Wednesday, June 30, 2010

John Barnes = Twat

John Barnes says that the reason England are crap is because they don't play like socialists....

Yeah? I thought it was because they couldn't play as a team/were tired/poorly coached.

Note to the FA. Make sure future England players vote labour.

Well I never!!

Nice tie, isn't it. You paid for it!

Councils are paying “millions” of pounds every year to front companies run by Glasgow crime groups, police warned today.

Well, I'm shocked....

However, I'm not so sure about this though,

Strathclyde Police has quietly signed a special deal with Glasgow City Council and three other local authorities in its area to hand over what was once secret intelligence about the gangland links of firms bidding for contracts.

Hmmm... Multi Agency Co-operation? Usually means trouble.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Interactive Music Video

You decide what happens....

The Council doesn't give a shit

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Arsehole Central

I hate my council. I probably would hate your council too. Let's face it, they are all pretty much the same. Money wasting, hi viz wearing controlling jobsworths.

Cranking up my hate meter recently are the following little news nuggets generated by my own council, East Ayrshire. It's really good to see that in this age of austerity that they have really made sure that tax payers money is well spent on deserving projects.

Projects like a three million quid tart up of council HQ, (pictured above), which included over nine grand for three television for the councillor's meeting room. I could have got the televisions for less than £250 each from my work.

Council bosses insist the spend to upgrade the ageing building was necessary and say that, when completed, will represent good value for the taxpayer.

But according to one of the workmen involved in the major project, the instruction from his boss was that ‘no expense is to be spared on this building’.

'No expense spared'? Yeah, sounds about right.

Then we have the news that the council are to be the major tenant in a new office building in the centre of Kilmarnock at a cost of £1000 a day in rent. Council offices scattered around the town are to re-locate into the building when work is complete. A building next door is to be flattened in order for car parking to be provided, probably at no cost to council employees. Everyone else parking in Kilmarnock town centre has to pay, including people who work in the town.

And, in the news today,

East Ayrshire chiefs treated 68 kitchen staff to training days at the Nick Nairn Cook School and the Cook School Scotland.

Forget Westminster and Hollyrood, the real battle we face is with the local 'authorities'. And the constant squandering of our money.

It needs to stop. Now.

Monday, June 28, 2010


Hackney's pothole problem seems to be getting worse...

Oh to be a champagne socialist with a selective memory!

Diane Abbott offers some characteristically impassioned (and characteristically blinkered) thoughts on Iain Duncan Smith’s proposal that unemployed council tenants be helped to re-locate to areas where there are jobs.

The policy is “cruel” she says.....

So Diane, where exactly did your parents come from? To find work? Yes, that's right here.

Word of advice Diane, render yourself down into bio diesel. I'm sure they'll be enough to keep London's taxi cabs going for a few months. And stay away from the Japanese embassy, they'll just chase you with harpoons.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Ref's asst was right!

The England performance was shocking. Beaten by Sunday League tactics.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

George Galloway - inciting mob violence

I am speechless. Unlike Galloway.

Permission Slip slip.

From: David Thorne
Date: Wednesday 10 March 2010 7.12pm
To: Darryl Robinson
Subject: Permission Slip

Dear Darryl, I have received your permission slip featuring what I can only assume is a levitating rabbit about to drop an egg on Jesus.Thank you for pre-ticking the permission box as this has saved me not only from having to make a choice, but also from having to make my own forty five degree downward stroke followed by a twenty percent longer forty five degree upward stroke. Without your guidance, I may have drawn a picture of a cactus wearing a hat by mistake.As I trust my offspring's ability to separate fact from fantasy, I am happy for him to participate in your indoctrination process on the proviso that all references to 'Jesus' are replaced with the term 'Purportedly Magic Jew.'
Regards, David.

