Thursday, April 29, 2010

Are you listening, LibLabCon?

A Labour voter, yesterday.
(Not her, him in the background)

With Gordon's gaffe hitting the headlines, (the only gaffe is that he got caught), and his dismissal of the woman's concerns with the typical socialist smearing that any deviation from the political correctness mantra automatically labels the perpetrator an 'ist', 'phobe' or, in this case, a 'bigot'.

Labour, Conservative, Lib Dems and the Nationalist parties are not listening. They are not talking about what really matters to the normal, everyday people of this country. What the old dear said to Gordon is right!

Instead, the main parties bicker amongst themselves. All they seem to spout are half truths, untruths and don't offend the poofs. All of which mean nothing to me or my family.

Career politicians, all of them. Detached from the real world, the world that you and I have to live in every day of our lives. We see the issues that matter to us and our families. They, apparently, cannot.

At work the other night, all of my colleagues expressed dismay at the antics of all the main parties. Even the 'couldn't give a toss either way brigade' are finally waking up to the fact that the LibLabNatCon really is a con.

So, they all have a week to get their acts together. But you and I know that they won't.

It'll be business as usual, whoever gets in.

I love....

a good conspiracy theory. Doesn't everyone?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cameron, the Naked Truth

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Pope unveils new stained glass window...

Dirty bastards...

Brown - The naked truth.

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Tomorrow, it's Call Me Dave's turn.

Friday, April 23, 2010

For my English reader

Happy St George's day. Have a read at this from the Rab archives then have a think about what the fuck happened to your country.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lord Adonis must be hard of hearing...

Now that things are getting back to normal on the flying front and with the news that it may not have been necessary after all, I decided to have a look at the CAA website and in particular the board.

Note that the majority have no flying credentials.

Note that the chief executive was appointed by Lord Adonis. The chief executive worked with trains before being appointed. TRAINS not PLANES you deaf Labour bastard.

Also note that this unelected, unacountable quango along with it's bum chum the Met Office had the power to wreak havoc and misery on the British people. And wreak havoc they did.

I wouldn't be surprised if they were wearing Hi Viz jackets when having their emergency meetings...

I look forward to the lies and spin over the coming weeks.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

EXCLUSIVE Tax payer funded union activity.

With all the hot air being spouted by politicians and wannabe politicians about spending cuts and 'protecting front line services' I thought it only right to publish the following information that I have been sitting on for a couple of weeks.

In a nutshell, I have listed all the councils in Scotland and how many employees each council have who do nothing but union activity.

Yes, you read it right. Employees of the councils funded from the public purse who do no constructive duties for the council. They are full time union reps funded by you and I, the tax payer.

This fact is nothing short of an outrage in this time of fiscal prudence. Those responsible for this must be held to account.

It has taken me weeks to gather the information via FOI legislation. Some councils were very quick to answer, others took their time. The only council to fail to respond was Edinburgh City Council. Shame on you for failing in your legal duty.

For those of you south of the border, I suggest you submit your own FOI request. It's very quick and simple, log on to your local council website and their should be a FOI link. I suspect that the situation will be very similar in England and Wales to the one up here.

Anyway, read it and weep...

  • Aberdeen City............................... 6
  • Aberdeenshire.............................. 5
  • Angus............................................... 0
  • Argyll and Bute............................ 0
  • Clackmannanshire..................... 1
  • Dumfries and Galloway............ 3
  • Dundee City................................... 0
  • East Ayrshire................................ 1
  • East Dunbartonshire................. 3
  • East Lothian................................. 2
  • East Renfrew................................. 3
  • Edinburgh City.............. Failed to respond
  • Falkirk............................................. 1
  • Fife.................................................... 8
  • Glasgow........................................... 0
  • Highland......................................... 1
  • Inverclyde...................................... 2
  • Midlothian..................................... 1
  • Moray............................................... 1
  • North Ayrshire............................. 0
  • North Lanarkshire..................... 0
  • Orkney............................................. 0
  • Perth and Kinross....................... 2*
  • Renfrewshire................................. 1
  • Scottish Borders.......................... 1
  • Shetland......................................... 0
  • South Ayrshire............................. 0
  • South Lanarkshire..................... 5
  • Stirling............................................ 2
  • West Dunbartonshire............... 2
  • West Lothian................................ 1
  • Western Isles................................ 2
*Perth and Kinross, one of the posts is part funded 40% by UNISON.

