Friday, October 30, 2009

EXCLUSIVE Gordon Brown on police 'troublemaker' list.

'Q for qcunt'. (The q is silent).

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Just hold on a minute...

Climate change bollocks. Green on the outside, red on the inside.

Listen up people. Your hard earned cash, £90,000,000,000 per year of it, is going to be pissed away by the EU and a large proportion of it will be given to poorer nations.

To fight climate change.

I don't know about you but I'm sick of this shit.

Sick of the climate change loons. Sick of the EU. Sick of the political fuckwits who think all this shit is a splendid idea.

Take the EU. How the cunting fuck did it evolve into the monster it is? Who decided it would creep into every single fucking detail of our lives? I thought it was set up as a trading agreement? Now it seems we need to bow down to the collective wisdom of the entire European political knob-jockey establishment. My Grandfather drove a tank in the war. He was on the Normandy beaches on D Day. Fought all the way into Germany. My other Grandfather was a Sergeant Major. He was in the army in the thirties. As soon as war was declared he left and joined up again. For what? For what we have now? I don't think so. The two of them must be spinning in their graves.

Fuck Europe, fuck Brussels, fuck Westminster, fuck Hollyrood, fuck the local council.

Fuck the fake charities, fuck Greenpeace, fuck the Quangos.

Fuck them all.

Dumb and Dumber...

Stan and Ollie....

The above two 'master criminals' were arrested the other day in Carroll, Iowa after trying to break into a house.

Yes, the pen marks on their faces were their disguises. Genius...

However, they should thank their lucky stars that they are not British.

They would have been prosecuted for a 'hate crime' as well.

Lamebook nonsense

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

HobNobGate - the video...

video courtesy of mish masher

So, the BBC have pulled from I Player last weeks This Week after receiving fifteen complaints about old Brillo's quip.

'Panic stricken' BBC executives removed all trace of the programme less than twenty four hours after it's transmission.

Let's all point and laugh at AlJaBeeba. So caught up in their own web of political correct nonsense they have worked themselves into a foaming lather over this.

How sad.

How predictable.

How very BBC.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Dead tree press = bastards

For the second time in my short blogging career, lazy 'journalist' working methods have seen part of a blog post I have written stolen and printed in their publications.

The first time it happened, the guilty party was the local paper. I contacted them voicing my displeasure and an apology was issued in my direction. I accepted and let the matter drop. No real harm done.

This time the Sunday Mail saw fit to lift part of my 'Blatant racism at the BBC' post and insert it into this article.

It must be very simple to be a tabloid journalist these days. The wonder of google makes the cobbling together of stories easy and quick.

However, I would like to point out this and in particular the following part,

Non-Commercial. You may not use this work for commercial purposes.

Yes, I know that in legal terms it really means nothing. But here in the blogosphere we have a few unwritten rules/understandings. Any blogger can lift anything from any other site and use it provided an acknowledgement is used.

The fact that a newspaper lifted and printed my words, to help it make money, sticks in my throat a bit. Even an E mail from them beforehand would have been nice and I probably wouldn't have bothered provided it was used within context.

But no.

They just did it.


many thanks to DL for letting me know they did it!

How much longer?

The British public, earlier today. And tomorrow and the day after that...

With the news earlier today of MP's wives 'hatching a plot' to get round the proposed new rules about the 646 employing spouses as office managers/assistants or whatever came a sudden realisation in my walnut like brain.

It is pretty much accepted by all that 'they' don't give a toss what we think of them. The news today is just another in a long history of contempt for the people of this country. They keep pushing the limit of our patience and tolerance.

And you know what? I can't blame them.

Don't get me wrong, I am sickened and angered by all the troughing and sleaze. I would join the end of a very long queue to string one of them up by piano wire to a lamp post.

The blogosphere will erupt for a day or so, the MSM may cover the story. A statement may be issued by someone or other. And that would be that.