From: Darryl Robinson
Date: Thursday 11 March 2010 9.18am
To: David Thorne
Subject: Re: Permission Slip

Hello David The tick in the box already was a mistake I noticed after printing them all. I've seen the play and it's not indoctrinating anyone. It's a fun play performed by a great bunch of kids. You do not have to be religious to enjoy it. You are welcome to attend if you have any concerns. Darryl Robinson, School Chaplain

From: David Thorne
Date: Thursday 11 March 2010 11.02am
To: Darryl Robinson
Subject: Re: Re: Permission Slip

Dear Darryl, Thank you for the kind offer, being unable to think of anything more exciting than attending your entertaining and fun filled afternoon, I tried harder and thought of about four hundred things. I was actually in a Bible based play once and played the role of 'Annoyed about having to do this.' My scene involved offering a potplant, as nobody knew what Myrrh was, to a plastic baby Jesus then standing between 'I forgot my costume so am wearing the teachers poncho' and 'I don't feel very well'. Highlights of the play included a nervous donkey with diarrhoea causing 'I don't feel very well' to vomit onto the back of Mary's head, and the lighting system, designed to provide a halo effect around the manger, overheating and setting it alight. The teacher, later criticised for dousing an electrical fire with a bucket of water and endangering the lives of children, left the building in tears and the audience in silence. We only saw her again briefly when she came to the school to collect her poncho.Also, your inference that I am without religion is incorrect and I am actually torn between two faiths; while your god's promise of eternal life is very persuasive, the Papua New Guinean mud god, Pikkiwoki, is promising a pig and as many coconuts as you can carry. Regards, David.


From: Darryl Robinson
Date: Thursday 11 March 2010 2.52pm
To: David Thorne
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Permission Slip

Hello David
While it would be a pity for Seb to miss out on the important message of hope that the story of the resurrection gives, if you don't want him to attend the presentation on Monday then just tick the box that says I do not give my child permission to attend.
Darryl Robinson, School Chaplain


From: David Thorne
Date: Thursday 11 March 2010 5.09pm
To: Darryl Robinson
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Permission Slip

Dear Darryl,I understand the importance the resurrection story holds in your particular religion. If I too knew some guy that had been killed and placed inside a cave with a rock in front of it and I visited the cave to find the rock moved and his body gone, the only logical assumption would be that he had risen from the dead and is the son of God. Once, my friend Simon was rushed to hospital to have his appendix removed and I visited him the next day to find his bed empty. I immediately sacrificed a goat and burnt a witch in his name but it turned out that he had not had appendicitis, just needed a good poo, and was at home playing Playstation.Someone probably should have asked "So the rock has been moved and he's gone... has anyone checked his house?" I realise Playstation was not around in those days but they probably had the equivalent. A muddy stick or something. I would have said "Can someone please check if Jesus is at home playing with his muddy stick, if not, then and only then should we all assume, logically, that he has risen from the dead and is the son of God." If we accept though, that Jesus was the son of an Infinite Being capable of anything, he probably did have a Playstation. Probably a Playstation 7. I know I have to get my offspring all the latest gadgets. God would probably have said to him, "I was going to wait another two thousand years to give you this but seeing as you have been good... just don't tell your mother about Grand Theft Auto." Also, is it true that Jesus can be stabbed during a sword fight and be ok due to the fact that he can only die if he gets his head chopped off? Regards, David.


From: Darryl Robinson
Date: Friday 12 March 2010 10.13am
To: David Thorne
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Permission Slip

Nowhere in the Bible does Jesus have a sword fight. Learning the teachings of the Bible is not just about religion. It teaches a set of ethics that are sadly not taught by parents nowadays.Darryl Robinson, School Chaplain From: David Thorne


Date: Friday 12 March 2010 2.23pm
To: Darryl Robinson
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Permission Slip

