Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Am I a snob?

For just over a year we have lived in a rough part of town, a run down area with several boarded up houses and the obligatory dogs running about and old cars in gardens etc, you get the picture.
Now, this was our choice, we needed a home as we were in a private let which was costing a fortune and we were fortunate enough to be only waiting six months or so 'till the council offered us this place. It's a big house with a big garden, what else would you want?
My problem is, am I a snob? A strange question, but I have been asking myself that very question for some time. As a kid I was dragged up in a similar area, I thought everyone lived in an area like I did. It was astonishing to see a new private estate being built ten minutes away, (Wimpy homes, wow!), it was like a different world.
Now, the reason for my question. I look at my neighbours and others that live in the area and I feel a contempt for them. The vast majority do not work and rely on the state for their income, which seems to fund their lifestyle rather handsomely if the sky dishes and huge TVs which glow from the raggedly curtained living room windows are to be believed. The nice weather of last week kicked off the 'summer season' of being blitzed out your nut in the streets/gardens with the usual drunken arguements. Just the other night outside our house a huge arguement raged over the ownership of a portion of chips and curry sauce procured from the local chinese takeaway. I'm glad to say that no one won that discussion as the fought over chips were scattered over the road and the foil dish lay in my front garden. A small glow of satisfaction filled my body.
I have worked all my days and for the time being work nights. Due to the nature of my employment, I work most weekends which means that I am off during the traditional 'working week'. During my time off, I may wander into town with the missus, pop out to the local shop or whatever. Also, I may deal with any tradesmen coming to the house to carry out work on behalf of the council or answer the door to the postie etc etc.
I almost always feel obliged to throw into the conversation that 'I work nights' and that 'I'm off work 'till Thursday night' or whatever. Basically, I just want to let them know that I am not a giro jockey like 95% of my neighbourhood. Does that make me a snob?
I have toyed with the idea of getting a T shirt printed up with 'I work for a living, unlike 95% of the cunts in this area'. Good idea, bad idea?


Wrinkled Weasel said...

Well Rab, you have to admit, you are scum, but working scum, which puts you up on the ladder of scumdom.

But seriously,

It is bloody annoying to struggle, to earn your keep, and watch people who seem to think the world owes them a living. I certainly don't think you are a snob. Clearly you are someone who believes in paying your way.

Get the T shirt and wear it with pride!

(And thanks for reading my blog.)

The Penguin said...

Do it but bear in mind that some of the feckless might actually be able to read and might take offence.

Sure you can chin one, or even two, but do you want your house to be the target for all the feral chavs to lob bricks at?

Best of luck with it!

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Perhaps I will give the T shirt idea a miss, and just keep looking down my nose! And thanks for reading mine, Mr Weasel!

aproposofwhat said...

Rab - ye git!

Come down tae Aldershot for a wee swallow!

We'll welcome ye and give yes all a job - maybe ;o)

Thud said...

It just means you remember what it once was to be working class.

North Northwester said...

You're a snob alright, in the original sense of a commoner who signed his name at university with - I think - sine nobilis(?) - meaning you have no aristocratic title to put down after your name.

And the chavs, they are an aristocracy; a minority of unproductive but violent thugs put over the productive population by force and kept in charge by threats of further violence.

The Norman aristocracy had churches built and endowed abbeys that would become centres of learning, medicine, crafts.

How much Burberry do the rest of us need, I wonder?