Whether the 'loophole' in the proposed new rule is allowed or not is irrelevant. The point is that they have tested the water just to see what the reaction would be.

Push, push, push. Always pushing. Just to see what would happen. Just to see how far they can go, how much they can get away with.

So, to the title of the post.

How much longer will the British Sheeple tolerate the endless piss taking by politicians? It would seem that we are being tested with every new revelation. I can just imagine the scene in some bunker, deep underground somewhere, there is a hardcore bunch of troughing 'advisors' leaking out ideas to their gratefull clients whilst watching the media like a hawk. Watching for reaction from the sheeple.

'Great news', they cry, slapping each other on the back, 'they didn't bat an eyelid on that one. No rioting in the streets'.

'Just a few letters to the Daily Mail and the idiot bloggers foaming at the mouth. Right, let's go for another one...'

Looking around at people I know, friends and workmates, I'm sorry to say that I think this is going to go on for a very long time. Words are not enough. As long as the sheeple are entertained and kept in beer and LCD televisions it will go on and on.

Let's bring the dead sheep of the British People back to life.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Glasgow North East - Hero Wanted!

Major supermarket chain to go bust

'I hereby declare this highly successful business cursed'

Jonah Brown the Prime Mentalist and purveyor of the inverted Midas touch signalled the start of the financial ruin and ultimate collapse of the successful supermarket chain Morrisons.

For some inexplicable reason Jonah was invited to the head office of the chain in Bradford to celebrate the launch of it's 'Fresh Food Academy' training scheme.

A frantic investigation has been underway since the visit to find the person responsible for issuing the invite. A company insider said last night, 'we shat our pants when we heard he was coming. No one has admitted to inviting the hopeless bastard but we think some twat from Tesco or Asda may have pretended to work for us and sent the invite'. He added, 'I've got a mortgage and three kids. What the fuck am I going to do now?'

It is understood that an emergency meeting between the heads of the employment service, the Samaritans and Job Centre Plus was held yesterday in order be ready for the sudden influx of 130,000 people to the job market.

Sir Terry Leahy, boss of Tesco, said this morning, 'Fuck you all, our prices are going up'.

The news has still to be broken to Nick Hancock, Alan Hansen and Richard 'Hamster' Hammond.

Friday, October 23, 2009

GUEST POST, Mainstream media and blogs.

I am pleased to present to you a guest post by AllegoryAdvisor.

The media tells us that they reflect society. They try to present both sides of every debate and to ensure we all have the information we need to make informed choices in our day to day lives.

The Blog community tells us that the media is wrong. They say we are being shown a carefully constructed version of society. It has been altered by left wing, right wing and centre bias and that we should not believe it.

So we have 2 institutions telling us what the country we live in is really like.

Is this what you really want? Who's right? Who wants a perfect utopian society so why do we spend so much time pointing out the failings and errors of others?

Consider that we all live in a cave, facing a wall. There is only one source of light behind us and all we can see are the shadows cast on to our wall. We believe what we see on the wall is real. We have no reason or way of proving otherwise. Eventually, one of us turns round and views everything directly. They tell us what we believe, isn't really accurate and we should believe what they now see.

Over time we see this new description of our lives as accurate. We look towards it everyday, we wish we could see it too and get frustrated that we can't. We start to think the person with the better view is too powerful and might not be telling us everything.

Then another person tells us they have a new way of looking at the light. Their way is better and more accurate. They tell everyone the last describer has been biased and we begin to really wonder what to believe and what is true.

With thanks to Plato, this I believe is the the problem with Media and Blogs. To really see what your life is like you need to leave the cave.

Don't look at shadows, don't listen to what someone tells you it's like.

Once you have left the cave and look back in you'll be suprised you believed what was happening in there.

Turn away from it and don't look back.

Blatant racism at the BBC!

I thought I was hearing things last night when, straight after Question Time, This Week started and Andrew Neil compared his two sidekicks to biscuits.

