Sunday, April 26, 2009

I see no petition (or shirts)

As the petition for the Prime Mentalist to go gathers apace, (otherwise known as 'Gordon Gordon Gordon - Out Out Out), it's nice to see it get a mention in the dead tree press .

Even our 'Send a shirt to Gordon' campaign gets a mention along with Old Holborn who is credited, quite rightly, with starting the shirt campaign.

What caught my attention was the quote from a Downing Street gimp, 'We have not received any shirts'. Lying bastard. I sent mine on Wednesday afternoon.

I wonder when Gorgon will have his 'Nelson' moment. Putting the telescope to his blind eye and declaring, 'I see no petition, or shirts'.


Gigits said...

Ths scruffy cyclops has probably added your shirt to his wardrobe.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

If you see him wearing a string vest, it'll probably be mine!

Chalcedon said...

I signed the petition.

Just have to find an old shirt now.

Anonymous said...

You're not wrong there Rab.
The lying fucker of a spokesman is going to need new pants. His are most obviously on fire.

The power of the blogosphere is gathering more and more momentum.

Fucking brill!