Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Grow a set, England.

Right, let's get a few things straight before I dive into writing the drivel that's buzzing about my tiny brain. The following is not an attack against England, the English of English culture. Well, not directly anyway. My 'inspiration' came from a comment left by the Beast in response to a comment I left, over at Old Holborn's place. It got me thinking, which is never a good idea.

Up here in Scotland I feel that we are a bit detached from the problems 'down south'. I have never lived in England and have only visited a few times. Most of what I know I have gathered from the usual sources and more recently from the blogosphere. We have problems in Scotland of course, but I honestly think they are nothing compared to England. As far as I know there aren't any 'no go' areas for the indigenous population up here, immigration is not a huge deal and our councils don't really spy on us. We have no 'plastic plod', our laws seem a bit more swayed towards common sense and it is illegal for cars to be clamped.

Our health care seems to be far ahead of England, as is our care of the elderly. Free prescriptions for everyone is just around the corner, Wales and Northern Ireland have similar free prescription schemes. Further education is free at the point of use, (obviously it has to be paid for somehow, along with all the other 'good' stuff). My council tax bill has not risen for the third year in a row.

At this point, I would expect the usual barrage of comments screaming that the English tax payer is subsidising Scotland, that we get more than our fair share of the pot. I can see the logic in this, but as I am not numerically minded I will not start crunching figures. I'm not a pro Independence supporter, nor am I a pro unionist campaigner. I just want less government and petty rules, where-ever they come from.

In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland our flags fly free and proud. The saltire can be found fluttering from flag poles at schools, public and private buildings up and down the land. No one would dream of ordering it to be taken down. No one would associate it with any terms ending in 'ist' or 'phobe'. In England it's a different story.

What happened to you lot? Why have you let this happen? Why aren't you out rioting in the streets?

As an 'outsider' looking towards England, I see a country that is ashamed of itself for no good reason whatsoever. A country that has no identifiable culture, or to be accurate, a culture that has been swept under the rug and ignored. All other cultures and practices are tolerated and celebrated.

I see a country that is being screwed into the ground, bled dry. Parasites from all over the world flock to it to share in the feast. England's colonial past and proud history are not taught in the schools. Children are taught to be ashamed of the past, embarrassed to be English.

All you can seem to muster is a few 'tut tut' letters to the local papers or a rant on the internet. Of course, there are a few exceptions. A few brave souls who dare to challenge and try to open other's eyes. To speak the truth.

I thought I had plenty to be angry about when I started my blogosphere 'career'.

Little did I know how bad it is down south. You guys must be foaming at the mouth with rage.

But, who allowed this to happen? Who allowed the erosion of freedom and liberty, the petty rules to creep in, the rise of the socialist utopia experiment that has back fired spectacularly in our faces, (your faces more than our faces).

Who allowed the little hitlers to control your lives? Who allowed them to brand your country's flag as a racist banner? Who allowed it all to go horribly wrong?

You did. The English.

Yes, be angry. Call me a 'Scotch Bastard' (the correct term is actually 'Scots' or 'Scottish' bastard), tell me that we get more from England than we give. Shout at me that the 'Scottish mafia' has controlled English and British politics for over a decade. You'd be right.

But who allows this to happen.

Yes, that's right. You. You let this happen. I say again. YOU!

Be angry at me or my country, but deep down you know it's your own fault.

Grow a set of balls and do something about it. For all our sakes.

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Anonymous said...

I visit England regularly and can see why they're so angry. No go areas are common in Lancashire and Yorkshire with white flight a common occurence.
Most of the blame lies with Labour and their lack of concern about immigration levels. Alan Johnson the Home Secretary said he was 'comfortable' with the UK population rising to 70 million.
He won't have to live in the multi cultural community though.
When the English complain about our cheaper prescriptions etc just remind them that our annual budget hasn't changed but that our government has. Resources have been redirected since Labour were defeated and the SNP took over. We haven't recieved any extra money from the UK Treasury ( it's actually scheduled to fall by £400m I believe).

Lord Lindley said...

Not the usual daft rant. I agree with everything you have said. It is up to proud English men to get together and be heard above the communist labour supporters and do-gooders who have, as you say, stopped teaching proper English history, etc, etc. Just listen to Rab.

Constantly Furious said...

Bravo! Well put.

Anonymous said...

England sucks under Labour. It's become an EU province and little more. I'm surprised we are still allowed to call it England.

If the Tory's get in, England and Scotland can get back to proper slanging matches over a pint and a pie, while the smaller parties can swell in power and majority. It's not a plan, more of a loose prediction, filled with a tad of hope. And if the Tory's mess things up, god help them.

DaveP said...

Absolutely brilliant post. I hope lots of people steal it, so the masses can read it.

The Last Of The Few said...

Yoo ya bas

Top post

Catosays said...

