Thursday, June 3, 2010

The west of Scotland Labour love affair.

The West Of Scotland. Probably.

There are many who cannot understand the attraction that Labour have for the people of West Central Scotland. Speaking for myself, I understand but it is very difficult to put into words.

It's not a 'benefit junkie' thing. It stems from proper working class folk who have worked all their days in the traditional heavy industries. It's instilled into their psyche, it's who they and their families are. And to a certain extent still are.

In my opinion, the dolescum are not part of the Labour love in. Most of them cannot be bothered to vote so the myth of people voting to preserve their way of life and their benefits is, indeed, a myth.

I get incredibly frustrated and angry when supposed intelligent people still go on about Thatcher and the evil Tories and the destruction they did to Scotland. Utter nonsense. They blindly accept what Labour has done and is still doing.

Anyway, enough of my strained dribblings. Have a read at this.


Mr. Mxyzptlk said...


Don't worry in not to many years we will all be dead and then you lot can have the snp/Torys Lib/dem/torys or just the torys/torys

We will all be a better place and away from you lot for good

Catosays said...

Most of them cannot be bothered to vote ..................

Most of them wouldn't know how to make an 'X'.

Sam Duncan said...

You're definitely on to something with this, Rab. It's the middle class whose parents (or grandparents) were manual workers who keep Labour going. I've said it before: the Unionists (ie, Tories) had a majority of the Scottish popular vote in the '50s. No other party anywhere in the UK has ever had that level of support. The Scottish Labour love-in is a recent phenomenon that has as much to do with a romanticized mis-told history and 1980s propaganda as reality.

Good photo of George Square there, by the way.

(WV: “mently”. Aye, toe-tly.)

RantinRab said...

A chap I worked with, a manager, declared that he would be voting Labour.

After I tried to talk sense into him he said he was voting Labour because his father was a miner.

That's what we are up against.

RantinRab said...

Niko, you make as much sense as you normally do.

RantinRab said...


You're probably right. Although they seem to manage to sign on every week.

Dazed And Confused said...

The North East of England is precisely the same, in that if you stick a red rosette onto a rotten plank of wood, it will be elected to serve in parliament. No doubt It would do a better fucking job as well, and be a damned sight cheaper than an honourable Socialist "member".

That particular mindset is now slowing fraying at the edges these days, in that Tory Councillors are now being elected more frequently, but come major election time it's like the fuckers revert to remote control, and put their crosses into the New Labour box provided, come what may.

As you point out, it's not the "Chavs" doing this, those fuckers don't vote for anyone. It's the ordinary working class people who seem to see it as the ultimate betrayal, in voting anybody else but Labour.

So how about we talk about betrayal then. What the fuck did these peoples forefathers endure and die in two World wars for?

Modern Socialist Britain?

I think fucking not!!!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Rab, you're dead right. I agree 100%. This Thatcher myth is shite and grew up from the Steel industry in Motherwell. What is wrong with these people? They have no ambition. Labour has fed them shite for 60 years while it's politicians in places like Glasgow have enriched themselves. I don't know why they can't see it. Look at Eastwood. Anywhere else in the country it would be a solid Tory seat with a 20,000 majority, but Murphy panders to the Jewish vote and Labour win again with an increased majority. Fucking unbelievable!

Mid-Wife Crisis said...

You're absolutely right, Rab. The usual suspects DON'T vote, but although Greg and I try desperately to convince The Boss of this, he can't seem to accept it. This results in those non-voters having a totally unrealistic and disproportionate influence, both on their individual MP's views, and also on the feedback such MPs give to those who formulate Labour Party policy. I suspect, from talking to colleagues across the constituencies, that this pattern is repeated in the attitudes of Labour MPs across the country.

Kingbingo said...

I feel for those of you in Scotland who are Tories or 'of the right'.

Still as an English I would remove England from the Union in a heartbeat if I could. I suspect that feeling will get ever stronger as years go by.