Dear Darryl, You raise a valid point and I appreciate you pointing out my failings as a parent. Practising a system of ethics based on the promise of a reward, in your case an afterlife, is certainly preferable to practising a system of ethics based on it simply being the right thing to do.Many years ago, I lived next door to a Christian named Mr Stevens. You could tell he was a Christian because he had a fish sticker on his Datsun. He used to wave at us kids from his bathroom window on hot summer days as we played in the sprinkler. I learnt a lot from Mr Stevens. Mainly about wrestling holds. The trick is to oil up really well making it hard for the other person to hold you down. I would often lie on his living room rug looking up at the pictures of sunsets behind quotes from Psalms while waiting for him to unwrap his legs from around my torso.Your job would be made much easier if, after making the school children sit through an hour of church youth group teens dancing, singing and re-enacting Jewish magic tricks, you simply told them that it was just a small taste of what hell is like and if they didn't believe in Jesus they would have to sit through it again.When I was at school, we were forced to attend a similar presentation. Herded into the gym under the pretence of free chips, we were assaulted with an hour of hippies playing guitars and a dance routine featuring some kind of colourful coat and a lot of looking upwards. Due to the air-conditioning in the packed gym not working and it being a hot day, the hippie wearing the colourful coat blacked out mid performance and struck his head against the front edge of the stage spraying the first row of cross-legged children with blood. Unconscious, he also urinated. There was a bit of screaming and an ambulance involved and everyone agreed it was the best play they had ever seen.
Regards, David.


From: Darryl Robinson
Date: Friday 12 March 2010 2.47pm
To: David Thorne
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Permission Slip

Hello David I don't see what any of that has to do with this play. It's important for children to have balance in their life and spirituality is as important in a childs life as everything else. There's an old saying that life without religion is life without beauty.
Darryl Robinson, School Chaplain


From: David Thorne
Date: Friday 12 March 2010 3.36pm
To: Darryl Robinson
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Permission Slip

Dear Darryl,
I agree completely that balance is an important component of a child's education. I will assume then that you will also be organising a class excursion to a play depicting the fifteen billion year expansion of the universe from its initial particle soup moments following the big bang through to molecule coalescion, galaxy and planetary formation and eventually life?Perhaps your church youth group could put together an interpretive dance routine representing the behaviour of Saturn's moon Hyperion, shattered by an ancient collision and falling randomly back together, tugged to and fro by the gravitational pull of Titan, sixteen sister moons, the multi-billionfold moonlets of Saturn’s rings, Saturn’s gravitational field, companion planets, the variability’s of Sol, stars, galaxy, neighbouring galaxies... or possibly not, according to an old saying, there is no beauty in this.
Also, while I understand that the play is to be held outside school grounds, due to the fact that it is illegal to present medieval metaphysic propaganda in public schools, it is also my understanding that you are now required by law, as of last year, to go by the title Christian Volunteer rather than School Chaplain. A memo you may have missed or filed in your overflowing 'facts that cease to exist when they are ignored' tray.
Regards, David.


From: Darryl Robinson
Date: Monday 15 March 2010 9.22am
To: David Thorne
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Permission Slip

I'm not going to waste any more precious time replying to your stupid emails. If you don't want your child to attend the play just indicate that on the permission slip.


From: David Thorne
Date: Monday 15 March 2010 11.04am
To: Darryl Robinson
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Permission Slip

From: Darryl Robinson
Date: Monday 15 March 2010 2.11pm
To: David Thorne
Subject: No Subject

I will pray for you.


From: David Thorne
Date: Monday 15 March 2010 2.19pm
To: Darryl Robinson
Subject: Re: No Subject

Thanks. Mention that I want a Toyota Prado if you get the chance. A white one. With dark grey leather interior and sat nav.
Regards, David.


From: Darryl Robinson
Date: Tuesday 16 March 2010 9.20am
To: David Thorne
Subject: Re: Re: No Subject

I've had enough of your nonsense. Dont email me again.


From: GOD
Date: Tuesday 16 March 2010 10.18am
To: Darryl Robinson
Subject: Word of God



From: Darryl Robinson
Date: Tuesday 16 March 2010 2.35pm
To: GOD Cc: David Thorne
Subject: Re: Word of God

I'm serious.


From: GOD
Date: Tuesday 16 March 2010 2.48pm
To: Darryl Robinson
Subject: Re: Re: Word of God


Taken from this fantastic site.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Housing Benefit requires further pruning

With added rusty fridge/freezer lying in back garden...

