Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Danny Alexander looked at the books....

and didn't like what he saw...

I hope he fucks up real soon and gets kicked out on his arse. Like his predecessor David (he's my Landlord not my lover, honest) Laws.

'Right Honourable' my fat hairy arse.

From Wikipedia -

Two days after the resignation of his predecessor as Chief Secretary to the Treasury, David Laws, the Daily Telegraph newspaper published front-page allegations (first appearing on its website the night before) that Alexander had exploited a legal loophole to avoid the payment of Capital Gains Tax on a property he had sold in 2007, and suggested that "the fact that Mr Alexander has become the second Lib Dem to face questions about his finances within three days has focused attention on whether the party leadership has properly audited the financial activities of its senior figures".[8] The reports also alleged that Mr. Alexander claimed that a property he owned was his "second" home, for the purposes of gaining taxpayer funded parliamentary allowances, while simultaneously claiming that the same property was his "main" home [9].

Alexander had also claimed £1,800 in parliamentary expenses to pay a chartered accountancy firm for personal financial advice, including tax advice and completion of his private self-assessment tax form.

He also sucks Europe's cock.

In 1993, Alexander became a press officer with the Scottish Liberal Democrats, until he became the Director of Communications at the European Movement in 1996, remaining in this role when the organisation was subsumed into the now-defunct Britain in Europe campaign, in 1999.

So fuck him and the Euro funded horse he rode in on.


with thanks to someone or other on Twitter for the pic...


The Penguin said...

Love the way the Limp Dums are so fucking righteous only to be revealed as cheating lying devious unprincipled hypocritical chancers.

The Penguin

DaveP said...

Danny, the MP who even claimed for a packet of crisps bought at WH Smiths. The same guy who said Inverness needed yet more immigrants to wander homeless and jobless around the place. Even the Polish spokesperson had to plead for no more to come.

The boy is "one of them", not one of us. He lives on a different planet to us. Link below says it all.

Anonymous said...

Calum Cashley on his bog has a really good kippering of Mr Alexander

Have a read and wonder why the MSM did not really research this and just jumped in with two feet and then walked away with the tail between their tail.

The real story and Alexander is a troughing, disingenuous bastard!