Saturday, May 29, 2010

How to deal with pirates, Russian style

Apparently, the pirates are still on their boat when the video ends.

According to sources, if the Royal Navy capture any Somali pirates each pirate is assigned a case worker and is given a benefit claims pack. And a city tour of Britain via Google Street View to have a look at some houses.


Toni said...

I assume your joking about the case worker, but these days nothing would surprise me.

I remember when I was a supernumary on my dad's ship on the West Africa run. We always had a lot of trouble with pirates of the coast of Lagos, because Apapa docks, just were not big enough to cope with the traffic, especially when Abuja City was being built. So that was back in the old USSR days and the Africans hated Russians then, mainly because they armed all their cargo ships. One ship moored behind ours and they had two pirates bodies hanging from a derrick. Another time on the radio, we heard a message that a Russki ship was being boarded by pirates and the message sent back in Russian was "tell all crew to get of deck or hit the deck", it was followed by machine gun fire as a Soviet ship strafed it with machine gun fire. The do-gooders will tell you that the pirates have no choice but these fuckers will kill you without thinking twice.

Pavlov's Cat said...

They are also not adverse to setting them adrift after disarming them, with a 'bovvered' atitiude, "they died? ah well never mind"

They Don't Fuck About Those Russians

Mr. Mxyzptlk said...

Guy climbs on the roof of sainsbury on a Saturday about 12 pm breaks through the roof...opens the flight takes the cash out puts flight back in and waits for next one..........

makes £230000 in one afternoon

Prime minister material i should say
i take me hat of to him.

you wont read that in the papers apparently it could happen in a store near you.

inside job i should say so

Oldrightie said...

Weird fishing rods!

Conan the Librarian™ said...

Хорошая работа.

rinky stingpiece said...

Here Mxyzptlk

Yeah, the British MN need the same sort of backup the Rus give theirs; or have we forgotten our history?!
We owned the seas, and used to hunt pirates and do things that would make a Russian quiver. You can't be a proper country without kicking some shit into people - they won't respect you otherwise.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

The UK can't even do any good at the Euro song contest, let alone anything serious, like dealing with pirates or thieving MPs.

We are now such a laughing stock, evn the French take the piss. THE FRENCH, FFS!

AngryDave said...

The Russians do have a great way of dealing with these types of people. I remember when 25 Afgans hijacked a plane got the pilot to land it in Russian and them demanded asylum. I remember the peictures of the dead afgans being lined up and show to the world via the media with the message, this is how russia responds to terrorism. They got the message.

I take my hat off to the Russians! Everywhere else terrorists/pirates are given sympathy, housing and money. These are not consequences for their attitude and behaviour. At least the Russians give these peopel a taste of their own. Lets not forget that these people kill, rape and rob people.

I have to agree with Rinky Stingpiece. We are a joke internationaly.
As a prison officer, i see more than my fair share of foreign nationals and violent somalian criminals (gang rape seams to be a favourite for them too). Our government does not deport them becase somalia is 'too dangerous' for them to go back to. But, they fail to see that they ARE those dangerous people. My question is why should we have to put up with them? We have enough shit of our own!

Andrew said...

the Russian would work for me...:)