Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More 'charity' and 'experts' crap

'B' is for 'Bed'

I'm sure Glasgow Council Tax payers, (well, the small percentage who are not on benefits), will be delighted to learn that they are to pay for some more nonsense.

Due to the fact that parents seem incapable of doing any actual parenting, probably due to the decades of nannying from the state, schools in Glasgow are now to teach the future neds how to sleep.

Yes, how to bloody sleep.

Seems that the teens of today have to many gadgets keeping them awake at night. Here's an idea, try being a sodding parent and stop expecting everyone else to do your job.


update - I see the Daily Mash has beat me to it.


Bucko said...

"I went to my bed at ten-ish rather than eleven, and I do feel a little bit more awake "

Teenage boy

Well fucking Duh!

SpiteK said...

No surprise. I discovered today that some of the PSHE lessons in our secondary school actually teach the little fuckers how to have a wash. I mean for fuck's sake, if they're not washing by 11 years of age, what the fuck is a 50 minute lesson on "wash or you smell" going to do.

Joe Public said...

And Lesson 2 is "How to get up on time"

BTS said...

Shouldn't the little bastards have been doing three paper-rounds each morning before getting ready for school?

Y'know, so they can afford their Buckfast?

Combine those and they should be able to get some kip..

banned said...

"The sessions, run by the charity Sleep Scotland" Fake charity alert anyone?