Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lets reward the scumbags

Tucked away in the Scottish local news this morning is an all round wank fest of self congratulations and back slapping in the guise of a project called 'Saturday Sportscene'.

Basically, each Saturday night 'activities' are organised to keep the feral youth off the streets and entertained, at the tax payers cost, in swimming pools/sports halls etc.

The BBC reports...

As part of the Saturday SportScene project young people have been offered free swimming, skating, football, basketball and dance sessions.

Research showed a 34% drop in reports of youth disorder when the activities were taking place.

An event to mark the success of the project was held earlier this month.

More than 700 youngsters from across the region gathered at Wishaw Sports Centre for the Big Bash.

Former Celtic and Motherwell player Andy Walker, his former Scotland team mate Tom Boyd, and current Motherwell striker David Clarkson hosted the sporting event.

Saturday SportScene is partnership project provided by North Lanarkshire Leisure Ltd, North Lanarkshire Council, Strathclyde Police, NHS Lanarkshire and the North Lanarkshire Community Safety Partnership.

The programme has been proven to greatly reduce reports of youth crime and antisocial behaviour

Young people take part in a programme of free activities at Airdrie Leisure Centre, Shotts Leisure Centre, Sir Matt Busby Sports Complex, Bellshill, and the Tryst Sports Centre in Cumbernauld between 6pm and 10pm on a Saturday evening.

Blane Dodds, chief executive of North Lanarkshire Leisure Ltd said: "The programme has been proven to greatly reduce reports of youth crime and antisocial behaviour and has been very successful in engaging the young people in fun, sporting activities that they may well not have had the opportunity to take part in."

Councillor Jim Logue, chair of North Lanarkshire Leisure Ltd, said: "The Saturday SportScene project has become a major success story.

"It helps address some of the concerns regarding young people's anti-social behaviour and provides an opportunity to get the kids of North Lanarkshire off the streets and into fun and healthy sporting activities."


If I was a council tax payer in this part of the country I would be going bananas! Why the fuck is tax payers money being used to babysit little bastards who seem to think an evenings entertainment is smashing up the local swing park?

And another thing, since when is it okay to reward this behaviour? Because that is what's happening.

Here's an idea. Why don't the police and the courts deal with them properly? Why aren't the parent(s) held to account?

Of course! Silly me. The little darlings are VICTIMS.


Old Bag said...

little fuckers. they need those beer bottles shoved up they're asses!..but of course, they are bored! have no money to go anywhere, so thats why they vandalise everything..bollocks! i had no money and got bored when i was a kid, but i didnt go around smashing things up. the problem is these kids have everything handed to them by there cuntwaffle parents, who are to blame for they're little darlings behaviour. cunts!

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

I concur OB!