Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Council doesn't give a shit

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Arsehole Central

I hate my council. I probably would hate your council too. Let's face it, they are all pretty much the same. Money wasting, hi viz wearing controlling jobsworths.

Cranking up my hate meter recently are the following little news nuggets generated by my own council, East Ayrshire. It's really good to see that in this age of austerity that they have really made sure that tax payers money is well spent on deserving projects.

Projects like a three million quid tart up of council HQ, (pictured above), which included over nine grand for three television for the councillor's meeting room. I could have got the televisions for less than £250 each from my work.

Council bosses insist the spend to upgrade the ageing building was necessary and say that, when completed, will represent good value for the taxpayer.

But according to one of the workmen involved in the major project, the instruction from his boss was that ‘no expense is to be spared on this building’.

'No expense spared'? Yeah, sounds about right.

Then we have the news that the council are to be the major tenant in a new office building in the centre of Kilmarnock at a cost of £1000 a day in rent. Council offices scattered around the town are to re-locate into the building when work is complete. A building next door is to be flattened in order for car parking to be provided, probably at no cost to council employees. Everyone else parking in Kilmarnock town centre has to pay, including people who work in the town.

And, in the news today,

East Ayrshire chiefs treated 68 kitchen staff to training days at the Nick Nairn Cook School and the Cook School Scotland.

Forget Westminster and Hollyrood, the real battle we face is with the local 'authorities'. And the constant squandering of our money.

It needs to stop. Now.


Tcheuchter said...

Take hold of them, slit their throats, hang them by their heels to bleed them, boil them then feed them to the pigs. I believe Ayrshire is famous for bacon; it could become even more so.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Aye, that will be Labour scum again. I fucking hate them.

Anonymous said...

rab this is the old james hamilton academy that the labour council closed in 1977 due to subsidence from the old mine shafts in the area, just a pity that a sink hole doesnt open up and swallow the whole lot

Anonymous said...

east ayrshire council suck the sweat from dead mens balls,