All figures correct as of March this year.

Spread this story far and wide!

Top coppers in last gasp money grab

Your community bobbies on the beat.

ACPO of England and Wales have called for the expansion of the Community Safety Accreditation Scheme and have targeted bouncers and security officers.

Basically any Tom, Dick or Harriet who have been accredited can issue fines, photograph people in the street and ask for details. (PAPERS PLEASE...).

Critics have called for a halt to the Community Safety Accreditation Scheme, saying it amounts to 'state-sanctioned vigilantism'.

There are already 1,667 people, including town hall workers and car park attendants, as well as bouncers and security guards, with powers under the scheme.

Nicknamed 'Jacqui Smith's Irregulars' after the former Home Secretary, their numbers have rocketed by a fifth in only a year

20% rise in a year? That's a lot of Hi Viz jackets. I wish I bought shares in a safety workwear firm...

But new guidance issued by the Association of Chief Police Officers, or Acpo, instructs Chief Constables to target the country's 100,000 guards and 50,000 door supervisors as it seeks to expand the scheme.

The move is particularly controversial because Acpo is directly involved in approving private firms which want to join the CSAS.

Security companies pay between £450 and £600 for an assessment by a private company owned by Acpo, and between £32 and £132 for each accredited employee.

Councils and other public sector organisations pay between £300 and £315 to be accredited, and £35 to £90 per employee

Ah, there we go. Follow the money trail....

All allowed to happen under Labour's watch.


Monday, April 19, 2010

Thugs in Hi-Viz...

Burnley fans being 'cleared' from Ewood Park after the match on 28th March this year.

Video from this site.

In one instance, a father who had attended the match with his 12-year old son said he had stumbled and fallen on one police officer. He said he was beaten across the face, received a severely bruised leg and a suspected broken rib as his son watched in horror. He was then arrested and held in custody by the police for four hours, during which he was seen by a police doctor and eventually presented with a choice – accept a caution or face a charge of violent disorder.

Why do we keep tolerating this type of shit?

Link to story

Your country hates you.

The Union Flag.

This country really hates it's people. The contempt of the state for it's minions knows no bounds. We are watched, collated, catalogued, legislated against. All without our consent. Agents of the state wearing the uniform of authority, the hi viz jacket, crawl over all aspects of our existence.

A shocking example of the disdain the government and it's cohorts hold for the subjects of this once great country was laid out for all to see late on Saturday night.

With all the chaos caused by the volcanic ash grounding all flights, a plucky bunch of Brits had managed to get on the last ferry to Portsmouth. The ferries were heaving with extra foot passengers, as you would expect. Many of the passengers had trains to catch, the last ones of the day. All passports had been checked by French passport control and the travelers bobbed their way over the channel to Blighty.

Time was of the essence if the trains were to be caught.

They arrived in Portsmouth and rushed off the ferry, eager to reach the train station.

But no, the 'authorities' insisted on herding all the passengers into lines in order for their papers to be checked. Regardless if they had been checked in France. They were not interested in the plight of the people who pay their wages.

The people got restless, at one time nearly 'breaking out'. The police were called and organised lines were reinstated.

Eventually, they 'authorities' relented slightly. But too late for the trains to be caught.

See how they spit in our faces. See how they stamp in our face.

See how we take it, like the compliant sheeple that we are.

Watch the video here.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Apparently, the wife, wean and myself must head off to the wee town opposite the pic above to visit relatives. If the car will make it that far.

Click the pic for a super-duper close up.

Have a pleasant Saturday!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday night throwback...

Socialist in nearly talking sense shock!

I need to have a lie down...

