Monday, March 22, 2010

Database Cockup Warning

From Radio Netherlands Worldwide

Socialist Party MP Ronald van Raak says local councils must check whether fingerprints in new passports are the correct ones.

Fingerprinting has been obligatory for Dutch passports issued since September 2009. The prints will later be stored in a central database.

Mr Van Raak says there is a significant chance that the fingerprints in your passport belong to someone else or that they will be not recognised by the system. The prints are not checked when they are issued at a town or city hall.

Speaking in a radio interview, the Socialist MP warned that innocent people are at risk of being misidentified as criminals or even terrorists. Apparently, six percent of fingerprints kept by the police are incorrect.

Now, how long have fingerprints been is use by Police forces worldwide?

60, 80 or 100 years and still 6% of them are wrong.

So how any of the DNA samples registered in Big Brother's Humungus Database of The Unwashed are wrong? I don't know but I think it is not insignificant, bearing in ind the human element. It is always the human element which is often sub human in their application to the bumnumbing boring bits of routine.

We already know that this administration couldn't be trusted to run a chain letter successfully and have leaked more of our personal data than the Chinese could hack.

Yet they also want to give access to our medical data to that pimply youth sitting somewhere in Interbreeding Central County Council!

I smell a clusterfuck acoming; organs incorrectly removed and transplanted, grannies being locked up for armed robbery and bank accounts being looted, all at the touch of a button.


Joe Public said...

In the context of Governments, "Database Cockup", one of those two words is redundant.

Anonymous said...

agreed, the words should be permanently conjoined if used after the word Government.

microdave said...

It wasn't that long ago the DVLA database was accused of being inaccurate, after drivers were being pulled up by ANPR checks and told their insurance was out of date, or non existent even though they were totally legal.