Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bitch Fit

In the news today...

North Korea have had a bitch fit over what Pyongyang say is an 'unbealable insult' and have threatened to wok out on international talks to end its nuclear ploglamme and said it would lestore its nuclear leactor.

However, I can reveal the real reason they have spat out the dummy.

As part of the international carrot dangled in front of their noses, a branch of MacDonalds was to open in the capital at the end of this year. After intense negotiation lasting several minutes, a MacDonalds spokesclown said, 'unfortunately, we have decided not to open a restaurant in Pyongyang due to issues with the menu. Our supply chain is unable to source enough spaniel meat that meets our high standards'.

Apparently, the vast majority of spaniels in North Korea are scrawny fleabags.Well the ones that have not been eaten so far are.

Hopes that a last gasp deal was about to be struck were dashed when a North Korean government spokesgimp said, 'Bulga King?, No thanks, they shit'.


Old Bag said...

whats wrong with the whippets in korea?..lots of meat on them fuckers!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Great blog mate!

The Penguin said...

People's Lepubric Of Korea Honourable Ambassador to Court Of St. James (Rundon) is velly closs about this vile slur on tladitional eating habits of Korean People.

To suggest that they get to eat meat at all is comprete nonsense. All Spaniels and other dogs are leserved for personal consumpion of Kim Jong Ill and famiry.

Rest of population get to collect shit and use it to stuff dog intestines, velly like your haggis but without neeps.

And only every 5 years, not evelly year nonsense with stupid Labby Burns night.

The Penguin