Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Steven Purcell told 'it's too soon'.

'It's too soon Steven, piss off for another year or so'.

Disgraced ex leader of Glasgow City Council Steven Purcell, (google 'Steven Purcell news'), has been blocked from leeching from the public purse by Iain Gray.

He was offered a job as newly elected list MSP Anne McTaggart's assistant. Purcell currently works without a salary for Glasgow Labour MP John Robertson. It is understood that Gray stepped in to prevent the controversial decision being finalised.

Also, Anne McTaggart is still hanging on to her councillor position whilst performing her duties in the Scottish Paliament. Rumour has it that Labour is terrified of losing her council seat if she resigns her post and triggers a council by election.

Oink Oink etc etc

Personally speaking, by the looks of her, I would say that she will not give up her councillor job as it means she can gorge herself at two public troughs.

Scottish Labour really is a circle jerk of cretins who think they are entitled to the trappings of power.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Councillor Margaret McDougall, MSP.

'I'm just the same as all the rest.'

The following has been taken from here. Her details can be found here.

A North Ayrshire Labour councillor who claimed public money for attending a memorial to the dead of two World Wars has been elected as an MSP.

As revealed by the3towns last week, Margaret McDougall, who represents Kilwinning, was surprisingly elected from the number-3 position on Labour’s West of Scotland Regional List. Previously, Labour had never been entitled to ‘Additional Members’ from the Regional List due to its performance in winning most of the constituencies in the area. However, at last week’s election the SNP took six of the ten West of Scotland constituencies, which meant the Proportional Representation ‘second’ vote provided Labour with three additional Regional members.

In addition to charging the public purse for attending an Armistice Parade, Mrs McDougall also submitted a claim in relation to what she described on her Allowances Form as a “Meeting with MEP”. However, the supposed meeting with a Member of the European Parliament took place on May 12, 2009 – after the European Parliament had been dissolved ahead of the European Election on June 4, which meant there were no MEPs. What Cllr McDougall had actually attended, and which she charged to the public purse, was a Labour Party campaign activity in support of its European Parliament candidates.

In the last full year for which figures are available – 2009/2010 - Margaret McDougall claimed allowances totalling £857.30, up 35-percent on her charge to the public purse from the previous twelve-months.

Against a backdrop of cuts to local services, Cllr McDougall claimed public money for attending events such as the Kilwinning Flower Show, a dinner at the Gailes Hotel, a primary school Christmas Fayre, the switching-on of Christmas lights, the crowning of the Segdoune Queen, the Kilwinning Carnival, the Whitehirst Park Gala Day, a ‘political meeting’ in Ardrossan, a ‘weight lift presentation’, a ‘parade’, another switching-on of Christmas lights, the Woodwynd Centre Christmas Fayre, the Blacklands Community Centre Christmas Night, and the Landward Christmas Dinner.

the3towns understands the Labour Party will insist Margaret McDougall does not resign as a North Ayrshire councillor, despite her new duties and responsibilities as a Member of the Scottish Parliament. Labour is fearful it would lose a by-election if Mrs McDougall stood down.

Oink, oink, oink. Typical Scottish Labour.

Farewell to the LPUK

"Psst! Wanna buy London Bridge?"

It's a shame but, I suppose, no surprise.

I've been attacking those who trough, those who are hungry for power and the little empire builders ever since I started this blog over two years ago. I see no difference here.

I was a member of the LPUK for a year. It seemed like a breathe of fresh air and I liked what I heard. I attended meetings, met some decent people. They talked the talk.

Soon, the year had passed and it was time to renew my membership. I didn't.

Too much talk and too little action.

Fast forward to today and it seems that at the centre of the party, elected leader at November's AGM, is a crook and con man. Caught with his fingers in the till. I've met him, only the once at a meet up in Edinburgh. He seemed decent enough.

Anyway, to catch up with all the shenanigans, read this.

I say I'm not surprised, but I am disappointed. It turns out that all politicians and would be politicians are pretty much the same. All in it for themselves, lining their own pockets.

So, as far as I am concerned it's goodbye to the LPUK and all political parties. I want nothing to do with any of you. I still support Libertarian principles.