According to old Brillo, we have a chocolate hob nob and a custard cream....

What do you think would have happened if someone else said that, perhaps a guest on Question Time? Or any other 'non BBC luvvie' type?

Twitter would go into meltdown, phones would be going nuts at the BBC complaints department and e mails would be flying into their in-boxes.

Many thanks to Mr Ishmael for confirming what I thought I heard.

Check out the show on BBC i player, about one minute twenty five seconds in.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Compare and contrast...

A comment from Media Slag's Diary, from a leftie luvvie -

I do remember in my youth being at a Fabian meeting in Cambridge which was disrupted when someone who looked very like Nick Griffin threw a firework into the room. Having suffered temporary deafness for a period of 1 to 2 hours as a result I do find it highly ironic that Griffin is now a beneficiary of the freedom of speech which he seeks to destroy for others at every opportunity - but I suppose decent people always have to aspire to higher standards that the evil ones. One would hope that the Police are scrutinising the text of what Griffin says so that the moment he makes a single comment inciting racial hatred he is subject to the full force of the law. And as the programme is not being transmitted live - I trust the BBC will be ready to cut out any such illegal statements prior to transmission.

Compare against the chants of his 'anti fascist fascist' chums gathered outside the BBC -

"Build a bonfire, build a bonfire, put Nick Griffin on the top, put the Nazis in the middle, and burn the fucking lot".

'nuff said.

Vote no!

Vote no here

If you agree or not, you should (in my opinion, I'm not telling you), vote no purely for the simple reason that these cretins are a quango/fake charity outfit.

Let's give 'em a slap on the kisser!

Cheers to Captainff for the pic

Labour, looking after it's own. Again.

Cheers, suckers...

Glasgow City Council have given it's former head of education, Margaret Doran, a pay off of £278,000 after she 'unexpectedly stepped down' from her post.

Let's re-phrase that.

The council tax payers of Glasgow have been screwed over and have coughed up over a quarter of a million quid hush money/troughing money to Margaret Doran after she spat the dummy out and resigned/was sacked.

She was only in her 'post' for two years...

Glasgow has been labour controlled for centuries. That's why the city centre, where all the visitors go, is in decent nick and is quite nice but the rest of the city is a total midden.

Oh, and there is another wee gem of a fact.

Margaret Doran is married to Michael Connarty, the Labour MP for Linlithgow and Falkirk East.

Oink oink oink. (click for full story)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Anyone got any tomato ketchup?

CIA watching us all?

The following has been copied from this site.

America’s spy agencies want to read your blog posts, keep track of your Twitter updates — even check out your book reviews on Amazon.

In-Q-Tel, the investment arm of the CIA and the wider intelligence community, is putting cash into Visible Technologies, a software firm that specializes in monitoring social media. It’s part of a larger movement within the spy services to get better at using ”open source intelligence” — information that’s publicly available, but often hidden in the flood of TV shows, newspaper articles, blog posts, online videos and radio reports generated every day.

Visible crawls over half a million web 2.0 sites a day, scraping more than a million posts and conversations taking place on blogs, online forums, Flickr, YouTube, Twitter and Amazon. (It doesn’t touch closed social networks, like Facebook, at the moment.) Customers get customized, real-time feeds of what’s being said on these sites, based on a series of keywords.

“That’s kind of the basic step — get in and monitor,” says company senior vice president Blake Cahill.

Then Visible “scores” each post, labeling it as positive or negative, mixed or neutral. It examines how influential a conversation or an author is. (”Trying to determine who really matters,” as Cahill puts it.) Finally, Visible gives users a chance to tag posts, forward them to colleagues and allow them to response through a web interface.

In-Q-Tel says it wants Visible to keep track of foreign social media, and give spooks “early-warning detection on how issues are playing internationally,” spokesperson Donald Tighe tells Danger Room.

