Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Listen to the BNP voters

As predicted, the Righteous are up in arms and much wailing and gnashing of teeth can be heard because the BNP have done rather well in the elections last week.

Anti BNP campaigns are no doubt being planned and the Guardianista types are proclaiming any votes for the BNP are votes for knuckle dragging racist scumbags. There is even talk of 'banning' the party.

But we live in a democracy and you cannot pick and choose which parts of democracy you like, otherwise it wouldn't be a, umm, democracy now would it?

I'm not a supporter of them, but I understand completely why people are voting for them. They seem to have more in common with 'working class Britain' than any of the main stream parties.

Perhaps LibLabCon should read this article. It's from the BBC so it probably has been through the Righteous filter, but it is interesting reading.

A couple of comments from BNP voters,

I voted BNP and I'm very pleased that they have won two seats. Being in the Yorkshire and Humber, I am pleased that my vote has for once counted. Despite thoughts of many, especially media who are supposed to be impartial, I am not racist nor condone racism. I do however agree with 90% of the BNP's policies which I cannot say about the other parties. The country has become a laughing stock and an easy free ride for people who come into the country with nothing. The ordinary person is ignored and what's more I do not see why we cannot celebrate St Georges day incase we offend others. It's part of our country's heritage. Jolene, West Yorkshire

I voted for the BNP for the first time in the European elections. I read the party's policies, they are not racist, they simply want to look after people who are British first, and that includes all races who have a right to be here.

People who work and contribute to our country and society (irrespective of colour or religion) are welcome and people who come here for our benefits system and the NHS who have never contributed to this country are not so welcome. Neither are bogus asylum seekers and criminals. We have enough of our own. I have every sympathy with people from countries where the system is not so generous, but we can't look after all of them in Britain. We're full up, and our elderly citizens are not getting the care they deserve. It's because we are so generous that everyone wants to come here, to the detriment of people who have lived here all their lives, paid their taxes and deserve to have their place in the queue.
Nick, Oxford

I hope the 'mainstream' parties are listening. Probably not, they have already labelled the BNP voters with names ending in 'ists' and 'phobes'. Classic Righteous behaviour.

Update - 1430. Have a look at this.


Anonymous said...

If we didnt have political representation, we'd have to resort to terrorism, why can the scum in the left-wing & media not realise this?!

Why should our voice not be heard?!

Anthony Ing said...

The core of the party are hate pedaling racists, and it's actually a greater concern when the voters appear not to be.

In the last 10-15 years, the party has formed a cunning guise in order to attract support from as many people as possible. Nowadays they have support from not only the blatantly fascist white supremacists, but also the out-of-town housewife who just misses the British made pottery she could buy as a child. It's true, the BNP APPEAR to have more in common with 'working class Britain'.

The dangers of this, to cite an obvious and overused example, can be seen in the NSDAP. Not everyone in Germany was a Nazi, but the NSDAP got the majority vote, because they promised solutions in hard-times. Once in power, they were able to transform the country relying on the faith of the people, and you know the rest.

So, why be outraged? The BNPs policies offer solutions such as a National Economy, (but in the same way the Zollverein did in 1840s Prussia) Economic Nationalism Leads to Political Nationalism; and widespread national feeling. These are dangerous ideas. And the delusion of voters is apparent; some are voting for something they don't really want. But history shows, that in a state of crisis, people vote for the only parties that offer 'real' solutions: the extreme ones.

We should be outraged, because unless we attack the BNP with public scrutiny, we will never expose them for what they are - and voters will never reconsider their position. The party is inherently racist. You can't progress in the future, if you forget the past.

Anonymous said...

"Anti BNP campaigns are no doubt being planned and the Guardianista types are proclaiming any votes for the BNP are votes for knuckle dragging racist scumbags. There is even talk of 'banning' the party."

You're absolutely right. In fact a tax-payer funded group (yes, really) who's sole stated aim is to 'Stop the BNP'(sic) are busy working out what their next move should be to disrupt the democratic process.

This blog is a disgusting example of what your taxes are paying to fund :


How do you feel about paying for the activities of this lot ?

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Anon 1.59, thanks for the link. I've added it to the bottom of the post.

Thud said...

Why would I wish to listen to those who would remove part of my family from the country...fight them yes...listen...no! and for those who care I'm right wing...really right wing not the disguised socialists and eco nuts of the BNP.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Listen to the VOTERS not the bloody BNP! The 'main stream' parties need to realise why the BNP were successful.

Anonymous said...

I posted on the lancaster site about as much chance of getting thro ythe moderator as I have of shagging mandlebum.......... ummm bugger bad example

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

I posted too. No chance of getting through moderation.

Gigits said...

I think the BNP winning 2 seats was mainly due to a protest vote. However, I agree with you, Rab. If the LibLabCon do not tackle the issues which gave rise to this protest, in a serious and highly visible manner, a General Election will see BNP MPs in parliament.

Anonymous said...

Hey rab my post on the lancs site aint up is yours? fucking great advert for democracy. typical left wing righteous. led to beleive tax payer funded anyone know any more about this?

CIngram said...


You have obviously listened to them already, but you can't fight them unless other people also know what they really represent, and there are clearly a lot of people who don't know that. One of their weapons is the creation of a sense of menace, disturbing if you are on the wrong end of it, but they are just bright enough not to use actual violence, unlike the mob that attacked them yesterday, which managed to make them look like the good guys.
It's easy to get angry, but it's their voters who have to be discouraged,(Griffin himself isn't going to be converted) and that means argument, not shouting and threats.