Whoever really is in control of the LPUK must get the police involved. That's a given.

I hope the people of Clevedon Walton know what type of councillor they have representing them. I would watch his expenses very carefully.

What a complete cunt.

Update - here

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Blogroll update - illegal in UK edition

Welcome to super-injunction!

Now, as it's (probably) illegal to view if you reside within the UK, please don't click the link....

hat-tip @analiensaturn

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Scottish Youth Parliament

Gaelic for 'do as you are told'.

Nothing fills me more with despair than organisations that declare themselves self proclaimed spokespersons for a huge chunk of society. From Mumsnet to the subject of my post, my heart sinks at their very mention.
The Scottish Youth Parliament deserve a special place in my hall of contempt. Allegedly set up, with charity status, to give the youth of Scotland a 'national voice' it soaks up plenty of oLinkur money a year in order to train the political class of the future.

As far as I am concerned, anyone who chooses to climb the political ladder as a career choice should automatically be forbidden from doing so. There is nothing wrong with having a healthy interest in politics, of course not. Since the days of Maggie Thatcher kicking Scargill in the nuts, I've been fascinated by politics. But I don't want to be a politician.

These youngsters have declared, consciously or not, that they have the desire to rule over others. In my world, they would be dragged away and 'not fit for office' tattooed on their forehead.

But, on a brighter note, it's good to see that they are being well trained in the political art.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

It's voting time in Scotland.

Couldn't have put it better myself. For those of you that are 'activists' and vote Labour, fair enough. Not much point trying to change your mind.
For those of you that vote Labour because your Dad's Dad used to live next door to a miner and you've always voted labour, have a look around and ask yourself,

"What has Labour really done for us?"

In Scotland, this is real Labour. Watch what decades of Labour rules has done to our country here.

I'm not going to tell you who to vote for. As far as I am concerned they are all cunts.

It's just that some are more cunty than others.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Saturday, April 30, 2011


At the whim of 'authority'.

It's amazing that in 21st century Britain, the police can do as they please to anyone they want to.

All at the whim of their masters.

A shocking example of what this country has become.

My two grandfathers fought the Nazis, one as sergeant major and the other as a tank driver. Both will be spinning in their graves.

Twitter Twat of the Day

Pretty much sums up the entire moaning whinefest of the lefties.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Tattoo of the Week!

He loved his dear old Mum...

Glasgow Celebrates!

'Why is that polis sitting on Camilla's back'

It's all kicked off in Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow. An unofficial street party organised via facebook has went a bit Pete Tong, although for most of the afternoon it was going swimmingly.

I'm not in possession of all the facts but it would seem that most of the trouble was handbags at ten paces stuff. The kind of 'violence' we all see on a Friday night out on the town when a group of mates are holding back the token mong who wants to attempt throwing a punch at someone. I would have left them to it.

Cue Strathclyde's finest to wade in with their equine pals. No doubt primed to go at the earliest opportunity by Glasgow City Council, the corrupt cancer who's tumour engulfs all aspects of the fine city's life.

You see, the whole point of the exercise is a huge big "told you so" from the 'authorities'. Those of us that dared to organise anything without their permission needs to be stamped upon. From building a garage on your own land to having a party in a public park, you need to dance to their tune.

It's about time that they receive a reminder that they dance to our tune.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Every Slovakian Helps

It's no secret that I work for one of Tesco's competitors.  It's also no secret that I loath Tesco. 

It's not because of who I work for that makes me loath the mighty T, it's more to do with their business practises and bullying of suppliers.  If you haven't read it, I recommend you have look at Tescopoly.  It's very interesting what Britain's favourite grocer gets up to.

Anyway, the reason for tonights post is something that caught my eye when I was idly surfing t'internet.  Tesco are advertising for Duty Managers for their London express stores.

Nothing unusual in that.

Except they are advertising in Slovakia. 

I can't do hyperlinks for the moment, so copy and paste the following into your address bar-

Every little helps!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Just Testing

I've downloaded some app thing that allows me to publish to my blog from my phone. This is the first time I've used it.

I'm still without a broadband connection after moving house over five weeks ago so a big thanks to Sky and BT who between them couldn't organise the preverbial piss up.

