Thursday, April 30, 2009

From cabinet minister to council joiner. They're all at it.


The above headline was screaming across the front page of the local rag when I popped into the newsagents this morning. I had a quick scan of the story and bought the paper.

I was going to put a link to the story on this post but the story is not on the paper's web site. Strange, considering it is the lead story in their dead tree version.

In a nutshell, Audit Scotland has conducted an investigation into the activities of the council's Building and Works boss after a sub contractor 'blew the whistle' on work being done at his home.

This has opened a can of worms, with numerous tradesmen from the council being interviewed. The outcome of these interviews show that for years the following abuses have been going on at the tax payers expense.

- The boss has been using council employees to carry out improvements to his home.

- Middle managers have been living in a comfort zone.

- Encouragement of a 'black economy' culture.

- Payment of bonuses to employees regardless if targets have been met.

- Overtime being paid when none is worked.

- Managers having 'favourite' employees who are used for 'homers'.

The boss resigned in December last year.

I suppose the above is another example of what goes on in the public sector. I'm sure it's not an isolated incident and no doubt is repeated up in down the land in some form or another.

From basic inefficiencies to downright thievery, it's a cancer that needs cutting out from all areas of the public sector. You and I pay for it through no choice of our own. We should demand a root and branch overhaul of ALL areas of the decrepit, decaying and downright dishonest public sector.

As for the 646, well, it's within the rules innit.

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