It was quite pleasant to see George pander to the mouth foaming Daily Mail set yesterday by announcing a scaling back of housing benefit. He even quoted that some families are currently receiving £104,000 a year. Or rather, their landlords are.

However, greater savings can be made by clamping down on the piss taking that goes on unchecked by landlords.

I have mentioned in the past about the 'separate markets' that the letting industry enjoys, courtesy of the hard pressed tax payer. I suppose it's symptomatic of the whole private versus public sector ideology, the public side being expensive and riddled with red tape. (Obviously).

The private side of the lettings industry relies on genuine market forces. The 'you get what you pay for' and 'supply and demand' rules apply.

However, when housing benefit comes into the equation these basic rules are tossed out of the window. Rents have been artificially inflated over many years on properties which, to be quite frank, would never be offered for let on the genuine 'private' market.

Landlords know that the rent they demand will be paid and they always have a client base as their tenants would never consider renting a house that requires a deposit, as they don't have the money. The two examples below of houses aimed at this market have no deposit and if you click the streetview option you can see the type of area that these houses are typically located. The target tenant base is usually from around the same area and want to be near their families.

Have a look at these examples - here and here

For a better idea of the area these houses are located in and in order for you to understand the difference between the private and housing benefit markets, have a look at the local shops here.

Have good look round. Would you pay the rent demanded by the landlords? Neither would I.

Compare it with this example. Aimed at the private market, it requires a deposit which eliminates it from the clutches of the housing benefit mob. Similarly priced, but much nicer house and area.

I'm sure if you had a look in your local paper or had a look online, you would see plenty of comparisons in your area.

Best of luck to England...

they'll need it!!

update - Jammy Bastards! Typical.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Good old British MSM...

Have a look at a story from the Guardian....

Gangs of youths have attacked police officers after an anti-racist march, Scotland Yard has said.

Cordons were set up to stop people going up Whitechapel Road, in east London, because officers feared random attacks on members of the public.

The scenes followed a rally, organised by Unite Against Fascism, that attracted several thousand people.

It was organised in response to another rally planned by the far-right English Defence League (EDL) which was called off earlier this week.

A police spokesman said the UAF rally was "well organised and well stewarded" but a group of young men gathered outside the nearby East London Mosque in response to rumours the EDL were planning a protest.

He said: "The group numbered up to 300, who were very volatile. Despite continued excellent attempts by stewards and representatives from the East London Mosque to control the crowds, even placing themselves in danger, there was the risk of serious disorder.

"Police officers were attacked by the crowd at points throughout the afternoon. One member of the public was attacked at random by members of the crowd as those gathered surged up and down the Whitechapel Road.

"In order to prevent injuries to the public and officers, and serious disorder, police withdrew from the immediate area and a series of filter cordons were put in place. The cordons were used to prevent access to parts of Whitechapel Road due to concerted efforts by the crowd to attack people at random."

The cordon was in place for two hours. One person was arrested for assault.

A spokesman for Unite Against Fascism said around 5,000 took part in the march from Stepney to Whitechapel. He said: "I heard there were a few nasty scuffles between local youths and police but certainly the demo was very positive and a really good vibe."

Okay, so let's have a look at the UAF marchers here and here. Only one person arrested for assault?

You won't find any mention of the march on the BBC, instead let's have a look at a 'Russia Today' news report...

This country is way further down the road to Islamic rule than anyone would dare to admit.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Bell End speaks...

A twelve year old Fabian Socialist retarded fuck knuckle speaks, before being humped at the General Election.

Listen to the shite he spouts.

And let's have a look at the election result for Woking....

Jonathan Lord Conservative 26,551 50.3 +2.9
Rosie Sharpley Liberal Democrat 19,744 37.4 +4.3
Tom Miller Labour 4,246 8.0 -8.3
Rob Burberry UK Independence Party 1,997 3.8 +0.9
Julie Roxburgh The Peace Party 204 0.4 +0.4
Ruth Temple Magna Carta Party (The) 44 0.1 +0.1


By the way, in case you haven't noticed, I have an intense dislike for socialists. Particularly socialists like Miller.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Spot the difference...

