Friday, June 12, 2009

Welcome to the real world...

Wave goodbye to tax payers cash Pat!

So, the Gummint are to sell their (our) share in the loss making, inefficient, union strangulated Royal Mail.

Sell it then, and let it stand on it's own two feet. Let a privately run company with it's own cash decide it's fate and worry about it's pension problem. I certainly do not want to be paying pensions to public sector workers who retire at 60 (at the latest) whilst my good self will probably be toiling until I drop dead. Fuck 'em.

Have a laugh at this knob bleating that it's 'not a job for life' anymore and 'I'll need to work into my 61st or 62nd year'. What a fucking cretin.

What is it with public sector workers? Have they any clue about how the real world works?

So, let it go private. If it prospers, great. If not, it sinks. The world will not stop turning.


keep post office public said...

It will have to remain in public hands if you want to keep a postal service for the remote parts of Scotland. It would cost a fortune to post to Durness otherwise. DHL etc wouldn't give a flying fuck about providing cheap mail to the sticks unless we coughed up a fuckin fortune. Look at that twat Souter. Making billions charging what the fuck he likes for bus services. My mum gets a free bus pass but the Souter driver twat always punches her ticket for the longest trip. So keep it public but stamp on any pissing about by workers. Bring in legislation to sack any twats who fuck about. Make it a prison sentence for blocking the mail service by flying pickets etc. Sorted.
Oh and bring back all the services that gorgon the fuckwit banned from the post office. TV licences, pensions etc. That will make the post office shops more viable.

Alan Wallace Jury Team said...

It's important to remember that this is an EU Directive (first put forward in 1993) and the UK Govt has no choice in the matter. All over Europe, services are being privatised and local opposition is being ignored.

The Tories and Labour both voted in favour of this in the EU Parliament. Even although the Greens voted against the main proposal, they didn't support an amendment that would have guaranteed universal service.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

@ first commenter, remember that Royal Mail is seperate from Post Office, the Post Office makes a profit. Why should I have to subsidise Hamish because he lives in the back of beyond? Alan, excellent point quickly made, I was hoping some one would mention the EU.

brownlie said...

Chust because you live in a Glasgow slum, and nobody ever writes to you and even if they did you couldn't read it, does not give you the right to interfere with the replies to my begging letters.


Hoochter Toochter Highland Hamish

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Kilmarnock slum! We have a better class of scum in Ayrshire!