Thursday, December 16, 2010

'They' have their finger on the switch.

It would seem that the skirmish over the Wikileaks and the subsequent hunting down and incarceration of it's founder is merely the opening of what could turn out to be a long 'cyber war'.

The State and Mega Corp hate any resistance. Their truth is the only truth and the message cannot be diluted or tainted by the questions and investigations of others. We must obey, consume and pay our taxes. No questions asked. Dissent will not be tolerated. Look at what happened to Julian Assange.

The internet is a loose cannon as far as the State and it's buddy Mega Corp are concerned. Extremely hard to control, it is full of dissenting voices. I am one of them and you probably are too, or at least you are questioning what you have been force fed since pre-school.

They don't like the internet.

But wait! Riding to the rescue is a member of Mega Corp with a clever device that could silence all those questions and voices, prevent those seeking information that has not been bent out of shape and distorted to suit the corporate and state message.

Someone in a fancy office chomping on a fat cigar could very easily press a button and deny access to the internet for millions upon millions of people.

And if it's marketed in a clever way, people would actively seek it out Brilliant.

Win/Win for 'them'.

It's going to be a long and difficult war...


Trooper Thompson said...

They have the terrorist smoke-screen and the intellectual copyright smoke-screen, and all the spooky intel technology companies working on how to do it. I expect false flag cyber attacks to convince the public of the need to take away our freedom to protect us. Not to mention the paedo bogeyman.

Anonymous said...

Globalisation is failing.
Interesting times ahead I think.
Or scary, take your pick .

banned said...

So let's all not get the new Intel Sandy Bridge Processor.

My first thought once CableGate was up and running, followed by the antics of Anonymous ('nuff respect), was that 'they' would use these events as the excuse for closing down freedom of speach on the internet. It may take some time but these are probably the glory days that will be spoken of in whispers as we huddle in post NWO bunkers.

microdave said...

@ banned - you may have spoken too soon:

Anonymous said...

If 'they' have their finger on the button I only hope it's fucking wired the wrong way round so when they press it, a zillion volts shoots straight through the cunts.