Friday, March 12, 2010

More Purcell stuff.

Job on a quango if you can guess the pic.


Go read.


schlumpf23 said...

The Glasgow Science Centre? What quango do I get? There's a lot more to come on this story.. Must be a lot of nervous people...

RantinRab said...

Wrong! It's my greenhouse and the pole next to it is the whirly gig for the washing!

Quinie frae Angus said...

Thanks for the link Rab - a brilliant summary of the whole murky business.

Remember we were hunting high and low for a single Labour blogger who has addressed this? Well, I found one at last. Yapping Yousuf has - finally - blogged on it, but unbelievably, merely from the point of view of: criticising John Mason for asking questions!!! It beggars belief, it really does. Young Yousuf is either desperately naif, or is undergoing something of a panic as it dawns on him that the party he slavishly endorses is up to its neck in darkness.

And of course, the excellent and lucid comments in the 53-strong comment thread following the blog post are dismissed as cybernats ranting, as per usual.

I am no IT person and haven't yet learned how to cross-link but I suggest when you have a spare half hour you go over there, have a read, and post the above for others to read!