Thursday, July 16, 2009

Equal (wanking) rights for all!!

A well thumbed copy of Braille Razzle

Whilst multi-tasking, (watching the golf and perusing the interweb), this little nugget of a story caught my beady eye.

What is interesting about it that it's really a non-story. It looks like the company responsible have issued the usual press release for any new product and the BBC's 'Age and disability correspondent' (yes, they really do have a correspondent covering that, after all the TV licence needs spending), has picked up on it and turned it into a news item. Ticks all the boxes you know.

I wonder how they would describe the money shot?


captainff said...

I wonder how they would describe the money shot?

I'm assuming with words 'borrowed' from a Harold Robbins paperback.

Not that I've read any of them.



Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Probably 'cause the pages are stuck together Captain!

Conan the Librarian™ said...

I thought it MADE you go blind...

Catosays said...

How do you hear when the postman's coming? That's what I want to know.

Bugger Lugs said...

too violent for me

banned said...

Well, since they announced last week that it is underaged teenagers' 'right' to penetrate each other in any way that they see fit and that this week the Telegraph tells me that the NHS are promoting Viagra enhanced 5 portions ( geddit ! ) of real sex a week to Pensioners who can thus keep the pelvic bone 'toned' and so avoid incontinence...

SEX RIGHTS For Blind People, oops, sorry, Visually Impaired.

Well at least they won't be too fussy about the 'attractivly disadavantaged' community.

Anonymous said...

What 'experiences' would be provided for Helen Keller?

Gigits said...

I read this today (well most of it, I got bored) and thought it an utter load of bollocks.

BBC twats!

Anonymous said...

"His approach has been to get beyond what he describes as the "bored housewife meets young pool cleaner" type plot and to aim for something that will appeal to more sophisticated tastes".

Dear Sir

I deplore this deviation from tradtional pornographic plot lines. I don't see anything wrong with this one. It works for me.


Mrs Roger Fitz-Tightly
Pool 'n' Fool ltd.