In the news today, Scottish Socialist Party candidate for Glasgow Central James Nesbitt 'sparks anger' by daring to just about talk sense about the knee jerk ban on meow meow.

“Leading scientists have spoken out against banning mephedrone but they have been ignored by senior politicians.

“Instead of listening to experts, the government has tried to browbeat them into propping up the failed criminalisation strategy.

“Policy is now being dictated by hysterical tabloid campaigns rather than scientific evidence.”

Seeing as I have nearly praised a socialist, I'm off for a bath with a wire brush and a litre bottle of Dettol.

David Cameron - Insurance Salesman

'How many years no claims have you got?'

Well, I watched and listened to the 'mass debate' last night. I would have turned over early on, but I wanted to piss off the missus. It was tedium of world class standard.

Nothing new was said, nothing surprised me. The three snake oil salesmen did their duty. Cameron should have destroyed Brown and Clegg but he failed, big time.

And that, dear reader, is a worry.

There is a real danger, in my opinion, that Labour could win this election by the skin of their teeth. The most hated and incompetent government in generations, led by the most uncharismatic, dour leader with apparent anger management issues should be swept away with barely concealed contempt. As they deserve.

The problem is that the leader of the opposition, by all rights the future Prime Minister, just hasn't got that sparkle in front of the cameras. When he talks, he drones on. There is no passion in what he says, no conviction. He should be driving home his points with a raised voice, a thump of the lectern, an accusing point at his rivals. His policies may be fantastic*, his arguments valid* but if they are not delivered with fire in his belly the tories will lose the election.

It's like he is trying to sell us car insurance.

I am no supporter of the tories. As far as I can see they could be as bad as Labour. But Labour need to be kicked out of power and the best hope of that is a tory victory.

Call me Dave needs to up his game. And sharpish. If he screws the election up, I shall regard him as a traitor.

* - they're not.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Purcell under criminal investigation

'Naeboady move, there's been a cover up...'

Steven Purcell is to face an investigation by Strathclyde police due to drug use and 'other matters'.

Perhaps he was 'grassed up' by his pal, Councillor Ruth Black. The police questioned her yesterday. Ms Ruth is well known for her loyalty...

I'm very curious as to why the police think it's worthwhile to investigate Purcell whilst Glasgow City Council refuse to do any digging of their own.

Update - Seems it's not just a West of Scotland problem.

Fat Eck to save the World. Except England.

The First Minister regretted eating that pakora last night.

I nearly dropped my deep fried pizza supper when I read the following from the BBC news site's 'live' volcanic ash updates.

1300 From the BBC's Kirsten Campbell at the Scottish Parliament: Scotland's First Minister has set up an emergency response group to deal with the volcanic ash incident and the resultant disruption to Scottish airports. Alex Salmond will chair a meeting of what's called the Scottish Government Resilience Room. Ministers and officials will gather this morning and then again this afternoon to discuss arrangements to deal with the situation.

As I look out of my window, (I'm thought of as quite well to do in Kilmarnock as my house has windows made of glass rather than the standard plywood), I see a clear, blue sky as far as the eye can see. And what the fuck is a 'resilience room'? Sounds like some sort of sex dungeon for masochists.

I suppose having a meeting is better than doing nothing at all. Oh, wait...

It's your duty to pay duty...

'Dirty, rotten, cheating bastards' said a tax man earlier today...

In the news today, (a big country club hat tip to Ms Predator), Tesco under fire for 'dodging' tax by basing it's online CD/DVD business in, shock horror, Guernsey.

The Graudian leads the patriotic attack on Tesco whilst pretty much ignoring the scores of other online retailers who do business in the same way. Some of the comments are straight out of 'The Big Ladybird Book of Socialism'. However, in the interest of balance, my favourite comment is,

God forbid that greedy, wasteful troll in Downing Street doesn't get to dip his beak in absolutely every transaction in the fucking world.

How much more does he need to piss up the wall? We should pay more on DVD so he can sign another PFI contract or pay more benefits to immigrants?


