Thursday, June 4, 2009

Voting 'too complicated' say public

Pretty difficult to fathom out, apparently

Hundreds of thousands of the voting public have expressed outrage that they have been unable to vote for their prefered candidate today.

It seems that the system used, (a piece of paper and a pencil), is beyond the capabilities of a huge section of the country.

"It's just so confusing", wailed 47 year old Hector McNeil, a businessman from Leceister, "how was I supposed to know that I had to unfold the ballot paper".

His wife, also called Hector, chipped in "We should have been warned about this beforehand, I mean why were we not given instructions? Where were the adverts on the telly and in the papers".

There are fears that this problem could seriously affect the chances of any political parties that attract the vote of the 'not the sharpest knife in the drawer' section of society. Like Labour.


microdave said...

They're copping the piss at UKIP over at Mrs Dales, due to them being the last entry on the ballot papers. Although it does sound as if some polling stations are trying to be sneaky by just folding the end of the paper....

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

It wouldn't surprise me that the fuckers would try dirty tricks, bit honestly, how thick can you be not to realise that it needs unfolded?

Alan Wallace Jury Team said...

I wonder how they get dressed in the morning. How do they manage the bedroom door handle?

Old Bag said...

well those pencils are fiddly too you know!..any nulabore voter would need chunky crayons!..and folding paper?..please! the local chavs would think a simple fold is like fucking origami!