Of course, such a tool can also be pointed inward, at domestic bloggers or tweeters. Visible already keeps tabs on web 2.0 sites for Dell, AT&T and Verizon. For Microsoft, the company is monitoring the buzz on its Windows 7 rollout. For Spam-maker Hormel, Visible is tracking animal-right activists’ online campaigns against the company.

“Anything that is out in the open is fair game for collection,” says Steven Aftergood, who tracks intelligence issues at the Federation of American Scientists. But “even if information is openly gathered by intelligence agencies it would still be problematic if it were used for unauthorized domestic investigations or operations. Intelligence agencies or employees might be tempted to use the tools at their disposal to compile information on political figures, critics, journalists or others, and to exploit such information for political advantage. That is not permissible even if all of the information in question is technically ‘open source.’”


And here in the UK we have this and this and this and this and this.

So, when does the revolution start?

Let's all march for Sharia!

I don't know who Sharia Law is, but they keep banging on about her. She must be a political prisoner or something...

What a chump. We can only hope he gives himself a retrospective stoning to death for his previous 'sins' against Islam...

With thanks to We4 productions and Dazed and Confused

Monday, October 19, 2009

Just shut the hell up, Doc.

Just prescribe me my athletes foot cream and shut the fuck up...

Once again, a bunch of 'let's save the people from themselves' warriors have called for the Government to introduce minimum alcohol pricing in England.

Doctors in the North West of England have called for the introduction of a minimum price for alcohol.

About 3,800 people die of alcohol-related causes in the region every year and hospital admissions have risen by 64% since 2004.

The directors of public health (DHPs) in the region believe the trend, which costs the NHS about £400m a year, is "simply unsustainable".

At least the Westmonster gummint are resisting the call, unlike the bunch of complete and utter pricks who dictate to us Jocks from Edinburgh.

No doubt there will be a 'public health campaign' to educate the masses of the danger of drinking. Apparently it's unhealthy to walk past Victoria Wines more than twice a day now.

Why won't they understand that we all know that it's bad for us. Punishing everyone because a few fuckwits over-do it is not the answer. If alcohol didn't exist the idiots that drink to excess would find something else to get off their tits to, like licking poisonous toads or something.

It's a scientific fact that everyone who breathes actually dies. Yes, air is deadly. Fact. I don't see anyone campaigning to tax that into oblivion.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mr Leg Iron nails it yet again.

Yes dear, we all know you and your friends are clowns...

I present to you the wise words of the brilliant Leg Iron.


If you get into a fight with someone, there are two things you have to realise before the fight gets under way.

First, you might not win. If things don't go your way, how much damage are you willing to take before you concede defeat? Personally, if it looks like I'm certain to lose I'd back down at once. There's no point taking extra damage if the fight is lost. My preference is not to fight at all. If that means the other guy thinking me a coward, well so be it. I'm an unbruised coward and that's fine with me. Of course, if I'm winning, I'm not going to let the other guy off unless he concedes defeat.

Second, and much more important, is the realisation that win or lose, you're going to get hit. Gym punchbags hang there and take it. Few people are willing to do that. Even those that win fights end up with black eyes and missing teeth.

These two aspects of fighting are lost on most of today's youth. Brought up in a cotton-wool world where they are not allowed to do anything remotely risky and nobody is allowed to lay a finger on them, they believe themseves invincible. So they think they can storm a police line with dogs, commit what amounts to an act of war by attempting to shut down a power station, and that nobody has any right to hurt them.

I have no sympathy at all for the protestors who were bitten by police dogs. The dogs were on their leashes throughout which means that the protestors could have avoided them with ease. They didn't because in their bubble-wrap world, dogs aren't allowed to bite them. Unfortunately, dogs don't do political correctness and they don't avoid fights with reasoned arguments. Dogs are a lump of muscle with teeth on the end and that's the only tool of argument they know. Consider from the animal's point of view - no matter how well trained, that dog is still a dog. The dog sees a howling mob threatening himself and his handler. He is going to react like a dog under pressure because that is exactly what he is. It's not the dog's fault. He didn't start the fight.

