Friday, June 18, 2010

Politically correct double standards.

A post by Bugger, the Panda.

I am not a great fan of politicians. I find them thoroughly self centred, self serving and living in a bubble of their own making, separated from the great unwashed, who pay their expenses.

The Labour Party, North British Branch is a perfect example of where politics has gone wrong. You get one party in power for so long that they have become totally separated from the needs of the voters and in fact need their manor to stay poor and in fear, to maintain themselves in power.

I take the view that all politicians should be put down at birth and have never once thought of entering the political structure. I have a Marxian view about political parties. No, not Karl, Groucho.I would never join a political party that would accept someone like me as a member.

That all said, I think that Frank McAveety has had a bum rap over his Gaugin gaffe.

I have listened to what he said, several times and for the like of me I can find nothing that would require his resignation as convenor of that committee. It may have been that the person in question was a young girl but, from a distance could he have seen that? If she were from the Philippines or even Thailand I can assure you that many women in their twenties and thirties can easily land naturally look in their teens and maybe vice versa, if they try.

He just about trod on the line with the words about the heat in the chamber but what man has not said much, much worse. Everything else he said was undergraduate stuff, almost Monty Pythonesque; nudge nudge, say no more. He was just an idiot to say what he did when he did, especially with mike on.

I am not going to examine McAveety’s lack of knowledge of Geography, he was, after all, an English teacher.

However the banshee howl from self righteous against McAveety smell more of small town witch hunt than the true anger and indignation I have over the political class’s troughing on the political purse. How many of them resigned, or even said sorry?

Let us consider in the boot was on another foot, say a ladies size 4?

Let us say that Jackie Baillie was quacking away with Wee Wendy.

Wendy How did I do Jackie?

Jackie; Fuckin’ brilliant

Jackie; What do think of that blond Greek God on the first row? I bet he has tight buns.

Wendy; Aye

Would the press, and other usual subjects have been all over Jackie in the same way they were McAveeny? I think not and it would have been treated as a bit of a joke. If it were not, and the self righteous PC brigade dragged out the ducking stool, you can bet your Social Giro that the “Sisterhood,” maybe some of the same howling banshees attacking McAveety, would crying foul and demanding the right to leer like a man.

As I said, politically correct double standards.

Now how is that possible?

Frank McAveeny goat a bum rap over this. I am off to look at his expenses.


bigrab said...

Excellent post. Couldn't agree more.

Bugger said...

I forgot to add that after writing the piece supporting McAveety, I had to wipe down my keyboard with disinfectant wipes.

Sorry for the lack of paragraphs as well, something to do with translation from MS Word to RantinRabs computer and then into Blogger.

Bugger said...

paragraphs returned by Kevin the Turtle

Disenfranchised of Buckingham said...

For once I think you are being too kind.

His lot have created a world where any one who goes near kids (under 18s) is considered a paedo.

For example my daughter plays club and county hockey. Take a photo and someone will challenge your right to do so.

Give a kid, particularly female, a lift? Only if at least 2 of mine or my wife is in the car.

I took up scuba diving. I wasn't allowed in the changing rooms at the same time as my son.

My wife acted as a chaperone for my daughter's dance school, but only after a criminal record check.

This guy deserved to go by the rules who supports in public.

Like the IPSA, anything that makes, MPs, MSPs etc suffer like the rest of us is good.

Sam Duncan said...

D of B, you've hit the nail squarely on the bonce. Nothing McAveety said should have landed him in trouble, but he and his chums made this bed of nails and now they have to lie in it.

Bugger said...

For those of you who are interested, here is a post on r Eugenides Blog by someone who uses the moniker Indy.

I a not sure who she is but my guess is that it is a she and she is an MSP, possibly a list SNP MSP.

I leave you to read and make your own opinion.

I left in the spelling mistakes.

Blogger Indy said...

I'll be the boring po-faced PC person who says he had to resign once those comments reached the press.

His job as convener of the petitions committee is a particularly sensitive one, it's not just about chairing the committee, it's about dealing with petitioners. Often it might be quite an emotive subject and people might be nervous about appearing in parliament so it's important that the convener can support them and be a reassuring figure.

The shame of it is that Frank McAveety was by all acoounts very good at the job. He's held in pretty high regard by the SNP MSPs I know. But once that story was out he was branded as the bloke who sits there eying up the birds. His position was just untenable.

It's a great shame but there it is.

18 June 2010 12:40

microdave said...

"His lot have created a world where any one who goes near kids (under 18s) is considered a paedo."

To take this a stage further, a lady wrote a letter to our local paper complaining about the "nothing to do with me" attitude these days.
It was regarding another lady who's car had broken down.

I considered replying by pointing out that many of those who drove past would have liked to help, but dare not, for fear of the consequences...

Disenfranchised of Buckingham said...

Microdave that is all part of making us subservient.

If we react to what is going on around us then they are loosing control of us. This is why the fuzz always have a go at people who react.

As a kid an adult or a cop could be relied on for a clip around the ear. Now they'd be done for GBH.

She who must be obeyed has a fit when I react in case I get arrested but once the red mist of rage descends ...