Anyway, thanks very much for another lesson in doing our duty to the state. Now please fuck off and die.

update - In other news, Downing Street announce 'Ash Tax'...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Looking for a McJob?

click to enlarge

I don't particularly enjoy McDonalds or Burger King. On the rare occasion that I will have fast food I prefer KFC.

Observation. Every single KFC I have ever been in has been filthy. Even though they aren't as busy as McDonalds, the seating area is always fucking minging. It really grips my shit that the mong that's in charge of wiping the tables can't, ummm, wipe the tables. Or sweep the floor. Or empty the bins.

And why do I always get 'served' by the young lad with the ridiculous bum fluff? Does he work in all of them? Seems to...

update, I just remembered that I was in KFC in Kilmarnock the other week and watched as one of the staff took the rubbish out to the skips. He came back in and went straight behind the counter and started serving. Without washing his hands. Sort it out you manky bastards.


What a show off bastard!!

Labour 'cares'

Purcell story reaches the USA

A fat, corrupt socialist. Probably.

The stench of Labour corruption and cronyism has reached the USA.

It has been revealed that Steven Purcell, former head of Glasgow City Council, is undergoing a police investigation. He has been alleged of being corrupt. Strathclyde Police are probing into documents to verify whether Purcell employed unjustifiable influence to obtain a £50,000 contract for friend and fellow councilor, Ruth Black.

Reports conjecture the case is being examined by the Major Crimes and Terrorism Unit.

A spokesman from the police department evinced, "Strathclyde Police are assessing the information available to them, therefore it would be inappropriate for us to comment further at this stage".

The matter came to light when SNP councilors were tipped-off about potentially incriminating data over the allocation of the publicly funded lesbian and gay drop-in centre, in the city, to Ruth Black. This information was then handed over to police.

Ruth Black, was earlier in-charge of the centre. However, the center had collapsed and left a debt of £300,000 in April 2009. The collapse came two years after Black resigned and stepped down from her chair.

According to reports, two rival bids were made for the center. The two competitors were Glasgay, an established organization, and Black who proposed to set up a new organization called Castro. The outcome of the bid was in favor of Black.

Monday, April 12, 2010

The trouble with Ellie...

Labour Youth, at a recent meeting.

Young Labour acolyte Ellie Gellard has just had the Daily Hate treatment. Excellent stuff.

She is well known to us twatters as 'BevaniteEllie' and she seems to spend all her waking hours ejaculating Labour spin into the internet. Any attempt by fellow twats to engage her in any discussion or debate swiftly results in said twatterer being blocked by the lovely Ellie. I myself have been blocked by her, although to be fair I just swore at her. Not big or clever on my part, but satisfying nonetheless.

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of Ellies that have had the Socialist brainwashing treatment. She is just their poster girl, a sort of forces pin up for the politically bewildered youngsters that socialism chews up and spits out. None of them are capable of rational thinking or debate. Any questioning of their beloved Labour party ends with either a blocking or an 'ism' or 'phobe' hurled at the offender.

Constantly Furious published a post earlier today and I recommend you read it. I was very interested in the comments by 'Jill' who, whilst not defending her as such, pointed out her age and that we should leave her alone.

I totally disagree with Jill.

The 'Hitler Youth' of socialism requires a swift and brutal extermination. These irritating young people are the future of socialism, the future righteous. This group of labour cheerleaders are positively aching to be able to dictate to the rest of us how to live our lives. They see nothing wrong in what socialism has done to this once great and proud country.

Of course, they may grow out of it. But I'm not willing to take the chance.

They must be crushed. And now.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Purcell suspended??

Rumours are circulating that disgraced former head of Glasgow City council Steven Purcell has been suspended from the Labour Party.

So much for 'nothing to see here' then, eh?

How about that full investigation into his 'presidency' of Glasgow Council that his fellow councillors refused to allow.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Purcell and the 'Big C'

Have some tax payers money, Comrade.

According to the Daily Record, Steven Purcell is to be investigated over corruption claims.

Better late than never, I suppose.

Update - Anna has a very good post...