In the past I have railed against police idiocy, against the arrest of the victim and of those who have committed no real offence at all, and all of that stands. In this case, I am one hundred percent on the side of the police. Taking down a power station at this time of year is something terrorists do. It's an act of war. This is not some power outage caused by a surge that trips a transformer and can be fixed in a couple of hours. This is the whole power station, and if these ragged terrorists succeed, a whole swathe of the country can look forward to a few days, at least, with no power at all. How many pensioners are the Green God's acolytes willing to see freeze to death for their cause? How many businesses are they happy to see close? How many families with no heat, hospitals lit by candlelight, operations cancelled, broken bones unset and cancers undiagnosed because the scanners are much death is enough for them?

And yet we are supposed to be upset that a few of them have dog bites. They can count themselves damn lucky I'm not running the country. They'd be facing the army. Attacks on infrastructure are terrorist actions and should be treated as such. They are not civilians. They are the ones doing the attacking. I'd shoot them as soon as they breached the fence. Protesting outside the power station - fair enough. Stupid and pointless but fair enough. Attacking the power station with the stated aim of closing it down is not a protest. It's a terrorist attack. It's an act of war.

In war, people get hurt. Just because the Green God's minions started this fight, does not mean they will win. It does not give them the right to attack the country's power supplies and walk away unscathed. A few dog bites don't count when they have escalated the conflict to this scale. What did they expect? That the police would stand aside and say 'You want to trash a power station? Sure, off you go and have fun.'

No, Greenies, you have done far more than protest this time. You have initiated a terrorist action that, if it were allowed to succeed, would affect millions and result in innocent deaths. You started this fight. Without, I suspect, considering either of the two aspects of fighting I mentioned at the start. You cannot start a war and expect your opponent to sit there and take it. Those police are not defending a 'company'. They are not defending 'capitalism'. They are defending the heating systems in pensioner's homes and all those life-saving devices in hospitals and the powered doors on the fire station and the street lights that keep the looters quiet and the security lights that deter burglars and all the other things you halfwitted eco-warriors have not given a moment's consideration while prostrating yourselves at the altar of your 'global warming' false religion. You do know it's all based on lies, don't you? Of course you do. That's why you are not making your case with argument, but with violence. You have no valid argument and this action proves it. You are terrorists.

I say, let the dogs loose.

Some Sunday Silliness...

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Friday, October 16, 2009

Ummm, okay then...

The Taliban

By the looks of it, the Taliban don't do irony...

Meanwhile, a Taliban group also sent two letters to the Lahore Press Club – one on October 12 and the other on October 14 – warning that if the media “does not stop portraying us as terrorists ... we will blow up offices of journalists and media organisations”.

What a bunch of fuckwits. Oops, I better watch out or they'll be after me next.


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Via Salted Slug, I discovered this entertaining site and spent a couple of hours last night sniggering at the computer screen.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

So, who do you believe?

'Every little home truth helps'

Big Boss of Tesco says that the standards in many state schools are 'woefully low' and 'employers must pick up the pieces'.

The government comments that 'secondary school standards have never been higher'.

I don't know about you, but I believe the Tesco boss.

Yet again the government spout out the usual tractor stats nonsense, believing their own hype and spin. Of course, on paper the figures will scream out that improvements in education are real but behind the figures lies the massaging and manipulation of years of lowering targets and associated bullshit.

I see everyday at work the result of the education system.

A lot of youngsters start their working life in supermarkets. I started in a supermarket and twenty four years later I am still there. As a sixteen year old YTS (Youth Training Scheme) employee I received the fantastic sum of £27.30 for a full time week. It was only supposed to be for a few months until I joined the Royal Navy but I was taken on 'full time proper' and stayed and progressed slowly up the ranks. In this day and age it's a pretty safe job, even it's not that glamorous. It pays the bills. The incredible competition between supermarkets means that it is a tough job, it's much harder than it was around ten years ago. I work on nights and my team and I each night have a wrecked shop to put back together for opening the next morning, no excuses and no failure to deliver. It's back breaking work and not for everyone. Anyway, I digress...