Spot on Rab.
What you've said there reminds me very much of what 'V' said in V for Vendetta.

If you haven't seen it then I implore you to do so. It is one fantastic film which has never received the kudos due to it.

You're right though. We've allowed this to one else is responsible. It's like the death from a thousand cuts.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Disappointed not to get a 'shut it ya scotch bastard' comment yet!!!

Catosays said...

Far be it from me to bad-mouth someone who's telling the truth.

BTW, I've nicked your post and have reposted...with a hat-tip of course.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Nick away! I am but your humble servant...

Captain Ranty said...

You nailed it Rab. Excellent stuff!

I am an Englishman living in Scotchland and I despair when I go down south to visit my family in Manchester. It is like being in a foreign country.

I am a regular traveler to Africa, (15-20 times a year) so I think I am qualified to make that statement.

This government is the worst ever inflicted on us and it is they, and no-one else, that influenced my decision to lawfully step aside.

The real answer, of course, is Lawful Rebellion.

Time is running short now and I dont think we can wake people up enough to give a shit, and take the action needed.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Shut it, you Scotch bastard.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Disappointment ebbed away. Cheers Obo!

TheBigYin said...

I'm the opposite of the good C'ptn Ranty, a Scotsman abroad living in the English sunshine state of Middlesbrough for the past thirty years or so. M'bro is knee deep in talking CCTV and we have a booming industry in shop lifting and car thievery.

The only time you see an English flag around here is when the English footy team tries to play a decent game of fitba.

True piece Rab, you are not looking at the Hengerlish through rose coloured specs.

Anonymous said...

Is there any connection between Scotland's devolution and England's going down the toilet?


You mentioned 'England's colonial past and proud history', well, a large part of 'England's' history comes about because of the Scottish regiments.

The UK is being broken up: not into its constituent countries but into EU designated 'regions'.

They have divided us and what you are seeing Rab is England being the first to fall into the shit.

Chalcedon said...

Rab, you Scottish.......Nope. You are absolutely correct. It is our fault. We have let too many years of socialist government undermine our own culture. If more Scots supported the SNP and not Labour we might, just might have these bastards out of government for decades.

Pesky Anonymous said...

@ Captain Ranty

With you all the way again buddy.

@ Taranis

England is regarded pretty much worldwide as the cradle of modern democracy and freedom.
That is why the powers that be (NWO - call them what you will) have to break England first. If they can break England, they can break anywhere.

Good post Rab

Anonymous said...

Rab, what you say is so true. Unfortunately the majority of people living South of the Border get into more of tizzy over the storylines on Eastenders & Corry than they do over the real injustices happening in their country. 12 years of NuLabour 'education' & 3 generations of welfare dependent families have brought us to this. Welfare & multiple bastard babies (all with different impregnators, I won't misuse the term 'fathers') are seen as a career choice by vast numbers of very thick, very stupid slags, many of whom can't even read, write or speak understandable English. Meanwhile, the deluded dictator Pot Pol is alive & well & living in 10 Downing Street - busily promoting Year Zero without the bloodshed (so far).

Sue said...

You see what happens when people get together and demonstrate. The police end up killing someone and injuring many more.

No-one can say anything or they get arrested for racism or just disturbing the peace. Then you have a criminal record and your DNA sits on that database for life.

I left, I couldn't stand it anymore.

Angry Old Man said...

Well said Rab.

Goodnight Vienna said...

Every word is true - I've linked from my place. Nice one Rab.

The Young Oligarch said...

I think the reason for all this goes back to the late 70s , early 80's .

The Labour Party in Scotland didn't implode , a generation of it's leadership was not thrown out of politics .

The reason so many in the Labour hierarchy of the past government were Scots is that they actually got to sit in Parliament and build a career , unlike their English comrades .

Also , while Scottish Labour were in Parliament , English Labour (in the South most of all) were fannying about with ideas of diversity , anti-racism and anti-homophobia .
Forget worker's rights , think about getting bearded men into wedding dresses !
My (very Old) Labour-supporting Grandfather and his pals from the steelworks will be spinning in their graves/urns .

Hell slap into Labour (come the next election) !

Gigits said...

Rab, I agree with everything.

However, much of the destruction of England was carried out by the current Scottish Prime Minister.

Maybe he has allowed Scotland to become the utopia that you describe so he can return there when his reign of terror is over.... :-)

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

It's far from Utopia, Gigits old chap!

But the question is, if we can have these up here, why can't you lot have them down there?

As for Broon, you can keep the useless bastard.

The Big Dollop said...

An excellent synopsis of the situation our friends south of the border now find themselves in.

For many a year now I have had the opinion that Scotland as a country would only take its place in the world when it stopped blaming England for all its woes, my outlook on the Scottish people or to be more precise a majority of Scottish people were more Anti – English then they were Pro Scottish – which is apparently the situation with some English people nowadays - they tend to blame Scotland and its politicians for the situation that affects their society when the simple fact is they have no one but to blame but themselves.

