Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The cheek of the council

A while back I was in town and being the observant (nosey) person that I am I noticed something that perhaps would slip under the radar of other less observant (nosey) folk.

I was in a car park just off the main street, which hugged the rear of the strip of shops/offices/banks etc. Nothing particularly unusual about this, a scene no doubt repeated countless times up and down the land. What caught my eye was something immediately to the rear of the local council housing office, which was not on any of the other premises which bordered the car park.

At the end of several car parking spaces the council had installed signs, not, as the spaces are right next to the building and thus nearest the doors, disabled parking only which you might expect to see and have no problem with. They installed signs which barked 'Council employees only'. Closer inspection revealed that the same order was painted on the actual spaces themselves, where you would expect to find a wheelchair painted on the ground.

No other business around the car park has this luxury for their employees. Everyone who worked in town had to take their chance and park wherever they could. Not for them the luxury of working for the council with a gold plated pension and job for life with the added bonus of guaranteed parking three steps from the front door! Pretty much all other council offices have the same 'privelage'. It's not right.

When I mentioned this to a few workmates, they just shrugged their shoulders and said 'it's a council car park innit'. Nope, it's a public car park owned by the people and maintained by the council so what gives them the right to do what they have done? If the butchers shop had done the same, the council would have jumped down their throats.

Have a look around your own town, I bet the council in your neck of the woods are at it as well. It's just a small example of the contempt that they have for us. The bastards.


Captain Swing said...

Free loading cunts the lot of them.
What makes them think they shouldnt pay for the parking like everyone else or are parking fees only for the proles?

Welcome to the Blogosphere Rab

Nikostratos said...

Thats the same as hospitals the employees take all the parking spaces leaving nothing for the Customers (patients).

wouldn't happen at Mcdonalds...