Anyway, I'll try and attempt to publish something, if my patience with the smallest keyboard in history holds out.

For the time being, have a look at the Rablet striking a pose but not getting it quite right!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Just a quickie...

I've been silent due to having no broadband as we have moved house. Apparently Sky's easy and quick transfer is a load of bullshit as new customers take priority and we waited a month for a phone line and as of today we still have no broadband.

So, Sky and BT, fuck you very much.

Anyway, I have stolen some broadband from the out-laws to type this so I can let you know I'm not dead.

I'm still around on twitter now and again, my new phone only allows me to sign in to twitter for some reason, trying to sign into blogger is beyond it's capability. Follow me @Jock_Bastard.

Anyway, I hope to pop up again shortly.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A BMW driver writes....

Twat Mobile

A day from the diary of a BMW driver...

The other day I was cruising along as usual coming onto one of my motorways,which was very busy with inferior cars.

First off, I couldn't believe that the volume of traffic DIDN'T slow down for me AT ALL as I came off the slip road!

I had to squeeze into a barely big enough gap between two cars in order to get onto my motorway!

The driver of the car behind me did realise his mistake though and honked an apology to me with a long blast of his horn.

Unbelievably, I had to do the same again before I could get to the BMW lane.

Anyway, once I was in the BMW lane and posing along at 110 mph enjoying the adulation that the inferior car drivers were giving me,

I noticed an inferior car ahead of me which was not only in the BMW lane of my motorway, but was driving at a ridiculous 70 mph!

Naturally, I got within a foot or so of his rear bumper and flashed my headlights to remind him he shouldn't be in the BMW lane of my motorway and to get out of my way.

Of course, once he realised it was a BMW behind him, he did just that, but I could hardly believe it when he pulled straight back out behind me!

He also tried to keep up with me and when he realised I would out-run him, he put on some blue lights in his front grill and urged me to get onto the hard shoulder so that he could congratulate me on my excellent car.

Needless to say, I was eager to oblige and when we had stopped, the man gave me a piece of paper confirming what I already knew - that my car goes fast!

Apparently he wants everyone to know what a superior car I have, so I had to take my drivers licence to a police station to be sent away to have some points put on!

(They're not free points either - they're £20 each and I was only allowed 3.)

But the man at the police station said that because I drive a BMW, it won't be much longer before I earn the full 12 points, and then I won't even NEED a driving licence, so they will take it off me!

See, now THAT'S the sort of respect you get when you own and drive a BMW!

(nicked from elsewhere...)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ecoloons being blamed for Ozzie floods

Happy now, twat?

It seems that the devastating floods in Queensland could have been prevented, or at least could have been less severe if a dam had been built as suggested over thirty years ago, after the last major flood.

However, plans were rejected by 'those who know better' after succesful lobbying by the usual eco fascists and tree huggers.

Federal Environment Minister Peter Garrett on Wednesday said he made the interim decision to reject the controversial $1.8 billion plan to dam the Mary River because evidence showed it could kill off endangered species.

“The project would have serious and irreversible effects on national listed species such as the Australian lungfish, the Mary River turtle and the Mary River cod – both of those endangered."

As is now Brisbane....

On a brighter note, it's good to see the backlash against the doom mongers and global warming nut jobs gathering apace.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The USA has plenty of oil.... why is it not being extracted?

According to expert analysis, the good old USA has more oil here than in all the middle east. At current consumption rates there is enough black gold to fuel the USA for over 2000 years. Over a TRILLION barrels worth lie beneath Colorado and Utah. President Bush signed off the drilling permissions way back in August 2005 but so far not one drop has been recovered.

So, how could this be?

There are many reasons.

The price of oil is high and many people are making a fortune from it. Tapping into the new discovery will drop the price.

Could OPEC be funding the ecoloons who vehemently oppose any new oil field developments?

America won't have a reason to trample over foreign nations. Securing oil supplies is a handy excuse for throwing one's weight around the world.

America wants all the oil it can get it's hands on for itself to strengthen it's international power.

I'm sure there are other reasons. I'm sure you can think of a few yourself next time your at the pump and paying nearly £6 a gallon.