Terry Leahy is totally correct. The standard of the younger employee has fallen sharply over the past few years. I must admit that I am not talking about educational standards as you do not need to be brain of Britain to work in a supermarket. What I have noticed is the poor attitude and work ethic of the teen/early twenties worker.

Push them hard and they crumble, then throw a sickie. Set them a work/time target and they fail to reach it. Question their performance and they shrug their shoulders. Tell them that they must finish what they have been left to do or else they weren't going home is met with a 'that's against my human rights' comment, to which I reply 'what about the poor bugger after you that has to finish off your work, what about their rights?' But they don't care.

I think the problem stems from the 'everyone is a winner' ethos that infects the education system today. They have never been taken to task for any failings and it's a shock when they arrive in the real world to find out that life just isn't like what they expected. Add that onto the righteous nonsense pumped into their brains since the age of five and it's a recipe for life failure.

My eight year old brother in law struggles with reading and writing. When I was his age, I was devouring Enid Blyton books by the bucket load. But on his report card it says that he is very good at 'being kind to others'. WTF?

This country is doomed.


Monday, October 12, 2009

Did I hear right?

You what? Pay it back? Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha ...

I was just watching the news, courtesy of government mouth piece BBC.

Right, I haven't had any sleep for over thirty hours so I might be a bit fuzzy headed but the impression I got from the 'news' is that we should feel sympathy for the poor beleaguered 646. That prick Robinson was wittering on with a disbelieving tone in his voice that his chums had to pay back some of the cash they had troughed.

Then on to a clip of boot face Smith telling parliament that she 'accepts the findings' against her. Sorry? Fucking what? I should cunting well think so. The fact that she stood there and spouted that shite says all we need to know about the attitude and sense of entitlement, as well as the contempt they have for us all.

I'm so fucking angry I think my eyeballs are going to pop out of my bald bastard noggin. How fucking dare they act like that. Who the fuck do they think they are?

Old Holborn has a splendid idea here. Personally I fancy some violence, but that would be too quick. I want to savour the demise of these parasitical enemies of freedom. A slow lingering painfull demise would do me just fine.

And what's this all about I wonder?

Cue the revolution....


Rab is a busy man...

Bastard decorating...

I have been ultra busy of late. Working, sleeping and decorating. Decorating to a deadline. Not good when work and sleep get in the way. I will be busy for the next couple of days.

So, blogging will be very bare.

If anyone out there without a blog fancies doing a 'guest post' e mail me (address is on the right).

In fact, even when I'm not particularly busy I will happily publish guest posts. I'm easy...


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Some people don't deserve children.

Not even with yours...

The above Jabba the Hutt lookalike is Charlotte Sutton.

She was given nine months 'youth detention' earlier this week for doing the following to her fifteen month old daughter...

Yes, they are cigarette burns.

Full story here.

That is all.


Council have sense of humour failure.

The above video was covered in yesterday's Scottish Sun, (the version of the Sun that doesn't mention the tories very much). It's not particularly funny but what got to me was the comment from an East Renfrewshire Council spokesman -

"This may appear to be nothing more than a prank, but in the current economic climate, when many people need every bit of cash available, the perpetrators have to be careful that they're not being cruel."

To the spokesman I say,

It was your boss who caused the 'current economic climate'.

What the fuck has it got to do with the council what people laugh at?

And, admit it. You're choking to find out who stuck the note to the ground so you can do him/her for littering.



Thursday, October 8, 2009

Blogging = Child Porn?

Hard at work, salary paid for by you and I

London Assembly member Brian Coleman has announced that blogging is a 'growing cancer in political life'. (turn to page two of the e newspaper for full story).

