Monday, May 24, 2010

Time for change.

Do you want a truly Independent Scotland, free of the EU?

Do you believe in Direct Democracy?

Do you want to cut back State interference in your life?

Do you want to end Scotland’s pariah status as benefit junkies?

Do you want policies based on fact not media hype?

Do you want to have a choice in your life and a say in your Nation’s future?

Then come and talk to us.

We want people to join us and help prepare a challenge for the Holyrood Elections of 2011. We want people to help formulate policies, develop strategies, lead teams and stand as candidates. We need people with the imagination to break out of the rut created by our present politicians. If you think you have something to contribute in helping this Nation to realise its potential, contact us at

More detail here.


Ally said...

Rab, do you really believe the spazzy Scottish blogosphere are really gonnae fix anything?

Who wis it that said "Let's watch the inbred clusterfuck* that is the Scottish Blogosphere rally round"?


RantinRab said...

Who said the blogosphere was going to fix anything?

All it can do is publicise to a very small amount of readers.

And I stand by my inbred clusterfuck comment.

Ally said...

I agree, whit I think is that "with a few notable exceptions" (sic), they couldnae organise a piss up in a blueberry...

Unfortunately 42% of the Scottish electorate voted for New Labour - where's the momentum for change? As for SNP supporters - they're nutjobs who could be cut in two to reveal the clootie dumpling logo all the way through, if only I wis given half a chance.

RantinRab said...

It's all Maggie Thatcher's fault...

is the cry in West Central Scotland.

That's how deep the Labour problem runs.

Lutney Chocker said... ?

Just because we're Scots, doesn't mean we have to be socialists FFS!
Hasn't Labour embarrassed us enough?!

banned said...

"Choice Scotland" sounds terribly quangoish in a kinda Fakecharity way.

If you do go independent you would indeed do well to sever your ties with the Evil EU unles you want to become a mere parish council struggling for recognition in the Brussels corridors of power and helpless as they appoint an EU Satrap to rule over you.

Dazed And Confused said...

I really wouldn't know where you lot would start in an attempt to come away from all things Socialist. Regarding the Scots, This type of stuff is rampant on the Internet, so the question must be asked, would Independence from England simply stick you all deeper into the hole of obnoxious Socialism, and this time for life?

subrosa said...

That's what we need to get away from D & C. Nobody said it would be easy but if you don't try then you can't complain.

Dioclese said...

I fully support Scottish independence - I live in England ;-)

Remember to take Broon with you though, please

Dazed And Confused said...


If the Scots walked away from England in the next five years, then it would be about 90% certain that the English would return a Tory government, which would in time, perhaps see a larger gulf emerge between the political beliefs of the two Country's.
Now at the moment, Cameron's Tory's are just Socialists with a small "s", yet safe in the knowledge that they would be far more likely to govern England for long periods, then that philosophy could well change in the future, seeing them lurching further to the right.
Whilst the Scottish people, going it alone at last, may well stick two fingers up at it's long time "partner" and engaged itself with the glories of Socialism, featuring somebody like This

I understand what your saying, and now attempting to promote, but the downside of it all, is that your playing a dangerous game if it should all go "tits up", and thus Scotland becomes an even more dyed in the wool Socialist haven than it is today.

Just a thought.