After all the majority of parliamentary seats in Westminster are from English constituencies of which the labour party have held a majority of ever since 1997.

When England stops blaming the Scots (ie Brown and his Scottish cohorts in government) for all their problems they too will take their place in the world once again .

For an occupant of Kilmarnock you sure do speak a lot of sense at times .

Dazed and Confused said...

I know I'm English and I know that I'm living in bastard England, but on every live traffic feed on every fucking blog, I constantly find myself showing up as "Glasgow City".

Is my fucking I.P. address ashamed to be English?

banned said...

Pesky Anonymous 4:19 has the right idea, the Common Purpose/Marxists Who Infiltrated Labour crowd rightly determined to destroy England first and from within; they have nearly done so.

They wheedled their way from the former Polytechnics into power within the administration when they realised that they had lost the big political battle with Maggie ( a defeat so decisive that Blair/Brown have not dared to challenge it in 12 years and Mandelbum adopts a Maggiesque role ).

Meanwhile smug, self-satisfied middle class Englanders patronisingly allowed them to play their quality and diversity games with the migrants and lower orders until today when they are finally waking up to the fact that the new rules apply to them as well.

banned said...

last para "quality" = ' equality ' soz.

Dark Lochnagar said...

I'm suprised that some Bastard living in Kilmarnock could come up with something that's not pish!

Barking Spider said...

Agree with you all the way, Rab. I posted a comment earlier where I said that if people got out in the streets the way the French do when they dislike their government's actions we could have scared the shit out of this lot years ago. The poll tax riots changed things bloody fast although Labour have also perverted council tax beyond ridiculous.

JD said...

You're absolutely right, Rab. I have a child to bring up, so I left London and am hiding in the hills of Ireland until things get better, doing my small bit to stand in the way of the new jackboot marching our way, the EUSSR.
England is hated for having been such a success in the past. The left hates success, or anything worthy at all.
Your blog just gets better, JD.


killemallletgodsortemout said...

Ya fucking scotch bastard - right on the nail.

I can't understand it either. Even the French could teach us a great deal about patriotism and pride in our country.

It's a tad unfortunate that England has been so infested with scotchers, though. From Jimmy The Snot Gobbling Prime Mentalist to the weather girlies on the BBC, the scotch are all over us, as much as, if not more than Muslims.

Like you say - it's time to grow some.

Ya bastard!

The Young Oligarch said...

Steady on ,killemallletgodsortemout !

Carol Kirkwood is clearly the girliest of the weather girlies and therefore a calming influence on we middle-aged drunks .

Remember also that we Scotsmen are unlikely to detonate next to you on the bus - well , not using plastic explosives , anyway .

Dr Evadne said...

Qwate rate young Rub. I am also a genteel gentle-gal who has moved north of the border...very north. I have never voted for this shower of shite and those that have/had should hang their heads in shame. How about a military coup or a general strike...oh hang on, they've even stitched up the unions so they are completely power-less. What's the point, I'm off for a nice cup of tea.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

.... we middle-aged drunks!!

Spot on!!

Can't remember my moniker said...

I am English. I love my country. I emigrated because I could not bear to see it destroyed any more whilst seemingly powerless to prevent it from happening. I have some Scottish background some way back. I have visited Scotland every year for the last 30 years and will be back this year! Try keeping me away! I have Welsh and Irish antecedents as well - a right mongrel!

Every thing you have said is entirely correct and only serves to enforce my determination to keep on visiting every part of the place and discovering its wonders, beauty and warmth of welcome.

How do other evil beings manage to grab the agenda so thoroughly?

jakeporter119 said...

rab i am an englishman living in somerset and let me tell you something. you are spot on with everything you have said!! i quite often have rants on facebook about the state of this country, usually about the amount of foreigners that for same reason have more rights than us, that can change our laws and work things to suit them, like the st. george's flag apparantly offending them! however im often told that im racist and i should keep my opinions to myself. apparantly freedom of speech is out the window down here!! and this is english people that tel me this! it amazes me that someone like you, in a different country, csn see what is wrong with this country more than most of our own citizens, and politicians!! i admire your country, for being true to itself and celebrating your countries existance. st georges day seems to go by without anyone realising down here! i dont usually comment on things like this but i had to tel you how right you are! i will be copying this link to my fb so people can read t, because you put it all so well!

Ness2485 said...

Too many people in england say "its just the way it is" pisses me off. How are you suppose to make a change without opening your mouth. I wont accept "just the way it is". at school in america taught me freedom of speech since day one and im not tending to quit now. Tired of being told to get a grip and work with your head down. Im no slave with no rights. Im embarressed to be english and cant wait for the day, the moment I become a proud american and my children.