Scotland team - 1978 (Argentina)

England team 2010 (South Africa)

No difference. Both a shambles.

Bet the Sun regrets printing this!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Politically correct double standards.

A post by Bugger, the Panda.

I am not a great fan of politicians. I find them thoroughly self centred, self serving and living in a bubble of their own making, separated from the great unwashed, who pay their expenses.

The Labour Party, North British Branch is a perfect example of where politics has gone wrong. You get one party in power for so long that they have become totally separated from the needs of the voters and in fact need their manor to stay poor and in fear, to maintain themselves in power.

I take the view that all politicians should be put down at birth and have never once thought of entering the political structure. I have a Marxian view about political parties. No, not Karl, Groucho.I would never join a political party that would accept someone like me as a member.

That all said, I think that Frank McAveety has had a bum rap over his Gaugin gaffe.

I have listened to what he said, several times and for the like of me I can find nothing that would require his resignation as convenor of that committee. It may have been that the person in question was a young girl but, from a distance could he have seen that? If she were from the Philippines or even Thailand I can assure you that many women in their twenties and thirties can easily land naturally look in their teens and maybe vice versa, if they try.

He just about trod on the line with the words about the heat in the chamber but what man has not said much, much worse. Everything else he said was undergraduate stuff, almost Monty Pythonesque; nudge nudge, say no more. He was just an idiot to say what he did when he did, especially with mike on.

I am not going to examine McAveety’s lack of knowledge of Geography, he was, after all, an English teacher.

However the banshee howl from self righteous against McAveety smell more of small town witch hunt than the true anger and indignation I have over the political class’s troughing on the political purse. How many of them resigned, or even said sorry?

Let us consider in the boot was on another foot, say a ladies size 4?

Let us say that Jackie Baillie was quacking away with Wee Wendy.

Wendy How did I do Jackie?

Jackie; Fuckin’ brilliant

Jackie; What do think of that blond Greek God on the first row? I bet he has tight buns.

Wendy; Aye

Would the press, and other usual subjects have been all over Jackie in the same way they were McAveeny? I think not and it would have been treated as a bit of a joke. If it were not, and the self righteous PC brigade dragged out the ducking stool, you can bet your Social Giro that the “Sisterhood,” maybe some of the same howling banshees attacking McAveety, would crying foul and demanding the right to leer like a man.

As I said, politically correct double standards.

Now how is that possible?

Frank McAveeny goat a bum rap over this. I am off to look at his expenses.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

This is 'justice'?

Grandmother jailed for five years for possessing old war trophy.

Meanwhile, a bastard who stuffed baby wipes up the bottom of a three month old baby to stop it dirtying a nappy is admonished. The baby was in agony and had to go through a four hour emergency operation.

What the fuck is wrong with this country?

What a tolerant bunch we are.

If you listen carefully, you can hear "Queen and country go to hell"

Full story here. It's well worth a read.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm still around...

Have been ultra busy, then struck down with the dreaded lurgy. Even had to 'phone in sick for work, which I never do. ('Phone in sick, that is. Not 'never do' work).

And now I have blogstipation again.

Fuck it. I will try and get something splattered onto the screen come the morning...

'till then, dear reader....

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Calling at Westminster....

I hope you have a tissue at the ready and are prepared to shed a few tears for the poor souls who have lost their seats at last months election.

It gladdens my heart to know that, in their time of great need and realisation that they must now make their own way in the real world, the generous British tax payer softens the blow to the tune of over £10,000,000 in payouts to help stave off the threat of starvation and destitution.

Even new boy John Mason, former SNP MP for Glasgow East, received over £32,000 after barely twenty months as an MP. Well deserved, no doubt.

And let's not forget that it's not just those who had to suffer the indignity of being pushed off the green benches who receive the payouts. Those Honourable Members who decide to retire or just fancy a change of direction also receive the payouts.

