Thursday, October 1, 2009

Give the blogosphere enough rope...

I've just read a post over at Guido Fawkes' blog and I'm a bit confused/bemused/horrified.

First of all, let me nail my colours to the mast as far as Order-Order is concerned. I used to enjoy the site and would comment regularly. Now I barely look at it as it is, in my opinion, a wankfest of window lickers. That's just my own opinion, I'm very aware that the site has fans and is a 'big hitter' in the blogosphere.

But I think the site is now as much a part of the 'establishment' that we all fight against. If you read the post I linked to you should understand where I am coming from. To crow about a fellow blogger and personal solicitor winning the right to grant an injunction via twitter doesn't sit comfortably with me. The following 'statement' sent a shiver down my spine,

Matthew Richardson, the barrister who devised and won the Blaney’s Blarney Order, says “The Blaney’s Blarney Order is a huge step forward in preventing anonymous abuse of the Internet. People have to learn that they can no longer hide behind the cloak of anonymity the Internet provides and break the law with impunity.”

So, what the fuck is there to crow about? It 'don't make no sense' to me. The way I see it is that they have fallen straight into the hands of those who seek to censor and control the blogosphere and the internet. Perhaps he has had to much Guinness today.

And another 'prominent blogger' has today thrown his toys out of his pram. Fat Poof Dale, (©Old Holborn), has taken a strop because some newspaper diary column has pointed out a couple of home, (or should that be homo), truths. Mr Holborn has given us his opinion on the matter and to be fair, I think his opinion is shared by most of us.

So, a fantastic day for the blogosphere.


Update - You can visit the legal firm responsible for the injunction here



Dark Lochnagar said...

Yeh Rab. I saw that piece by Guido and it struck me the same way. I agree with your comments and it always makes me puke when I see these twats boasting about how many hits they get. I didn't know Dale was a shirt lifter but thenI rarely read him or for that matter Guido. I prefer the rough and ready style of yourself, Gigits,G.O.T.,A.M.W. etc.

Constantly Furious said...

Spot, my manky-bandaged chum.

These spankers are usually the first to champion anonymity, and the freedom of speech.

The whiff of hypocrisy hangs over the whole lot of 'em now.

twitterer said...

I think in this instance it's ok Rab.
Your blog is a good rant against the establishment and gets good debate going.
Wouldn't you get pissed off if someone started a blog and called it Rantin' Rab and then went on to campaign against freedom of expression or called for the police to be given more powere etc ?
They could just do a complete copy of your site and use completely different views from you and there would be nothing you could do. Ok you could spend all your time running around trying to find out who it was and try and stop them or change your web address and hope they didn't just follow you around. In this instance they couldn't contact the fraudster so had to use twitter.
It's a bit like banking fraud. They take your identity then do bad things with it.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...


I am unaware of the nitty gritty, but I am of the opinion 'live by the sword, die by the sword'.

Perhaps if their 'blogs' weren't a source of income their attitude may be different.

Dramfineday said...

Your right Rab - the blog sphere needs to avoid getting all Glencambelly

Anonymous said...

The law only works if it is enforceable. Otherwise it looks like an arse. A slapped one in the case of asking an anonymous blogger to announce his or her true identity. Not going to happen.

"Announce thy name. Identify thyself."
"I am Gordon Brown. Now fuck off!"

Somehow, I cannot see that enforcement working.

captainff said...

I think I just wet myself a little at the irony of "shroud me in darkness for my TV interview" staines calling for anonymity to be prevented on the internets

Barking Spider said...

I used to be a real Guido fan myself, Rab but, like yourself, I find I don't hang around and comment these days.

Gigits said...

DL, thanks for the compliment mate! I too prefer 'our' sort of blogs.

Guido's has become overrun with tossers. If that's popularity, then I'l stick with my few, and very welcome, visitors.

Anonymous said...

Staines is the biggest heap of hypocritical shit on the whole interwebs thingy. He surpasses even Mrs Dale by several very large and smelly heaps.

Quiet_Man said...

It's all part of the "Righteous" plans to remove anonymity from anything critical of their actions. That they were able to use Blaney to do it was just icing on the cake. This was a bad day for anonymous bloggers, web political debaters or twitterers.

The Economic Voice outside having a fag said...

I once got pissed with Keith Richards and he was the most corporate man I have ever met....and it looks like the great guido is going the same la long as it pays well

Dazed and Confused said...

If Guido Fawkes is a Libertarian then so I'm I. He's a bigger Tory than Iain Dale, and it's becoming evidently clear that neither of these two gentlemen think the rest of us mere saps are worthy of their "Brilliance" anymore.

We are but consumer ready guinea pigs, for their burgeoning empires of advertisement lists.

Anonymous said...

For fucking fuck's sake!

We might as well add our full name and address to every post and comment we make. Oh, and we had better state our sexual fucking orientation while we're at it.

That way, when the high and fucking hypocritical mighty get their arse/cock/piss flaps in their hand, they can jump in their fucking sponsored fucking cars and swing by 'chez nous' and literally fuck us in the arse/cunt/mouth.

What the fuck happened to MY right to be anonymous and hetro-fucking-sexual.

That's it, I'm really fucking angry now!

hermit said...

Have a look at this Rab. Slightly o/t, but you will see how the law society are in on the scam too:

Nil carborundum illegitimi chaps.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Hermit, I'm with you, I don't like fake vinegar on my chips either.

G.O.T that's exactly what I don't like about them spouting how many hits they've had. It's like a Newspaper boasting about their circulation. Fuck knows why so many people hit it. They have a wee bit of inside knowledge about where some labour e-mailer drinks and then accuses them of spilling their drink. In Glasgow you would just deck the bastard and be done with it never mind blogging about it! Fuck me on Dale's site you can buy "merchandise". Fuck knows what that is, probably a t-shirt with "I'm a shirt lifter" printed on it.

hermit said...

D.L.: I'm surprised you got that with my rusty latin. 'Chaps' should obviously have read 'Francii sauteum'.

cartermagna said...

It never ceases to amaze me the amount of times that I go to a blog that I like and think So it's not *just* me that thinks this way! I had a brief look the other day at Guido and Iain Dale's blogs and left completely uninspired. They're as sanctimonious and hypocritical as those they purport to oppose.

If you believe in Freedom of Speech (capitals well deserved I reckon) then you have to put up with some twat having a go at you because the beauty of FoS is that you can respond in kind if you so wish. I'm thinking of Obnoxio in particular here!

To use a similar argument as captainff above: If it was alright to moan about Nightjack getting fucked over by The Times then doing the same to someone who doesn't chime with your own viewpoint is pure hypocrisy.

Not to spew all over your comments section here Rab but if Dale had some balls and not run to the PPC and just denounced it as shit journalism he may have scored some points. What a poof of the unhomo kind.

cartermagna said...

Was it not someone impersonating the blarney bloke that got them pissed off ? Rather than trying to expose him because they didn't like what he said ?

cartermagna said...

Yeah but running to the courts? Telling tales out of school that is! Could have just as easily said "Actually that's an imposter. What a cock." but instead they used a sledgehammer, which funnily enough they're now in favour of but certainly weren't before, to crack a nut.

There's any number of Rantin' Rabs and Carter Magnas on Facebook that aren't the real deal but you and I won't seek legal redress eh?!

One day we'll be massive mate!

cartermagna said...

I suppose so but it must be a pain in the arse having to keep saying "that's not me". Get a bit tedious.
But you're right. Together we can take on the world !