He also compares political blogging to online child pornography,

"Just as we are regulating the net over child porn issues, I am afraid I have come to the conclusion that we need to regulate for the protection of public figures and private individuals who are targeted."

Note how he lumps 'public figures' and 'private individuals' together.

Mr Coleman has previous form with bloggers. He even has a blog dedicated to him by an appreciative member of the public. He was nearly suspended last month for launching an attack on a blogger. And there is also this. So, nothing personal then...

So, one of 'them' doesn't like criticism and true to form, wants to legislate against any 'thought crimes'.

Tell the bastard what you think,

telephone 020 7983 4366

e mail


Wednesday, October 7, 2009


According to the Sun, each junkie in Scotland costs the tax payer £63,000. A total of £3.5 billion is spent dealing with and looking after these dregs of society.

Just take a moment to absorb that figure. £63k for every drug 'addict'.

I'm in no doubt that each proper junkie costs the tax payer a lot more, because it looks like they include those who enjoy a spliff or two and the weekend disco sweets crew as 'addicts'.

I wholeheartedly object to money that has been stolen from my hard earned wage packet being used to tar these people with the victim brush. They are not victims. They made their choice, end of. Stop pissing money away on stupid detox programmes and schemes. It clearly doesn't work.

All drugs should be legalised. What you decide to pump into your own body is entirely up to you. Just be prepared to take responsibility for your actions.

Or, failing the legalisation, each junkie should be given fifty grand in cash and a one way ticket to the destination of their choice.



Sunday, October 4, 2009

Some music...

Working all weekend again and too tired to rant, so have a quality tune instead.


Friday, October 2, 2009

September Rab Stats...

click to enlarge

I wasn't going to publish my figures for last month, but I thought 'bugger it'.

Thanks for reading my pish and thanks for your comments.


Pregnant woman fends off burglar

What do you think would have happened to the woman if the above happened in this country? Jail, probably. And compensation and counselling for the 'crime victim'.

And while we're on the crime subject, have a look at this.


For our Irish friends.

If Ireland votes yes today, the above will be your new flag and national anthem within a few years and ours too.

You know what you need to do, vote a resounding NO!

update, if you have a you tube account, feel free to leave a comment to counter all the pro EU bullshit spouted in the comments section of this video. Just copy and paste the URL.

update 2, unsurprisingly all comments have to approved before publication. Shocker, eh?


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Give the blogosphere enough rope...

I've just read a post over at Guido Fawkes' blog and I'm a bit confused/bemused/horrified.

First of all, let me nail my colours to the mast as far as Order-Order is concerned. I used to enjoy the site and would comment regularly. Now I barely look at it as it is, in my opinion, a wankfest of window lickers. That's just my own opinion, I'm very aware that the site has fans and is a 'big hitter' in the blogosphere.

But I think the site is now as much a part of the 'establishment' that we all fight against. If you read the post I linked to you should understand where I am coming from. To crow about a fellow blogger and personal solicitor winning the right to grant an injunction via twitter doesn't sit comfortably with me. The following 'statement' sent a shiver down my spine,

Matthew Richardson, the barrister who devised and won the Blaney’s Blarney Order, says “The Blaney’s Blarney Order is a huge step forward in preventing anonymous abuse of the Internet. People have to learn that they can no longer hide behind the cloak of anonymity the Internet provides and break the law with impunity.”

So, what the fuck is there to crow about? It 'don't make no sense' to me. The way I see it is that they have fallen straight into the hands of those who seek to censor and control the blogosphere and the internet. Perhaps he has had to much Guinness today.

And another 'prominent blogger' has today thrown his toys out of his pram. Fat Poof Dale, (©Old Holborn), has taken a strop because some newspaper diary column has pointed out a couple of home, (or should that be homo), truths. Mr Holborn has given us his opinion on the matter and to be fair, I think his opinion is shared by most of us.

So, a fantastic day for the blogosphere.


Update - You can visit the legal firm responsible for the injunction here