Thursday, April 16, 2009

Is the RRU turning on Dear Leader?

I spend many an enjoyable(!) minute or two trying to spot members of the infamous Rapid Rebuttal Unit that are gainfully employed by the spinmeisters over at Lieborelost that crawl the interweb ready to unleash the party spin at the first sign of any 'alternative' viewpoint.

They are very easy to spot, not only from the obvious drivel that they excrete, but from the highly imaginative user names, hidden profiles etc. I quite enjoy the occasional taunting that they receive, quite rightly so, from other commenters.

Today I have noticed, (perhaps I am imagining it, but I don't think so), that there seems to be a bit of dissent aimed towards the prime mentalist from, what I am sure is, the RRU.

It looks like the faithfull rotweiller so beloved and so well used by the Liebore chiefs has turned against its masters. The dark forces that bubble underneath the shamefull excuse for a government seem to be stirring against the Dear Leader.

Watch this space.

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Faux Cu said...

The oldyins have gone quiet on The Scotsman and a newer breed seem to have emerged, less knowledgeable about the nuances of Scottish of Scottish hand to hand combat on the Hootsmon.

On the independence blogs in Scotland like Subrosa and Wardug etc they really don't post although I am sure as Old Hobern says, they haunt to identify nuances.

Nuances in Scotland nae fucking chance, we retaliate first.

And by the way that Jacqui Smith is a really useless cunt.

wv = pusymok

Naw, I made that up