Sunday, July 4, 2010

Even more dodgy goings on...

With thanks to Subrosa for spotting this earlier today, (I've been struck down with manflu and have barely looked at the news).

From the Sunday Herald,

Two businessmen who have given former council leader Steven Purcell a post with their charity are at the centre of a row over a £1.7 million land deal.

It emerged yesterday Allan Stewart and Stephen McKenna have given Purcell the role.

They denied this was “payback” for the ­council paying one of their firms for land needed for the ­Commonwealth Games.

However the Sunday Herald can reveal that after the council backed the deal a Stewart & McKenna company gave £5000 to the Labour party.

Stewart also donated £4100 to his local Labour branch in East Kilbride.

According to the Electoral Commission, the pair made no donations before the land sale.

On November 10, 2006, Glasgow’s Executive Committee approved a £1.7m payment to Stewart & McKenna (Dalmarnock) Ltd for a plot of land in the East End, £350,000 more than the firm had paid for it a year earlier.

It was “not originally considered to be required,” a council report said. But after advice from Games consultants, it was deemed “central” to the event.

On 30 November 2006, the East Kilbride Labour party accepted £4,100 from Allan Stewart.

Five months later, Scottish Labour took £5,000 from Stewart & McKenna Ltd.

Stephen McKenna told the Sunday Herald Purcell would not be paid for his work for the pair’s charity, the Stewart & McKenna Foundation, and denied any connection between the land deal and donations to Labour.


Anonymous said...

Just as well you stick to the kerwality press sir.

The Sunday Mail has Mr Purcell mixed up with the Castro Gay and Lesbian Centre (I kid you not). Someone who has more than a pssing interest in that august establishment is a businessman by the name of Ferris

Anonymous said...

Of course I hadn't noticed you'd already featured this.