Friday, December 17, 2010

Scottish local politics in a nutshell

Comrade James Robertson.
(Complete cunt)

I hate the council. And I hate councillors. I also hate the jumped up twats that infest the public sector. All paid for by us.

It is well known that many councillors grow fat whilst 'representing' their constituents within the gilded palaces that are our town halls. Full of their own self importance they preen and strut in the local press. It is also an amusement to me that most Labour councillors in Scotland still live in a council house. A bought council house, that is. Thanks to the hated Tory bastard Maggie Thatcher's right to buy policy of 1980. Never let principles get in the way of lining your own pocket.

It is of no surprise to me to read the following in the news today-

A DEPUTY Provost has been slammed by neighbours after a council JCB cleared snow from outside his house - but left the rest of the street untouched.

The single sentence above typifies local politics in Scotland, particularly in the West of Scotland and socialist local politicians.

I hate them all.



Toni said...

What is a Provost?

@a2mac said...

Provost. Ancient gaelic for Chief of the Clan Cuntcil with his head deep in public purse and up his own arse in equal measure. I believe it translates into English as Mayor.

The first pavements to be cleared on Inverness are not High street for Christmas shoppers and businesses, not outside homes of pensioners but from Council Offices along to chip shop and Tesco.

I fucking hate them with a Passion.

Captain Ranty said...

Fully agree.

I have lived here for 21 years and the way Scots pollies take care of themselves and their nearest and dearest is fucking unreal.

My piss was boiled a few years ago when Joke McConnell "investigated" the sale of a £1.5 million property that his brother in law paid £1 for.

The investigation, from start to finish, lasted 35 minutes. I think Joke took his crony in law for a pint and said "That deal for Ladysbridge Hospital, all kosher?"

Crony in law "Aye".

Joke "Fair enough then. Your round".

Like I said, fucking sickening.


ArtCo said...

Ive been here 27 years and no amount of blatant 'fuck you cunts' amazes me anymore. I think it is predominately a 'West of Scotland' phenomenon though , although what do I know , they voted that cunt Mcsnot in again over at my bit.


microdave said...

Not to disagree with anything said, but what is the point of clearing snow from outside of this cunts house, and leaving the rest of the street?

Won't Comrade Robertson still have to do battle with the elements to reach a main road?

Or am I missing the point, and the whole purpose of doing this is simply to rub peoples noses in it?

Woman on a Raft said...

Presumably they cleared the snow out of his path and piled it up in front of the neighbour's path...

NewsboyCap said...