I'm so glad that they are looked after so well after such sterling work on behalf of their constituents. Why should those who have done so much for us citizens be forced to receive the minimum redundancy package that millions of private sector workers have no choice but to take?

It gladdens my heart so.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

How to deal with loons, (1)

Johnstown, PA (GlossyNews) - Local and state police scoured the hills outside rural Johnstown, Pennsylvania, after reports of three animal rights activists missing after attempting to protest the wearing of leather at a large motorcycle gang rally this weekend. Two others, previously reported missing, were discovered by fast food workers "duct taped inside several fast food restaurant dumpsters," according to police officials. "Something just went wrong," said a still visibly shaken organizer of the protest. "Something just went horribly, horribly, wrong."

The organizer said a group of concerned animal rights activist groups, "growing tired of throwing fake blood and shouting profanities at older women wearing leather or fur coats," decided to protest the annual motorcycle club event "in a hope to show them our outrage at their wanton use of leather in their clothing and motor bike seats." "In fact," said the organizer, "motorcycle gangs are one of the biggest abusers of wearing leather, and we decided it was high time that we let them know that we disagree with them using it... ergo, they should stop."

According to witnesses, protesters arrived at the event in a vintage 1960's era Volkswagen van and began to pelt the gang members with balloons filled with red colored water, simulating blood, and shouting "you're murderers" to passers by. This, evidently, is when the brouhaha began.

"They peed on me!!!" charged one activist. "They grabbed me, said I looked like I was French, started calling me 'La Trene', and duct taped me to a tree so they could pee on me all day!"

"I... I was trying to show my outrage at a man with a heavy leather jacket, and he... he didn't even care. I called him a murderer, and all he said was, 'You can't prove that.' Next thing I know he forced me to ride on the back of his motorcycle all day, and would not let me off, because his girl friend was out of town and I was almost a woman."

Still others claimed they were forced to eat hamburgers and hot dogs under duress. Those who resisted were allegedly held down while several bikers "farted on their heads."

Police officials declined comments on any leads or arrests due to the ongoing nature of the investigation, however, organizers for the motorcycle club rally expressed "surprise" at the allegations.

"That's preposterous," said one high-ranking member of the biker organizing committee. "We were having a party, and these people showed up and were very rude to us. They threw things at us, called us names, and tried to ruin the entire event. So, what did we do? We invited them to the party! What could be more friendly than that? You know, just because we are all members of motorcycle clubs does not mean we do not care about inclusiveness. Personally, I think it shows a lack of character for them to be saying such nasty things about us after we bent over backwards to make them feel welcome."

When confronted with the allegations of force-feeding the activists meat, using them as ad hoc latrines, leaving them incapacitated in fast food restaurant dumpsters, and 'farting on their heads,' the organizer declined to comment in detail. "That's just our secret handshake," assured the organizer.

copied from here

Friday, June 4, 2010

More Glasgow Labour Cronyism

Purveyor of cheap booze, fags, lard and pot noodles to Central Scotland.

In another stunning example of Labour cronyism and 'rewards for the boys', dodgy ex Labour MP Mohammad Sarwar will tonight receive the highest honour that the city of Glasgow can bestow on an individual.

Yes. big fat troughing Labour champagne socialist fuck nugget Sarwar is to receive the 'Loving Cup' from Lord Provost Bob Winter. Must be fucking great.

His really honest son must be so proud. (Daddy must have taught him well).

Wake up Scotland! And kick this festering, puss filled boil called socialism out on it's arse.

Purcell shows up, at last...

He 'voluntarily' turns himself in for questioning....

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The west of Scotland Labour love affair.

The West Of Scotland. Probably.

There are many who cannot understand the attraction that Labour have for the people of West Central Scotland. Speaking for myself, I understand but it is very difficult to put into words.

It's not a 'benefit junkie' thing. It stems from proper working class folk who have worked all their days in the traditional heavy industries. It's instilled into their psyche, it's who they and their families are. And to a certain extent still are.

