Monday, March 15, 2010

Police to investigate Purcell scandal

Strathclyde's finest prepare to roll up a trouser leg.

In the news today, Strathclyde police are to be asked to investigate the 'goings on' leading up to the resignation of former council leader, Steven Purcell.

Perhaps it would be prudent that another police force is asked to investigate rather than Strathclyde.

Just saying....


banned said...

About time too, have they found the kiddie porn on his computer yet? Not saying there is any but it seems to be the signal for when we are all supposed to really hate someone a la Jon Venables and the murderers of Baby P.

microdave said...

Do you really think it would make any difference? They're all as bad as one another....

We all know how "independent" such enquiries turn out to be.

Anonymous said...

Why is SCDEA not on the job already?

After all they knew what Purcell was up to?

How come they did not mention to him his Columbian Marching Powder passtime?

As there was an official from GCC at the time, I assume that a minute would have been kept.

Would a FOI have any chance here?

Thought not.