Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's not just politicians that trough.

Generic quango board meeting picture.

As a private sector employee, I look on in envy at the generous conditions and pension 'rights' that my public sector cousins enjoy. Particularly the ones public sector 'managers' and 'executives' enjoy. Courtesy of the tax payer of course. I know at the bottom of the heap it is still pretty much a miserable existence for normal workers, regardless of which sector they toil in.

But, for the public sector manager/executive there is an even more lucrative and desirable way to earn a crust.

Imagine the life you could have if you were 'high up' in a quango! And a slightly dodgy quango at that.

A quango that has shredded half of it's corporate credit card receipts and a quango who's bosses went on a 'fact finding' mission to Manchester at the same time as Rangers were playing in the UEFA cup final. In Manchester...

But, all is not lost. The auditers were called in and they have laid into the dodgy goings on within SPT.

Strathclyde Partnership for Transport communications director, Bob Wylie and vice chairman Davie McLachlan, who have both since resigned, ran up a bill of almost £1,500 during the trip in May 2008.

While, Mr Wylie has paid back £290, Auditors KPMG said the duo could be liable for the whole bill.

The damning report states: “It could be argued the entire expenses associated with this trip should be repaid.”

The auditors said “Personal and excessive expenditure has been incurred on this trip. The evidence suggests this trip was arranged to coincide with the Uefa Cup final, although this is disputed by the former director of communications.”

It exposes the shocking troughing that goes on in one small part of the whole public sector/quango disgrace that has grown arms and legs whilst Labour was in charge.

The bastards involved should face criminal charges. Is it not fraud? Hard to really prove I suppose. At the very least it shows the shocking sense of entitlement that infects the quango culture.

It's wrong, on so many different levels.


Mr. Mxyzptlk said...

Moral indignation is jealousy with a halo.
H. G. Wells


microdave said...

I hope you looked at the "Careers at SPT" pages. Some snippets:

"We are a professional organisation and welcome applications from all individuals within the communities we serve. Furthermore, we value our staff and are committed to their continued development.

Benefits include:

* Competitive salary;
* Final salary pension scheme;
* Subsidised rail travel;
* Free travel on the Subway."

"The opportunity to join a final salary pension shceme, with your employer meeting most of the cost, is a very valuable benefit and very rare in the UK nowadays."

Not professional enough to use a spell checker (shceme)! And it doesn't look that bad even for the minions:

Job Ref: UG046E
Salary: £16,325 per annum - prorata to hours worked, (£8.48 per hour)

You will assist in the efficient running of subway stations. This will include dealing with the public on a day to day basis, operating ticket machines, handling and documenting cash, crowd regulating duties and assisting with safety procedures..

Sorry to piss you off even more, Rab!