DRUG shame council boss Steven Purcell is being probed over alleged corruption.

It has been claimed the former Glasgow Council leader used undue influence to help friend and fellow councillor Ruth Black win a £50,000 contract.

An elite team of detectives are now investigating the claims, which it is understood follow a confidential tip-off this week to opposition SNP councillors.

The development is the first confirmed police involvement in the Purcell affair since his dramatic fall from grace last month.

The 37-year-old political high-flier suffered a breakdown and details of his cocaine use emerged.

The Record understand a confidential source supplied the SNP with potentially incriminating information over the award of the running of the city's publicly funded lesbian and gay drop-in centre.

The Nats tipped off police, who put their Major Crimes and Terrorism Investigation Unit on the case.

Officers are said to be examining claims about links between Purcell and Black, who friends say regularly socialised together.

Glasgow City Council chief executive George Black and the council's legal chief Ian Drummond have been made aware of the claims and ordered their own probe.

Ruth Black, 45, who defected to Labour from Tommy Sheridan's Solidarity Party in 2007, is boss of a firm called The Castro Glasgow Ltd, who were competing to run the new lesbianand gay drop-in centre.

A new centre was needed because the old one, formerly headed by Ruth Black, crashed with debts of £300,000 in April 2009, six months after she quit as centre manager.

Insiders say police are looking at claims that Purcell told people Black did not have to worry about the rival bid, as The Castro would be chosen to run the service and receive grant funding of around £50,000 a year.

The Castro was awarded the right to run the centre by the council's executive committee, chaired by Purcell, in October.

It opened in Merchant City last month. Last week, the council were accused of a cover-up after Labour and the Lib Dems voted down an SNP bid for an inquiry into the Purcell scandal.

Purcell, who came out as gay in 2006, fled abroad from his Glasgow home in the wake of his downfall.

A police spokeswoman said last night: "Following recent media reports related to Mr Steven Purcell, Strathclyde Police are assessing the information available to them."

Last night, Ruth Black said she was not aware of any police investigation into the affair.

She said: "This is the first I have heard of it."

And she added: "Both bids were assessed on their merits. It was nothing to do with Stephen Purcell in terms of decision making."

A council spokesman said: "If we receive any information we will pass it to our Internal Audit unit."

Friday, April 9, 2010

The BBC wastes even more of our money

The BBC is well known for throwing our money about with gay abandon. Nearly every project it instigates runs over time and over budget. Every large sporting event has such a large BBC contingent it usually out-numbers the athletes sent by the UK.

Using Freedom of Information legislation, I found out that the BBC directly employ union reps. These reps do not do anything constructive for the BBC, (who does?), but are employed by Auntie Beeb.

Five people that are paid for by you and I via the unfair TV license. Through no choice by us, we are funding union activity. To the tune of the best part of £200,000. Paid by us mugs.

This is simply outrageous. And it must stop.

Where in the private sector would this happen? My workplace has union reps, same as any other workplace. The difference is they also have a job to do. Union activity is in addition to their employment. Of course they receive paid time off for any union training courses etc, but these courses are very few and far between. And in any case, it's a private company answerable only to it's shareholders.

The BBC is answerable to no one for the way it deals with it's finances. It can do as it pleases. It's much lauded independence from Parliament interference helps it remain in it's 'money bubble'.

The only glimmer of hope is that the Royal Charter that grants it the right to do what the hell it wants is up for renewal in 2016. Fingers crossed.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lazy Glasgow MP needs the polis to hold his hand

Hello, I'm Willie Bain and I'm a socialist shitebag. Vote for me if you want to keep your Giro.

Gorbal Mick's successor in the Glasgow North East constituency, Willie Bain, apparently needs Strathclyde's finest to ensure his safety when holding surgeries in his own territory.

From his very own website, no doubt written from his bedroom in his mum and dad's council flat....

