Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Here goes....

I've been thinking of doing this for ages, and today is the day!
There is no 'theme' to my blog, well, not at the moment anyway. Maybe a theme will evolve in time, I dunno. I plan just to post bits and pieces which amuse/annoy me or just to get things off my chest.
I feel I must explain that I am barely computer literate and this blog is, at the time being, a major learning curve for me. I have not got a clue how to put links/pics or anything else up, but with trial and error and a little bit of tenacity and patience, I'm sure I'll get there in the end, with a lot of help from the missus who is a lot more savvied up with the tinternet and all that it entails. I just haven't really felt the urge to get into all the computer stuff in the past, but now I feel left behind, (if that makes sense).
I stumbled on the blogosphere just over a year ago, when I downloaded opera mini onto my phone and have been an avid reader of blogs since. I've been a regular commenter on a few, (you may have seen my ramblings), and it entertains me. I'm sure the missus thinks I'm nuts and doesn't see the attraction! I hopefully will post around three times a week, as work can unfortunately interfere with my life, (bastards), and if I can wrestle the laptop away from the missus.


Faux Cu said...

When I can sort out my fucking web explorer, currently Moxilla, I should be able to bookmark you permanently.

At the moment whenever I do it, yep its there, but next time I boot up, offski.

I like Pengi too.

Just my rant level.

Screech said...

Have fun mate, the more the merrier, just like you i will put up what's on my mind at the time (if anything) it's not always spouting hate for labour, mostly but not always. Don't feel pressured.