Friday, June 4, 2010

More Glasgow Labour Cronyism

Purveyor of cheap booze, fags, lard and pot noodles to Central Scotland.

In another stunning example of Labour cronyism and 'rewards for the boys', dodgy ex Labour MP Mohammad Sarwar will tonight receive the highest honour that the city of Glasgow can bestow on an individual.

Yes. big fat troughing Labour champagne socialist fuck nugget Sarwar is to receive the 'Loving Cup' from Lord Provost Bob Winter. Must be fucking great.

His really honest son must be so proud. (Daddy must have taught him well).

Wake up Scotland! And kick this festering, puss filled boil called socialism out on it's arse.


D. X. Parrot said...

Presumably not related to the new MP for Glasgow Central: Anas Sarwar

Ho hum, corrupt families do seem to endure and prosper under socialism and in socialist fiefdoms.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Rab, as the Parrotman above has beat me to my comment, all I can say is Sarwar fuckpigs!

The Penguin said...

Odd how good a fit it is with "Socialist politicians" and corrupt cunts from the Sub-continent. Keith Vaz another fine example.

The Penguin