Saturday, May 22, 2010

Attention Fife council tax payers...

Pissing on the tax payers faces.

We all know that spending cuts are on the way, as well as probable tax rises. Pain for all, for the greater good etc etc.

Well, for most of us.

Life at local authorities continues as normal. Little empire building and ego stroking show no sign of slowing down. East Ayrshire council see fit to spend over three million quid on tarting up HQ proving the point that all the male councillors have very small penises and the lady councillors bully their husbands. They could have their meetings in a bloody portakabin, it makes no difference.

On the other side of the country Fife council, (where Gorgon Broon constituency lies), sees fit to have in their employ eight full time union representatives.

Eight full time employees of the council, paid for by the Fife tax payer, who do nothing for the people of Fife.

Am I alone in thinking that this is a total outrage?


DaveP said...


Joe Public said...

"Eight full time employees of the council, paid for by the Fife tax payer, who do nothing for the people of Fife."

If the truth be known, they probably incur & increase additional costs to the people of Fife.

Mr. Mxyzptlk said...

whats this rab a post from the 1980s..

Ya! Thatcherite

Anonymous said...

So what's new Rab,I can remember the miners having full time union people funded by the taxpayers plus their own offices at each mine,we know what happened to the mines,you never know

banned said...

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Even though the diversity of our local population is no more than 2%, it's just a make work jolly for the council staff who will be on treble time for 'working' that weekend.