Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Purcell - Council closes ranks

Glasgow City Council, earlier today.

"Nothing to see here, move along," seems to be the collective response from the city chambers, (aka The Kremlin).

Pressure is mounting, apparently, for the council to set the record straight. But true to form, denial that there is more to the scandal seems to be the party line.

There is no way on this Earth that any one connected to the council or the story will volunteer information. It's too big, involves too many people from lots of backgrounds and goes back decades. Those who believe that what has been in the press over the last week is the full story is delusional. Labour councillors in Glasgow who deny any knowledge of what has been going on are liars.

Perhaps the denials and closing of ranks are to be expected. After all, little empires have to be protected. Money tucked away. Backs need to be scratched. Maybe it's so endemic within the west of Scotland those involved think that it's par for the course, what they are there for.

And as for the media and the Labour party. What a joke.

Not a peep from the official Labour party. Not a peep from the left side of the blogosphere. Not a plaudit for the 'bright young thing' of Scottish labour. Silence...... speaks volumes.

The media in Scoltand grudgingly reported on it. The bare bones thrown to the masses, nothing else. The BBC were by far the worst. The story being buried quickly down the web site, ending up in the small regional part of the Scottish news page. I can only conclude that their socialist masters gave them instructions.

Steven Purcell is but a sideshow in all of this. Anna Raccoon has also written on this subject. I suggest you read it.


Anonymous said...

It is how the Vatican would handle it and the Royal family.

Oldrightie said...

That's a very "brown" arse in the air.

Sam Duncan said...

That's democracy for ya.

Captain Ranty said...

Maybe thats a piccie of Purcell doing a (very long) line of coke?

Quinie frae Angus said...

Can anyone point me in the direction of ANY Labour blogger who has commented on this dark business? Their silence is truly deafening (and extremely telling) but it's maybe just that I have missed something?

RantinRab said...

Quinie, as fas as I can see, not one leftie has written about it. Says a lot, eh?

Quinie frae Angus said...

Yes Rab. And yet another day goes by and I STILL haven't seen one post by a Labour blogger mentioning anything about this. I find it astonishing - they surely can't ALL be obedient "on-message" sheep, surely? WTF is going on?? We all know that if this story involved an SNP element of ANY kind the Labourites would be jumping up and down about it! There must be one honest one among them, prepared to put their hands up, surely? Or are the corrupt bullying dinosaurs in GCC really that scary? Maybe they have too many contacts in low places right enough. I know quite a few people who work in various public sector roles in GCC who for years could never admit they weren't Labour voters for fear of losing their jobs, at the very least.

It's high time the cover was blown on this whole stinking mess. Steven Purcell himself is just a convenient scapegoat, I feel. As long as they go big on the "cokehead" aspect (hardly unusual in any sphere of life these days, after all), they can divert attention away from the elephant in the room. His "living the high life" is not actually the issue - what bothers me a lot more is the entrenched, power-abusing and many-tentacled fiefdom that is the Glasgow and West of Scotland Empire in general. It's poisonous, scary, and has held Scotland back for decades.

Better stop ranting now, I am getting angry.


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