Thursday, July 1, 2010

The familiar stench of West of Scotland Labour corruption

Still smiling Jim?

Once again, it would seem that the way to get things done in my neck of the woods is to make sure that you have a friend in high places. As these 'high places' are the dozen or so local authorities that cluster around Glasgow the 'friends' you need will be of the councillor variety and, to narrow it down, a Labour councillor.

Readers, it is my pleasure to present to you another in a long line of 'controversial' local politicians of the socialist variety. Councillor Jim Docherty of South Lanarkshire council.

Sunny Jim, ( he does have a cheery grin. I would too if my house was worth £320,000), appears to be very friendly with a local property developer chappie called James Kean. Councillor Docherty was most anxious to ensure that any planning applications submitted by Mr Kean's business connections sailed through unchallenged.

It is perhaps prudent to mention at this point that Councillor Docherty is a 'long standing and influential member of the planning committee' as well as chairman of the estates committee.

SNP councillors eventually complained about his behaviour at planning meetings. Some of the allegations against him are as follows -

3. The persons complaining (“the complainants”) alleged that, when a particular planning application came before the meeting of East Kilbride Area Committee on 30 January 2008 for consideration, the respondent tried to lobby support from other councillors and conducted himself in a manner that was aggressive, bullying and disrespectful to other councillors and to staff. The first and third complainants pointed out that the Labour Councillors on the Area Committee all voted as a block in support of the application and questioned whether the party whip had been used for this purpose.

4. The complainants’ specific allegations were that the respondent did not speak through the Chair that he interrupted and spoke over other councillors and that he behaved like a bully.

5. The complainants’ allegations were supported in some measure by Councillor Gordon Simpson who took an opposing view to the respondent and proposed the successful amendment to refuse the application. He stated that the respondent interrupted the discussion, failed to respect other councillors and acted in an aggressive manner, although he added that the respondent’s conduct was of no consequence to him (Councillor Simpson).

Councillor Docherty was cleared of any dodgy goings on by the Standards Commission Scotland.

There are now calls for him to resign. Personally I would think a police investigation is in order. There is numerous comparisons to what is happening in South Lanarkshire to what happened in Glasgow under Stephen Purcell's watch.

The scary thing about all of this is, how much more of this is still to be uncovered?


Mr. Mxyzptlk said...

SNP councilors make allegations against Labour Councillor...Again how ineffectual

Councillor Docherty was cleared of any dodgy goings on by the Standards Commission Scotland.

still we wont let that stop a good but untrue story eh rab?

Rab the snp just had there answer at the election John mason was booted out......

Rab pack it up...YAH! COCONUT!

RantinRab said...

It's not untrue Niko.

Call me a coconut again and I'll cry.

even Skeletal Jackie is talking about it. said...

Heck even al ja beeba reported the story tonight Rab and have sent their 'dossier' to the police.
Not bad. Only 2 years after it was being reported on blogs. It must be serious if the BBC are having a go at a Liebour politician. Skeletal jackie Bird from The Daily Rangers didn't look too happy though. Sniping on her own buddies.

I feel a stress related illness coming on said...

" Councillor Docherty was cleared of any dodgy goings on by the Standards Commission Scotland."

Aye Nicko but they can only go on what they're told. He said he didn't know Mr Kean so case closed. Councillors are trusted and don't get the full weight of investigation that us ordinary mortals must face. Until the police get involved of course.
According to pravda he did know Mr Kean and went on weeked trips with him. Lived in his 'executive type house 'on the same street. And shared family occasions like christenings etc.
I suspect Sunny Jim will get a 'stress related' illness and like the SPT globetrotters retire from his duties. He'll keep his councillor job though so he can 'fight for the people of South Lanarkshire and stop the Tory cuts.'

Mr. Mxyzptlk said...

Niko: I love the smell of Labour corruption in the morning. You know, one time we had a Council corrupted, for 12 hours. When it was all over, I walked up. We didn't find one of 'em, not one stinkin' snp dink body. The smell, you know that Labour corruption smell, the whole hill. Smelled like
[sniffing, pondering]
Niko: victory. Someday this Electioneering gonna end...
[suddenly walks off]

and cries

Dark Lochnagar said...

Rab, once more you are right the stech of corruption emenates from Labour. Tell that bankrupt Greek cunt to fuck off.

Mr. Mxyzptlk said...

Oi! Dark Lochnagar I heard that....Yah Coconut

Anonymous said...

I thought I'd mentioned this already but Messrs Stalin and Docherty bear an uncanny resemblance.

Mark @ Israel said...

Perhaps, there is much more to be uncovered in as much as that issue is concerned. If the smell of corruption wafts, it emanates somewhere else. Investigation may lead one to see it's with Labour! @ bigrab- You are right! They indeed have an uncanny resemblance.

Ted Harvey said...

Some folks think that the stench from the sewage works on the Clyde near Dalmarnock is not the only scent that drifts across the boundary between South Lanarkshire and Glasgow.

Interesting speculation has being going on around the Labour 'business' name of McKenna and a certain disgraced (but being rehabilitated?)Labour politicain Mr Purcell... maybe the Clyde Gateway has opened up more inter-council collaboration than ever anticipated?

Certainly, South Lanarshire Council as dominated by the Labour Party, seemed to have to depend heavily on just a few families to provide their councillors and MPs.
Oh and I see that that ex shop steward working class champion, and now-wealthy, Tommy McAvoy is now a Baron... in the House of Lords... talk about stench? But still, his brother, South Lanarkshire Councillor Eddie can continue to help lead the Council.