1) Springburn 2:30pm (police in attendance)
North Glasgow Housing Association
Ned Donaldson House
50 Reidhouse Street
Glasgow G21 4LS

Don't know why he needs bodyguards, the place looks fairly decent for the shithole that is North East Glasgow. Have a look,

View Larger Map

It would also seem that oor Willie is one of the laziest piggies in Parliament. You can't blame him really. I would be the same. The mongs he calls constituents would vote for a skid marked pair of Y fronts if it had a red rosette pinned on it.

To any potential Labour voters

Would have made an excellent Labour MP/Councillor in the West of Scotland.

You may be aware of the scandal that has engulfed Labour in the West of Scotland and in particular Glasgow.

The Steven Purcell story just keeps on running. Recently Glasgow City Council decided that an investigation into the running of the council during Purcell's presidency was not required. I beg to differ. It would seem that councillors of all political hues voted to keep everything under wraps, however the only dissenting voices came from SNP councillors. I suspect they knew that they had no hope in hell of getting their 'wish' and were only collecting voting brownie points from naive voters.

For generations, Labour has ruled over vast areas of the West of Scotland. It is clear that they are not interested in serving the voting public, they are only interested in serving themselves and their cronies. And their gangster friends.

The latest chapter speaks volumes about the contempt Labour have for the people.

Decade after decade the socialist rulers of Scotland have got away with murder.

To quote a comment from the first link -

It is my belief that the West of Scotland Labour branch has much in common with the RC Church,

Both have been sweeping scandals and serious criminal behaviour under the carpet for generations, albeit for one these generations morph into centuries.

Both think they have a God given right to "rule"


both think the laws and rules that apply to the great unwashed do not to them.

Both have been in power for far too long.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Goodbye, Gordon Brown.

Happy Blogday to me...

It would appear that I have been at this malarky for a year.

How time flies when you're having fun.

So, to my readers and commenters a huge thank you. I know a lot of you have been 'with me' since day one. It means a lot to know that other peeps are reading what I have dribbled into the lap-top.

I remember being delighted when I was getting fifty hits a day, now on a good day I'm getting nearly 1500. It adds a bit of pressure when trying to compose a post...

It's so easy to give up and pack it in. I've nearly done it several times.

But that would mean that 'they' would win. And we can't have that now, can we?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wake me up on May 7th

So, the Prime Mentalist has announced the election.

Forgive me if I don't get excited. Having watched the extended news coverage this morning and listened to the speeches I am bored already.

Gordon Brown is the most hated, most incompetent prime minister this country has ever had. He has the charisma of a cold jobby and the smile of a loon.

David Cameron should be romping it. But he's not. I listened to him earlier and while I could see his mouth moving, I couldn't hear what he was saying. The droning, monotonic delivery of his speeches just doesn't inspire anyone. Where is the fire in his belly? Think back to Thatcher, it's that type of personality that the opposition needs, not the useless fucking drip that they have now.

It doesn't matter who wins. We're so fucked it doesn't matter. Another five years of Labour or five years of the Bliar Clone. I'd rather see John Major back as leader of the Tories.

I will only be keeping an eye on this part of the election.

As for the rest of it, stick up your arse. Sideways.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Go compare....

A fat annoying bastard. Just like John Prescott.

Same story but told from two different political perspectives.

First, from the Daily Mail.

Secondly, from the publicly funded BBC. Voice of the nation, trusted by all etc etc.

Note to BBC, just report the fucking facts please. That's what you are there for. Failing that, stop robbing us of the license fee and fund yourself.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Have a good weekend. I won't.

You won't be hearing much from me over the weekend. It's our second busiest time of the year and once again I am working right through to Monday to keep the great unwashed stocked up with biscuits and bog roll. All for no extra cash, bank holiday payments/Sunday double time are things of the distant past. No matter, the company I work for made record breaking profits and that's the main thing, eh?

Anyway, I see the Abbott video has been pulled yet again. Fuck 'em. We've made our point.

So, loyal reader, have a decent Easter weekend. If you have to work, I hope it's not so bad. I know I'm going to have a tough weekend ahead, but I should have tried harder at school and got a decent job...

And I've been off the cigs for a week now. I could happily kick a puppy to death for one right now.

I really could.