Monday, October 12, 2009

Did I hear right?

You what? Pay it back? Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha ...

I was just watching the news, courtesy of government mouth piece BBC.

Right, I haven't had any sleep for over thirty hours so I might be a bit fuzzy headed but the impression I got from the 'news' is that we should feel sympathy for the poor beleaguered 646. That prick Robinson was wittering on with a disbelieving tone in his voice that his chums had to pay back some of the cash they had troughed.

Then on to a clip of boot face Smith telling parliament that she 'accepts the findings' against her. Sorry? Fucking what? I should cunting well think so. The fact that she stood there and spouted that shite says all we need to know about the attitude and sense of entitlement, as well as the contempt they have for us all.

I'm so fucking angry I think my eyeballs are going to pop out of my bald bastard noggin. How fucking dare they act like that. Who the fuck do they think they are?

Old Holborn has a splendid idea here. Personally I fancy some violence, but that would be too quick. I want to savour the demise of these parasitical enemies of freedom. A slow lingering painfull demise would do me just fine.

And what's this all about I wonder?

Cue the revolution....



SteveShark said...

Last week's Eye had the Guardian story you refer to at the end of your post as their lead story last week.
They couldn't even name the paper then.
Google for 'super injunction'.
It's like something from fucking Kafka.

subrosa said...

More to come Rab, more to come.

Corrugated Soundbite said...

Who says the violence has to be quick? ;-) I'm going to read up on Pol Pot's torture techniques.

We can practise on animals too. The ones that lurk not too far from me in Westminster.

Don't Call Me Dave said...

Guido has more details of the Guardian story on his blog:

banned said...

Re j. smith. What happens when the Wanking Family Tax Credit fucktards 'overpay' you ( because of their own crazy system ) ?
You have to repay it all, straight away and with interest or go to gaol. Someone remind Jaqui 'cunt' Smith and all the other thieves at Westminster of that.

Guardian ? Govt. shitwits just let the whole thing out of the bag and pissed off one of their few remaining friends to boot. Congrats NuLabour own goal.

Barking Spider said...

In the event that the police and the CPS are as useless/corrupt as we suspect them to be, private prosecutions are now being prepared:

1)The Sunlight COPS are after Jackboots - what fun.

2) The Daily Mail and the Taxpayers Alliance are deciding who and how many of the worst troughers they can go after. Donations currently stand at £100,000 - they should be able to get the ball rolling with that.

Anonymous said...

Funny as fuck watching them trying to justify their pigging out in the trough. It would be nice to think the best performances are yet to come.

Tuesday Kid said...

Imagine the uproar if someone refused to give back their dole if they'd been doing the double. They'd be fucked in jail (both figuratively and literally). All these wankers get is the party whip taken from them. Ball lickers.