Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What a w*nker!!

'By sending this letter, I have indeed confirmed your allegation'
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Yet another Labour MP full of his own self importance. The prick.

Full story here.


Anonymous said...

The Wanker's song duly posted

Forgot to give him my address for the letter fro Carter Fuck.

If he posts on Mannism's and asks nicely I'll mail it to him but he'll need to send it in Chinese. I don't do English, to Wankers.

Does he overpartake of subsidised bevvy in the House of Pigs?

banned said...

He's in good company, what's good enough for Gordon

Anonymous said...

Yea well I think your a wanker and you shag goats..
Now fuck off

Anonymous said...

Next time Anonyouse, post your real name, or even a pseudonym, just so we know what a real wanker calls himself, apart from WANKER!

RantinRab said...

Ooooo! Abuse. Excellent.