Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Steven Purcell told 'it's too soon'.

'It's too soon Steven, piss off for another year or so'.

Disgraced ex leader of Glasgow City Council Steven Purcell, (google 'Steven Purcell news'), has been blocked from leeching from the public purse by Iain Gray.

He was offered a job as newly elected list MSP Anne McTaggart's assistant. Purcell currently works without a salary for Glasgow Labour MP John Robertson. It is understood that Gray stepped in to prevent the controversial decision being finalised.

Also, Anne McTaggart is still hanging on to her councillor position whilst performing her duties in the Scottish Paliament. Rumour has it that Labour is terrified of losing her council seat if she resigns her post and triggers a council by election.

Oink Oink etc etc

Personally speaking, by the looks of her, I would say that she will not give up her councillor job as it means she can gorge herself at two public troughs.

Scottish Labour really is a circle jerk of cretins who think they are entitled to the trappings of power.


Single Acts of Tyranny said...

Stephen and Anne seem to have one physical characteristic in common....

I am too much of a gentleman to say what of course, but you wouldn't want them at your "all you can eat" restaurant would you?

cynicalHighlander said...

New Labour MSP faces probe over verbal abuse of colleague

Old habits will never die with this lot.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha!

Anonymous said...

Check out the fat four eyed Labour Cuntcillor, she was caught pumpin ...

And it wisnae Purcell!

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