In my opinion, the dolescum are not part of the Labour love in. Most of them cannot be bothered to vote so the myth of people voting to preserve their way of life and their benefits is, indeed, a myth.

I get incredibly frustrated and angry when supposed intelligent people still go on about Thatcher and the evil Tories and the destruction they did to Scotland. Utter nonsense. They blindly accept what Labour has done and is still doing.

Anyway, enough of my strained dribblings. Have a read at this.

Give it up for....

Britain's new comedy talent....

Spoon faced mong ex MP Lempit Opik made his comedy debut last night and died on his arse.

Though some would say that he made his comedy debut the first time he made a speech for the Lib Dems.

In order to meet my statutory obligations I must mention 'cheeky girls'. Apparently it's the rules whenever Opik is discussed.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Danny Alexander looked at the books....

and didn't like what he saw...

I hope he fucks up real soon and gets kicked out on his arse. Like his predecessor David (he's my Landlord not my lover, honest) Laws.

'Right Honourable' my fat hairy arse.

From Wikipedia -

Two days after the resignation of his predecessor as Chief Secretary to the Treasury, David Laws, the Daily Telegraph newspaper published front-page allegations (first appearing on its website the night before) that Alexander had exploited a legal loophole to avoid the payment of Capital Gains Tax on a property he had sold in 2007, and suggested that "the fact that Mr Alexander has become the second Lib Dem to face questions about his finances within three days has focused attention on whether the party leadership has properly audited the financial activities of its senior figures".[8] The reports also alleged that Mr. Alexander claimed that a property he owned was his "second" home, for the purposes of gaining taxpayer funded parliamentary allowances, while simultaneously claiming that the same property was his "main" home [9].

Alexander had also claimed £1,800 in parliamentary expenses to pay a chartered accountancy firm for personal financial advice, including tax advice and completion of his private self-assessment tax form.

He also sucks Europe's cock.

In 1993, Alexander became a press officer with the Scottish Liberal Democrats, until he became the Director of Communications at the European Movement in 1996, remaining in this role when the organisation was subsumed into the now-defunct Britain in Europe campaign, in 1999.

So fuck him and the Euro funded horse he rode in on.


with thanks to someone or other on Twitter for the pic...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Trainspotting Fail!


It's not just politicians that trough.

Generic quango board meeting picture.

As a private sector employee, I look on in envy at the generous conditions and pension 'rights' that my public sector cousins enjoy. Particularly the ones public sector 'managers' and 'executives' enjoy. Courtesy of the tax payer of course. I know at the bottom of the heap it is still pretty much a miserable existence for normal workers, regardless of which sector they toil in.

But, for the public sector manager/executive there is an even more lucrative and desirable way to earn a crust.

Imagine the life you could have if you were 'high up' in a quango! And a slightly dodgy quango at that.

A quango that has shredded half of it's corporate credit card receipts and a quango who's bosses went on a 'fact finding' mission to Manchester at the same time as Rangers were playing in the UEFA cup final. In Manchester...

But, all is not lost. The auditers were called in and they have laid into the dodgy goings on within SPT.

Strathclyde Partnership for Transport communications director, Bob Wylie and vice chairman Davie McLachlan, who have both since resigned, ran up a bill of almost £1,500 during the trip in May 2008.

While, Mr Wylie has paid back £290, Auditors KPMG said the duo could be liable for the whole bill.

The damning report states: “It could be argued the entire expenses associated with this trip should be repaid.”

The auditors said “Personal and excessive expenditure has been incurred on this trip. The evidence suggests this trip was arranged to coincide with the Uefa Cup final, although this is disputed by the former director of communications.”

It exposes the shocking troughing that goes on in one small part of the whole public sector/quango disgrace that has grown arms and legs whilst Labour was in charge.

The bastards involved should face criminal charges. Is it not fraud? Hard to really prove I suppose. At the very least it shows the shocking sense of entitlement that infects the quango culture.

It's wrong, on so many different levels.