucrat in full flow.

Luckily, he was talking utter shit, so I don't have to feel I am dismissing him for the wrong reasons.

RantinRab said...

It must have come as a shock that they were treated just like everyone else.

Clearly, their pet causes require special treatment in their eyes.

Peperbarmi said...

Put em all in a field and let em get on with it,then normal people with brain cells can get on with their lives without having to dodge these mongs.