Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Purcell's building dept gives money to Labour

sniff sniff....

Yet more shenanagins from Glasgow.

The ex building and works department of Glasgow City Council was set up as a publicly funded LLP called City Building which competes against traditional construction companies. (Bang out of order in my opinion).

The company had paid Labour £9,000 for the privilege of setting up a stall at the Spring Labour Conference. It has now pulled out but doubts remain if the money would be refunded. City Building has spent over £50,000 hiring stalls at various Labour events over the past few years. Public money.

Glasgow City Council has now banned all it's arm length companies from having anything to do with political parties. Public money should never have been spent in this way, it's a disgrace that it has already happened.

to be fair, they had a stall at the SNP conference as well but that doesn't make it right...

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