Sunday, March 14, 2010

Purcell Quango Troughers

It's never ending....

.......City Building – previously a department of the local authority – allowed salaries for senior managers, some closely associated with the Labour Party, to balloon after it became a much-feted "arms-length" company wholly owned by the public......

.....Scotland on Sunday has learned that City Building executives:

*allowed the wage bill for senior staff to more than double from at least £730,000 in 2007 to at least £1.5m in 2009, in the first two full years of nominal independence from the council;

*approved a vehicle leasing scheme that allowed executives to rent luxury cars, including Mercedes Benz, from the business;

*spent nearly £20,000 in a single year on 18 dinner events, 11 of which were attended by Labour councillors;

*took a table at the cost of £2,000 at a Labour Party fundraiser, where it entertained senior Labour figures, including Scottish leader Iain Gray and his wife, despite long-standing conventions that public bodies do not make contributions to political parties.

*agreed a salary hike from at least £110,000 to at least £140,000 for Docherty.

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Anonymous said...

and so it unravels even more

Popcorn and Slurpy time

Anonymous said...

Shock Horror!

Labour Blogger Surfaces!

Fro the comments section on The Sunday Times today's (14/03/2010, I put the date here because we will be having ore revelations of a similar kind, story about Steven Purcell.

Begin quote

Kiera Hardie wrote:
Loads of hints and innuendo. "Concerns" and un-named "sources" aplenty.

Facts, evidence?

Nothing. Not a sausage."

end quote

You couldn't make this up!

Popcorn and Slurpy, naw, a sit doon dinner and then some mair

Joe Public said...

Those politicians of all parties who accepted that hospitality (bribery) MUST be forced to repay their proportion of the costs.

Out of their own pocket.

Anonymous said...

Worth noting that City Building's Chief Executive is married to a Glasgow Labour councillor

Anonymous said...


As my father used to say, and he worked close to these keichs without being in any part one of them, they are all related to drink.

They all drank from their private access, public well.

microdave said...

To stay with the theme of your previous post, how about a "You know when you've been Quangoed" graphic?