Friday, October 2, 2009

Pregnant woman fends off burglar

What do you think would have happened to the woman if the above happened in this country? Jail, probably. And compensation and counselling for the 'crime victim'.

And while we're on the crime subject, have a look at this.



Sue said...

Yep, she would have been arrested and then had her child taken away by social services when it was born!!!

Sue said...

No comment on the link... I think you know what I would say :)

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Indeed. My blog is sponsored by a company making blood pressure tablets...

scunnert said...

There was a man in Ayrshire some time ago who tried to defend his small holding against repeated break-ins who was given ten years, I believe, for a shotgun boobytrap. We need the right to bear arms.

DaveP said...

What about the poor 71 year old lady with a walking frame, who was convicted and fined for assaulting a 17 year old lout? She merely jabbed the bugger with her finger.

The police never bothered to arrest the yobs who had made the old ladies life miserable, and had been flinging stones at her home. One assumes the big jessies are scared of anyone who can walk unaided on 2 legs. As for the magistrate.. well.

Gigits said...

Pleased by the video and then depressed by the linked story.

Thanks a fucking lot, Rab!

This country is a toilet.

ivan said...

This makes the site I found all the more relevant.

Until we can defend ourselves crims will continue to prosper. We also need the right to have a say in what the police do - or as in most cases don't do. Maybe there should be a monthly survey to see if they should be paid.

I am Stan said...

Yah! I see you..Mr Nesbit..a tribesman`s home is his castle...defend it with strength and cunning..

If you have doors or widows...keep locked.
or block entrances with thorny bush.

When persons approach shout out ¨who goes there¨ then wait for right answer..

If unsure.. shout warnings ..alert family out to other warriors

Never never just open door and say

Always be armed in home...and if need use overwhelming force with speed to protect self and family.

If you kill ..because in fear of your and familys life jury in the land would convict you..but you must justify your actions..

Strong barriers..good habits..weapons,,and a good dog

Then you have the lion by the balls..

Stay safe..

banned said...

Call the Police " My house has been burgled " Wait two days for a PCSO to call with Victim Support leaflet.

Call the Police " My house is being burgled ". Wait 5 hours while understaffed Police deal with more serious incidents.

Call the Police " I have trapped the burglar in the windowless bathroom " Wait 4 minutes for arrival of SWAT team to arrest you for unlawful imprisonment and breaches of Human Rights.